The 100th Calgary Stampede: Real men don’t kill horses for fun

By David J. Climenhaga

There’s no doubt about it: chuckwagon races are as exciting as hell. There’s also no getting around the fact they’re cruel to horses.

With the 100th anniversary of the Calgary Stampede almost upon us — the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth” marks its centennial on July 6 — it’s time once again to turn our attention a popular event that uses pointless cruelty for entertainment.

For, sure as shootin’, a horse will die in a Stampede chuckwagon race this year, as horses die pointlessly every year for the entertainment of the humans who pack the Stampede grounds to witness the thundering excitement of the races.

Unlike other rodeo sports, which may be cruel in the sense they’re uncomfortable for the dumb beasts involved, chuckwagon races are particularly dangerous for horses because of the nature of the creatures themselves and the tactics used by wagon drivers to cut off competing rigs. The resulting spills are exciting — and deadly for the animals

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  1. Leslie Kuretzky · ·

    I am against rodeos

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  3. I think the only “dumb beasts” involved are the people who participate…..I would call them cerebral midgets!!

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