Billings, MT massive horse auction in May – Over 480 horses cataloged

We can only hope there are more than 480 buyers at this massive horse auction in Billings, Montana on the Memorial Day long weekend in the U.S.  However, what this demonstrates is the illogical mindset of many Quarter Horse breeders, brought on by the AQHA’s pro-breeding strategy and their pro-slaughter, disposable horse stance.

In this long standing soft economy, where the entire horse community is aware of the effect it’s had on horse prices and availability of buyers, “irresponsible” seems to be the operative word for auctions of this magnitude.

How many of these horses will end up at the Bouvry Exports Shelby Montana feedlot and then their horse slaughter plant inFort MacLeod,Alberta?  Perhaps not directly through this sale, but perhaps through the next sale, or the one after that.

Common sense tells us that with these many horses, sellers will be lucky to recoup their investments, so we have to ask – why do people continue to breed and expect to make money from the lives of horses?”

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Join us Memorial Day Weekend in Montana!! 

BillingsLivestock Commission Horse Sales

 MAY 26-27

Over 480 head cataloged 

 Geldings, Geldings, Geldings, GALORE!!!
Two big sale days in Billings, Montana


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  1. tracieglynn · ·

    Is anybody going? I’ve seen a couple of ponies that I would like to buy, but I don’t know anybody up there and then I have to get them to NC. Anybody have any ideas? I will be happy to rescue these ponies from going across the border if I can get a little help.
    Tracie Swietek

  2. shoshone · ·

    This is really a small sale for them. If you check the sale report for January 23, it says since 1998 they have sold 88,299 horses at some 129 SALES. A lot of good prices but they also list the prices of the bottom 100 that are sold loose for meat prices. Sad.

  3. Mary-Joe Figueira · ·

    I always heard that the American Quarter Horse Society were the biggest culprits in this. They do not advocate responsibility breeding, but irresponsible breeding. I agree it is just irresponsibly nuts.

    1. cant agree with you more

  4. Joanne Clay · ·

    We Really need to let people know what auctions really are: A pound or shelter for horses if you will – the only difference is the horses’ fate is sealed as quick as it takes for the auctioneer to bang his gavel – sentencing the horse to either a home or a slaughter house. Can we get horses taken out of the word livestock? Pets, companions, therapy, builders of just about all civilizations? Lets’ change the words that are used to describe/accompany horses – it is such a small thing words – but very powerful in our “unthinking” language. May the supporters of the cause show up in droves at this auction – armed with awareness and empathy to end the insanity of that day.

  5. This is fracking nuts.

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