CHDC has You Tube Channel!

CHDC is proud to announce that we have a channel on You Tube!


  1. Sammy · ·

    We are going to get them one by one, if it takes that! Great idea CHDC! Lets tune in…

  2. Yes, this is a good thing, and yes that fake lying DR. EVANS, THE TAPES TELL THE TRUTH.

  3. Dennis Davey · ·

    Great, the more the PUBLIC is exposed to this REVOLTING BARBARIC killing of HORSES the sooner such as the likes of Ritz and his lies can be exposed along with that of Dr. Evans at the CFIA.

  4. kathy h · ·

    Congrats on the Channel..One day Hopefully Such sites won’t be needed anymore, but in the meantime Thank-You For Further exposing the truth about Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption.

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