Nurse mare foals called a dirty secret of the Thoroughbred world

Nurse mare providers say that they are just supplying a demand of the Thoroughbred racing community.


  1. You will notice that this TV station didn’t have any place to leave a comment? But at least they are exposing this cruelty that puts another nail in the coffin of what the public thinks about horse racing. The more cruelty is exposed about these crooks the better. There is no reason at all for these TB brood mares not to be bred using artificial insemination, it’s been used with success for decades. The owners of the stallions could make just as much money selling frozen semen without the “breeding shed”.

  2. Also don’t forget “pony skin” it’s the hide of newborn foals that is turned into expensive shoes sold in upscale shops all over the world. That’s where a lot of these throw-away- foals go. it is the same thing that is done with newborn calves if they are male born on dairy farms. That’s where calfskin shoes and boots come.

  3. jean robertson · ·

    Ethics are forgotten when money is involved. The nurse mare foals, the pmu foal slaughter and horse breeding strictly for slaughter, thanks to the internet, are becoming known to the public. No longer can these practices be kept quiet.

  4. This is also rampart within the the show and sport horse world.

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