Two Applications in For Horse Slaughter; Opposition Gears Up

by Dan Flynn | Jun 15, 2012

USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) won’t admit it has received either request, but the agency now has two formal applications for inspection of horse meat-for-export processing facilities.

As Food Safety News reported earlier, Valley Meat Co. in Roswell, NM previously filed the first application for equine inspection services with FSIS. The agency has now received a second application for horse slaughter from Unified Equine Missouri for an equine processing plant at Rockville, MO, according to the company.

While FSIS will neither confirm nor deny that the two applications exist, suggesting that the only way get information about them would be to file a Freedom of Information Act request to the agency, one of the most experienced animal protection attorneys in the country is already marshaling the opposition.

 Both applications follow the deal by President Obama and Congress to end the 2007 ban on the slaughter of horses for human consumption in the United States.  The deal clears the way for FSIS to make its continuous inspection services available for equine production.

Unified Equine’s Chief Executive Officer Sue Wallis told Food Safety News that her company is in the process of acquiring the Rockville processing plant, previously used for beef, and making necessary changes to the facility required before FSIS will conduct a walk-through inspection.


  1. mpclark · ·

    MO and other states have run Sue Wallis out every time she has tried to bully them into accepting her horse killing “business” Sue Wall is has no credibility whatsoever and WY has no respect for her either.

    No, there was no “deal”. The Ag Committee changed the defunding language behind closed doors and then forced a signature with no notice to anyone. This trick caused the language to be included in the bill and since then, the special interest fund recipients of the foreign owned corporations who abuse their host countries have blamed everyone except the responsible parties.

    For accurate information about what actually happened re this attempt to force a resumption of horse slaughter in the US, please see the reporting from Vickery Eckhoff from the Forbes series on horse slaughter in the US “How Many Congressmen Does It Take To Screw A Horse?”

    To stop transport to slaughter from the US market, Congress has to be forced to act and pass existing bills HB2966 and S1176. Anyone who wishes to see US horses protected would be advised to contact Congress through any site (I use and make daily calls and emails to Congress members so that this scam can end.

  2. Do you know how big Rockville,Mo is? It has 162 population and a area of 192 acres. It’s hardly a town. You could drive past it and never see it. I think that’s why the loony Wallis picked it. She’s been run out of every town she’s tried to pull this in. This town may not even have a post office.

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