The Gift That Keeps On Giving!

1145 Jerseyville Road

You are in paradise at “Outriders”.  They offer Western & English Riding Lesson Programs.   You can ride your horse through trails that will bring peace and contentment to your soul.  These trails are so beautiful you don’t ever want to leave.  They offer boarding in barns that are fit for Kings and Queens: one huge barn is full indoor; one huge barn is full outdoor; and one unique barn is a run in shed the size of half the barn while the other half is grooming and tack and cross-tie stalls and storage that leads to a full size arena. 

The facility is absolutely amazing.  The owner Cliff Gallagher was a gentle giant, with a heart so big for animals you could hear it pounding when you stood close.   His love of animals is still vibrant at his facility with a sign that directs you to slow down as you proceed up his driveway and that sign is to protect the creatures that call “Outriders” home.  I was heartbroken to hear of his passing just months ago – gone way too soon.   What I am not shocked about are the people that he has gathered in his barns – he has chosen people with good caring hearts that respect the horse, just like he did.  Kindness shared has a way of growing.

 I am pleased to announce that Outriders are the very first BARN to take part in The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition’s campaign of Help Us Help Them.   They have generously accepted a donation box in their barn. 

 The Gift That Keeps On Giving is about CHDC supporter, Marie Dean, was was selling equine muffins to this barn and now has donated all proceeds of her muffin sales to CHDC, which in turn prompted the barn to accept a donation box to help the horses.     One talented barn member, Elaine King, has also donated a beautiful original pencil drawing, matted and framed, for us to auction online or display at an event to contribute to our campaign of helping the horses. 

Elaine King Print

Outriders also has a stack of Bill C-322 petitions gathering loads of signatures to help our cause even more.  The love for the horse has a way of being the gift that keeps on giving!

 Thank you Elaine, thank you Melanie, and thank you Outriders for your support of The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition’s campaign of “Help Us Help Them”

I am very proud and excited to be able to present a cheque in the amount of $250.00 ($225 muffin sales and $25 more generous hearts) to The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition to be used for their Horse Protection Initiatives on behave of Outriders.  Thank you Outriders and thank you CHDC for caring for the horses!


  1. Mary-Joe Figueira · ·

    CDHC I have some jewellery that I have made I also have brand knew watches with hunter jumper logo or dressage logos that I can donate for auction. Let me know when the next auction is and I can arrange to send the donation. I have donated items to the Guide dogs for their annual auction. I can’t think of any other place I would like to donate other than to save horses from slaughter. – Kindly let me know.

    1. You are so sweet Mary-Joe! That is exactly what this article is about – the gift that keeps on giving! Thank you for your kindness. I am sure CHDC will be in touch with you when they launch their auction. Let’s keep on giving to save horses!

  2. Heather · ·

    Only the good die young!! How sad to hear of this wonderful man’s passing, but how wonderful to hear that his barn will continue his legacy.

    Thank you CDHC for all that you do for the horses. Without you I would not have known about the horror that awaits these beautiful creatures.

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