Some Stampede horses sent to slaughter

Stampede horse
One of the Stampede horses at its ranch near Hanna, Alberta.

Updated: Thu May. 31 2012 19:03:43

For the first time, the Calgary Stampede is acknowledging its unwanted rodeo horses are sent to an Alberta slaughterhouse for meat.

Stampede officials say the slaughterhouse in Fort Macleod is a destination of last resort for a very few number of the male horses that can’t be trained to buck.

“The selection would be in the order of 20 horses a year that wouldn’t be suitable for something else and would have to go this route,” says Dr. Greg Evans, a Stampede veterinarian.


  1. Cant hardly take anymore of this horse problem, boycott is the answer.

  2. Heather · ·

    As long as the Stampede is allowed to carry on, terrible abuses will take place. Unfortunately, the Stampede is such a big part of Canada it will be hard to shut it down, but it should be for all the deaths that occur there every year. The only thing we can do is tell everyone we know, especially via Facebook, to boycott it.

  3. Can someone please post the contact info for this vet? I think we need to send him our thoughts.

    There is no reason these horses could not be put up for adoption…..where are the rescues???

  4. chris1055 · ·

    Horses that won’t buck will be sent to slaughter – absolutely disgusting. Horrible human beings would do that.

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