Dead meat explained

May 18, 2012


by Dan Christie

Chance are you haven’t heard of Clarke & Dawe.

But chances are whether or not you’ve heard of Clarke & Dawe you have heard them. Or something very much like them.

John Clarke and Brian Dawe are a pair of Australian satirists who take on major news stories much in the straight-faced manner of Bob Elliot and Ray Goulding -or just plain Bob And Ray, the American comedy duo of the 1950’s famous for such low key brilliance as The Kimodo Dragon and Slow Talkers Of America.

Clarke & Dawe’s best bit in my opinion is The Front Fell Off The Ship -a purported interview with the Australian Environment Minister explaining to an interviewer how it is that the front simply fell off a modern super tanker off the coast of  Australia fouling the coastline with 20,000 tons of heavy crude.

Just Google ’the front fell off the ship’.

Yes, you’ve heard Clark & Dawe. Especially if you heard last weeks CBC As It Happens interview with Canada’s Minister of Agriculture, Gerry Ritz, explaining how his government plans to relax restrictions on the processing of already-dead meat for human consumption.  It was a wonderful bit of self-parody -although I doubt Gerry Ritz saw it that way

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