Demonstration regarding neglected horses in Quebec this Saturday May 5

There is to be a demo this Saturday, May 5 (coincident with the anti-caleche demo inMontreal) just near Mont-Tremblant in Huberdeau where several horses are being severely neglected – over 100 demonstrators (many on horseback) have confirmed.

  The SPCA gave the man 2 weeks to clean up his act but organizers are certain that this guy who believes “horses should live as in nature” is adamant. Border Ontarioadvocates are encouraged to attend. This is from Cynthia d’Errico who has provided a quick translation:

In one case, a skeleton-thin mare so badly dehydrated and full of pain was euthanized by a vet. The next day, when they loaded her body for disposal, a stillborn foal emerged from her uterus. The following is taken from Jacinthe Murray’s post :

We need your help to save these poor horses!

We are scandalized by the horrid treatment which these horses are undergoing at a “return to nature eco tourist centre” in Huberdeau in the Laurentians. Three days ago, 2 young employees took advantage of the owner’s absence to ask Mr Sylvan Pitre of Tamick Farm to take action against this awful treatment and poor quality of life which these horses endure every day. Mr. Sylvain went onsite and took several photos of the horses.

Several horses are little more than skeletons, can barely stand up due to lack of food and water for several months.

Their hooves are horribly long, causing atrocious pain and limping. The owner did not want to pay for shoes.

Their is rampant reproduction with no supervision or restriction; mares are mounted by their sons; siblings mount siblings etc…. The foals are therefore blood-linked and have serious physical, anatomical and mental handicaps which make them suffer for their short-lived lives.

Horse bones are spread out over the area.

Eleven stallions are currently enclosed with a young filly of about a year old. She is continually raped and injured. The owner said that by doing this, the stallions are kept from jumping the fence to get to the other mares since the filly satisfies them.

Some horses walk on their legs rather than their over-long hooves or just stay laid down because their feet are over long.

M. Sylvain called in the SPCA. They didn’t do much. Yesterday (April 13th, I think), a mare was unable to get to her feet; they called in a vet to evaluate her. He declared her in a fatal condition and euthanized her. The vet declared that most of the horses were in fatal condition due to their state or their thinness and that more than half would have to be euthanized the next day.

The next day, the SPCA informed M. Pitre that they were giving the owner 2 weeks to fix the situation and retake control of his breeding operation. It was decided to load the dead mare to conduct an autopsy. As her body was being loaded, a stillborn fetus, horribly thin, slid out of her uterus. They also took horse bones from the site for analysis.!/events/163498543775714/

Aidez-nous SVP à convaincre la SPCA de ne pas laisser de chance à monsieur Gaétan Beauchamp du centre éco touristique retour aux sources de remettre de l’ordre dans son cheptel car plusieurs qui peuvent présentement être sauvés, périront peut être pendant ses 2 semaines de délai. Les chevaux infirment doivent être euthanasiés pour mettre fin à leur atroce souffrance et les autres qui peuvent s’en sortir doivent être saisie pour leur donner la seule petite chance qu’ils leur reste.

Pendant ce temps ou est le proprio ?? Aucune idée

Pour rejoindre M. Sylvain Pitre de la Ferme Tamick 819-687-3480

Merci d’avoir pris le temps de me lire.


  1. Of the 126 officially registered for the demo, about 70 showed; 5 on horseback, two ponies, one mini, children, babies not included. We walked through the little town (and I mean little) with one huge banner and a couple of SQ cruisers behind us. Robert Brisebois, founder of SIAQ (Securite-Intervention pour les Animaux QC) read out the modification to P-42 and stated that the government person he’d met with thought that, yes, it would apply to the Huberdeau horses. It doesn’t. The modification takes effect as of May 17th. Here is the link:
    The little town’s laws severely restricted where we could go (and certainly nowhere near where those horses were), and twice, the SQ warned us to stop blocking the streets, or they’d stop the demo. I’m glad I was there, but drove home feeling that here was another brick in the wall.
    Partial TRANSLATION of LINK:
    This modification of P-42 states that “all domestic animals, including the horse, or those kept in captivity other than those regulated by the Law under the conservation and promotion of fauna” will now be addressed by the articles of said Law. All owners must ensure that the safety and well-being of the animal is not compromised by giving him “access to drinking water and food in quantity and of a quality compatible with the biological needs of his species” in keeping him in a habitation congenial and in “supplying him with the care required by his state of health.”….As the law is not retroactive, P-42 cannot apply to the case of the horses of Centre ecotouristique Retour aux Sources of Huberdeau. The SPCA thus must continue to prove negligence was intentional….”

    As many stated on the organizer’s FB, we will continue to fight.

  2. Shoshone mentioned the RCMP. Before Anima-Quebec was formed in 2004, the Surete du Quebec (QPP) was responsible for all animal cruelty cases. I’ll find out tomorrow if the SQ has been involved with this (or if they could get involved in a positive way). Also, I wanted to tell you that the SIAQ is co-organizing this event. A relatively new group, Securite-Intervention pour les Animaux du Quebec, has been in negotiations with MAPAQ (Min of Agri) since last December. They act like First Responders and have had favourable reactions from MAPAQ. I will keep you updated as best I can. I’m not on Tweet but I’m sure I’ll find someone at the demo who can tweet the CHDC and I’ll take pictures with my cell phone. Let’s pray that tonight will be the last black, blank night of pain and terror for these horses.

    1. Me and my horses are with you guys in spirit if not in form. Show them we will not tolerate this kind of abuse to our four legged friends. Bless You All.

  3. In beautiful Val Morin. These atrocities. OMG I don’t have any more words left except the non acceptable ones.

  4. The SPCA in Montreal (aka The Canadian SPCA) appears to be the agent here, according to this article. Alanna Devine is the Director.
    As mentioned above, the Mayor is already on-side. As always, tragically, it comes down to QC law since “intention to harm” must be proven, etc.

  5. Heather · ·

    Please provide the name and address of the responsible SPCA so a petition can be started right away to have these horses removed now….2 weeks is too long for a lot of them by the sound of it. How could anyone allow a young filly to be raped… the owner that stupid. I believe that with all the wonderful, caring, compassionate people that receive these alerts we can get a lot of signatures on a petition. While we are at it let’s petition the mayor of the community.

  6. Thank you, Delia. Not three days before I heard about this, I’d read that QC P-42 had been amended to address equine needs (although P-42 never really addressed equines except in the most general way). I don’t know how credible this is, but the Quebec Official Gazette link about it is here (although it can’t be opened unless you subscribe). I haven’t read it but, if, in fact, these changes are useful, they may be applicable to the Huberdeau situation. Mind you, the gap between law and application of the law is a gaping hole.
    371-2012 Animal species or categories designated under Division IV.1.1 of the Animal Health Protection Act (Amend.)
    Regulations and other Acts Gazette N° 18 du 02-05-2012 Page: 1311

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  8. The organizers are concerned about violence breaking out at the demo as they’ve had a number of people make threats against the owner, etc. (If you’ve seen the student boycotts here in Mtl over the past three months, they’ve often been hijacked by violence, so everyone is a bit sensitive about that.) Also, they need 100 people in order to hold the demo; I’d thought they’d surpassed that, but as of this morning, 81 have officially registered (I guess that is a municipal law in that area). I’ll try to find out which SPCA (SPA in QC) has this case so we can appeal to them. Re: media presence. Someone did invite French media. I hope they show up. One mare, “Amy” has been released to a foster home thanks to Refuge Galahad and Mr. Sylvain Pitre of Ferme Tamick (who is the main organizer). He also has photos. Since the horses haven’t been seized legally, it’s amazing that they were able to save even one horse. Here is the video link to Amy’s liberation.

    1. Lana · ·

      Thankfully, one is now safe! I gringed a little watching the video….the mare should have been ‘unhooked’ before the back of the trailer was open! God he was lucky she stood so good. Also, please remove that nylon halter it looks tight & with the ‘stuff’ around where he let her loose, who knows what she could get caught on.
      Thank you for the video of this save….I’m waiting to hear what happens with the others. 🙂

    2. Debbie Richmond · ·

      One safe horse is wonderful news. The hope in her eyes when she was unloaded from the trailer, what a blessing to behold. Merci beaucoup to those who made this possible!!

    3. Dear Madame
      I do not know if someone is still following this post but i would like to say that i am the person who took the little horse,Amy from there.I made the video from YouTube.
      I just wanted to correct few things because they are not exactly as people wrote them here.
      First,its not true that more than half of the horses have to be euthanized,they are in bad conditions but not to be put down.
      Than i see thanks to Ferme Tamick—i do not know who that is, for nobody did nothing to help me get the horse out of there—i just got her out by myself.
      If people want to see more horses out of that place they should contact me,i might be able to release a few more.
      The curious thing to me is that the whole area was making noise about that case but nobody got nothing out of there—how is that possible ???
      As for Amy she is fine now,despite of what you saw in the video,now after i made some special shoes for her she started to run and she is recovering in weight step by step.
      For those interested to know more,please contact me.

      1. Bless you for saving Amy. After the demo, I was contacted by people who live in and around Huberdeau, and was told so many different stories, in some cases about ulterior motives behind Ferme Tamick’s involvement, that I didn’t know what to think. French media reports (some listed above) didn’t seem to have any more information than what I was “originallly” given. I will email you privately.

      2. Thank you very much
        Well,i do not know how exactly those stories were created because the truth is only one,not many,but somehow people always like to “deform”the truth.I can explain to you more in private if you like,because i would not like to be seen by “unfriendly eyes”,specially in case people want me to get some more horses out of there.I know there were people that were sent out from the property because they did not knew how to properly approach the situation,so they left without any horses…Others started to threaten the man which is also not a solution if you want to see the horses out of there.My approach was different and the man himself offered me the horse to take care of her and to fix her legs problems which i already did.Believe it or not,she is running already,slow but she is progressing…
        Also about the other horses,they are in bad condition but not to be put down,(they do not have the best conformation)but i can bring them back to life with special shoeing and lots of food,that’s not a problem but it would take at least 6 months for each one of them,that depends what people decide…Personally i cannot take more small horses for they do not get along with mine(i have horses some close to 3000 pounds)
        You can contact me for more info if you like,i believe you know already how…

      3. Ghindean, I tried emailing you at the address attached to your name (above) but it came back immediately as “no yahoo address”. Please email me at .

      4. I wrote to you 2 days ago,did you received my email ?

  9. Debbie Richmond · ·

    Will it be possible to obtain photos and videos of the horses and conditions to publicly expose these atrocities?

    1. Debbie Richmond · ·

      Email sent to Madame Charbonneau, obtained from the Facebook website link posted here. Thank you.

  10. I will be leaving around 10am from the west end of Montreal to attend this demonstration. If anyone needs a lift (and I can pick up people on the way; it’s a long drive), pls email me, at the latest, at . The more of us, the better. (Saturday, May 5th, beginning at noon)

    1. shoshone · ·

      Inform the media and have tv crews on site so this animal torture can go world wide.
      The spca is almost useless where large animals are concerned . The spca has been dealing with a neglected herd of horses here for the last 10 years and nothing done. They should stick to dogs and cats.
      The RCMP are great if you can find an officer that knows anything about horses.
      Sounds like the owner is a pervert.

  11. Lana · ·

    I CAN NOT BELIEVE what I just read!!!! I am so upset I could just spit/scream!! This POS, disgusting human being that is allowing any stud jump any mare in horribly emaciated condition…..let alone leave a yearling in a pen with 11 of them, IS THE MOST PATHETIC EXCUSE OR COMMENT I have EVER yet to hear.
    The SPCA giving this slimeball 2 weeks to fix, HOW F___G STUPID & IGNORANT ARE THEY???? To fix what I have just read….when any rescue or person who has taken on horses in such deplorable condition know it TAKES MONTHS!!!!
    PLEASE provide us with an email / address /ph. to this SPCA …. EVERYONE they need to be blasted for THEIR BLATANT STUPIDITY. Get off their asses & do the job they are PAID to do!!
    REMOVE ALL THE HORSES & CHARGE THIS BASTARD OWNER, who needs his head examined!!!

  12. From what I understand, this man believes horses should live “as in nature”. Apparently, he doesn’t know that there are no FENCES in nature, restricting mares from running away from 12 stallions, or that, in nature, there is usually only ONE stallion per herd, not 12! I know you will all be with us in spirit. I just can’t…think about what these horses are going through. I have let the organizers know that the CHDC and all its supporters are behind them.

    1. Lana · ·

      He (owner) is an absolute IDIOT! He needs to be charged & put in jail with a book about ‘horses in nature’… God what a simpleton. The SPCA too is about as ignorant with this 2 wks to fix????

  13. I wish I hadn’t thrown my back and both hips out on Monday or I’d make the nine hour drive with my riding boy. Too long for him to be in a trailer though too. I worry about a horse in a trailer more than an hour. Guess I am weird but, better safe than sorry. He’d love to go for a ride since we haven’t been for a long time too. Darn bones of mine. 😦 I am with you all in heart and soul though and pray something is done that day and those horses are removed and that man charged.

  14. Owners like this should be locked up in a cage and starved to death just like they have done these horses. But I’ll bet this cruel bastard never missed a meal.

  15. Thank you very, very much for posting this. From what my sources tell me, these horses are suffering atrociously. The Mayor of Huberdeau has been approached and realizes something must be done…so we will see what happens during or after the demonstration.

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