Facebook erases event Horses Without Carriages International Day in Montreal

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Montreal Animal Advocacy Examiner

The second day of June is marked as Horses Without Carriages International Day, an international day to ban horse drawn carriages.

Caleche horse spooked in Montreal April 28, 2012 – Photo by C. Leblanc

The Anti Calèche Defense Coalition joins the movement in order to inform Montrealers as well as tourists that there is a desire by the citizens of Montreal to abolish the arduous and cruel practice of horse drawn carriages. Montreal should evolve and end this antique practice of tourism.

There was an event created on Facebook in order to inform animal advocates about the event and share information regarding the cruelty that is promoted as a touristic attraction in Montreal. For some strange reason the event was removed from Facebook. Although the event is no longer on Facebook, animal advocates will continue to hold the event and the information about the event is on the site for the The Anti Calèche Defense Coalition.



  1. Mary-Joe Figueira · ·


    Please check out this article. They want to feed horse meat to prisoners and children. This woman Wallis is trying to get investors to build horse processing meat plants because she just loves horses and doesn’t want them to suffer. Meanwhile she will only buy healthy horses from private individuals.

  2. Deborah · ·

    They won’t get any tourist money from me and you can take that to the bank.

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