Canadian slaughterhouse firm no longer accepting Thoroughbreds


Viande Richelieu, the company that operates two of Canada’s four equine slaughterhouses, appears to be backing away from accepting Thoroughbreds for slaughter after their unusual move of returning slaughter-bound former racehorses Canuki and Cactus Cafe.

The two Thoroughbreds left Beulah Park’s barn area May 1 after their owner, Barbara Price, allegedly sold them to trainer Mark Wedig. Ohio stewards investigating the horses’ whereabouts ruled Price off for a year and fined her $1,000 for impeding the investigation and providing false information. About three weeks later, Wedig presented Canuki and Cactus Cafe to West Virginia state veterinarian John Day in connection with Mountaineer Park officials’ inquiry into the horses’ whereabouts.

According to a May 24 e-mail from Richlieu administrative technician Geneve Ethier to Mindy Lovell, a Canadian farm owner whom Ohio stewards authorized to contact Richelieu on their behalf, the Canuki and Cactus Cafe case “did occur major problems to us and a lot of time, efforts, and money consuming. So to avoid that in the future, the plant advises all his suppliers to not BUY those thoroughbred[s] and overall not have them ship to us. . . . For us, thoroughbred[s] are definitely banned from our premises.”



  1. See Mindy, every once in awhile,good news does happen!! Too bad CTHS breeders don’t get it yet. Oh ya, their http://www.value4money sob story details, a nice effort to keep slot money at Woodbine.Same rich trainers and owners want continued cash grab.Truth is the steak tasting owners don’t want to eat their stake winning horses. They paid the vet medication bills-not exactly BarBque sauce. Too many unwanted horses also means breeding and training carelessly too. Horse industry needs to clean up its act. FE and WO horses have always gone thru Ohio,Penn, and West Virginia. Now thank god, is it really safe to say some of us can sleep
    little easier at night. So now Standardbreds, quarter horses, ………………and all the other breeds
    well one day at a time……theres always hope for good future to come

  2. […] Kanske gror gensvaret under ytan, annars var och är det förvånansvärt tyst från svenskt håll. Internationellt sett hördes desto fler röster, organisationer reagerade, hästaktivister deltog i debatten. Propagandemaskineriet gick igång och den 31 maj meddelade två kanadensiska slakthus att de slutar ta emot fullblod/gallopörer för slakt (…). […]

  3. I only hope that other slaughter houses follow their lead of not accepting race horses. This is just one step in the right direction. Race horses can be retrained and given a chance at a new career.

  4. 2fasthorses · ·

    Hope this is the beginning of the end of TB racehorse slaughterhouse pipeline….what a waste of great riding horses! I know I speak from experience with two great OTTBs!

  5. Its a start thats for sure.

  6. Mary-Joe Figueira · ·

    Excellent. Looks like our activism is making positive ground. Lets not stop.

    1. Heather · ·

      That is so true Mary-Joe…hopefully we will be able to stop this cruel way of dealing with unwanted horses.

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