CFIA and the Art of Evasion

Today the CHDC releases “CFIA and the Art of Evasion” in response to the CFIA’s deflection tactics to questions concerning the welfare of horses in Canada’s horse slaughter plants and the safety of horsemeat for human consumption.”

The complete report can be viewed here: CFIA and the Art of Evasion


  1. […] CFIA,  which,  as we know,  has been using the EU as a dumping ground for toxic horsemeat. The CFIA is hardly transparent or accountable as any Canadian horse advocate knows well enough by now, and the knowledge that Mains has or will […]

  2. don’t forget the children who cry themselves to sleep when their horse is stolen for slaughter.

  3. delia dumont · ·

    Urgent.. please look at the website The Truth J&M acres and follow the comments about a horse bound for slaughter in Alberta. He was sold at auction on Sunday in Langley BC and left for slaughter in Alberta on Tuesday. People on this website are desperate to find him.

  4. What I am going to do with this report is print it off and WALK it into my MP’s office – whether she is there or not – and DEMAND this be addressed immediately. I am also going to WALK this report into my local CFIA office and DEMAND they address this immediately. I so hope and pray that others will do them same – please! Please share this report with everyone. Ask horse lovers everywhere to take action – please!

  5. Hi, Bev. there are varying estimates as to the number of horses that are slaughtered in Canada with over 67% being the accepted low figure. The US must pass the Bills that you have before the Senate etc.

  6. The report is so upsetting, so much proof of the pain the horses are going thru, and how many people from canada do not approve, this is so hard to take, i am in the us and pray the kill houses will not open again, i have wrote to our president and many others, signed so many petetions for canada, but here in the us still continues to send horses to canada, it is all about money, and with the strength and the lords help if we get down on our knees, it can someday stop, we cant give up.

    1. AMEN sister~The prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective. i’m certain our Creator does not approve of horseslaughter. His word says; Your destruction of animals will terrify you. The wild animals honor Me. You are to eat the animal with the cloven hoof and that chews the cud.

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