Kijiji ad – Thoroughbred mares for sale or swap for riding lawn mower


  1. I realize this is a specialized, somewhat militant and sensitive audience, so I will refrain from any flippant comment in the genre of “oh, get a sense of humour.” Because clearly this ad is deadly serious and entirely tragic and MUST BE STOPPED. Or whatever. I just think it’s kind of a weak, crappy ad, and I say this from knowing weak, crappy Kijiji ads.

  2. Leslie Kuretzky · ·

    I agree. So sad. I hope they find a BETTER home than they had

  3. I suggest someone give them a call and find out what they want for them and ask if they were brood mares. I have a good idea that the asking price is a lot more than a killer buyer is willing to pay. The owner didn’t send them to slaughter. The ad for the 25 TB yearlings for $500.00 each
    worked because I checked the ad and all of them found buyers, a killer buyer will not pay that much for horse he’s taking to the slaughter plant because he wouldn’t make any money at all. The going rate at a killer auction is around 40 cents a lb the horse weighs around 1200 lbs. So the kill buyer would be out $480.00 just for the one horse. He might break even at the plant if their price per lb was 40 cents so he would lose money on fuel and time spent. For one diesel costs over $4.00 per gal. Do the math. A riding lawn mower costs from $ 1,200 to $ 1,500.00 and up depending on the model, I don’t know how much a mulcher would cost but none of this equipment is cheap even second hand.



  5. If this isn’t a joke it’s really sad. If it is a joke it’s really a bad one.

  6. Heather · ·

    so very, very sad….

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