Echo Dale Farm in Alberta is helping save horses!

The CHDC has been blessed with amazing supporters because again, we have the pleasure of announcing a Donation Box placement in Alberta.  Yes, Medicine Hat, Alberta!!   A wonderful animal advocate, Conny Lole who lives in Alberta, has found us a unique spot at Echo Dale RegionalPark.

Echo Dale Regional Park is an oasis for people and wildlife.  It has more than 112,000 visitors each year with patrons ranging from sun-loving swimmers to those who enjoy sitting around a fire at night, to the regulars who walk the trails each day throughout the year, no matter how bad the weather!

From the Historic Farm site on the west side of the park to the Day Use area on the far east side of the park and all the others areas in between, the pristine condition of Echo Dale Regional Park is a favourite.

Built on the bank of the South Saskatchewan River, Echo Dale Farm is located 2 miles West of the Medicine Hat Airport on Holsom Road and 2 miles North on Echo Dale Road (the farm has no address as it is part of Echo Dale Regional Park). The Historical displays at Echo Dale are a reminder of what prairie life was like in the early days.

Echo Dale Farm is a popular tour destination with local daycares and schools. Conny and her staff introduce hundreds of children every season to a working farm setting.  They also introduce and educate visitors to the life of the first settlers to the prairies.   

The Farm is open from May to September.  Farm tours are available.  Call 403.527.7344

The animals, while all traditional farm animals, are gentle enough to allow interaction. But never forget that Echo Dale Farm is just as it says, a farm with farm animals.  It is not to be confused with a petting zoo. 

All of the animals at the farm are Conny’s and have been lovingly named by her.  They are her beloved pets.  Each one has a story and in their story is Conny rescuing them from a tragic situation and making sure they are safe from harm and loved forever.

The farm animals/Conny’s pets spend 5 months of the year at Echo Dale Farm and the rest of their time they are home with Conny.  How exciting for all these cuties to have two homes! 

Littly Jimmy the donkey with Joey and Maverick, both PMU babies who were on their way to slaughter.

Special thanks to Conny and her fur family, and thank you Echo Dale Regional Park Farm for helping the CHDC save “at risk” equines and build their Horse Protection Initiatives through their “Help Us Help Them” campaign.


  1. 2fasthorses · ·

    Thank you for caring…until they are all safe

  2. Sammy · ·

    ~Bravo Conny!~ Bless you all.

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  4. Thank You for being a compassionate person who sees that horses need help ( as well as other animals) and takes action. I have an online petition that we need 10000 signatures on so our government will pay attention–I hope you will take a moment to sign.

  5. pam28971 · ·

    So nice to know that someone is helping horses in these very turbulent time for all animals.Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do.

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