25 Thoroughbred yearlings on Kijiji!

Another compassionate (not) breeder dumping babies.  Ad states those not sold go to OLEX:


Kijiji: 25 Yearling Thoroughbreds need immediate homes



  1. Mary-Joe Figueira · ·

    I am hoping that they did not go to kill buyers.

  2. I just read the ad and they claim that they have found homes for all of the yearlings. I doubt the kill buyers got any of these. With the price tag the killers wouldn’t make any profit. But this just goes to show you that homes can be found for a lot more of these young horses if the owners just let the public know about it before shipping them off to slaughter.

  3. You are a bunch of bastards if you send those babies to the knackers. Okay you can’t support them then stop breeding them and at least be humane about how you destroy the ones you can’t sell. As sad as it would be to euthanize a foal it would be so much sadder to torture one by placing in a position to be slaughtered for meat. Do you people not read the information or look at the pictures. You suck. I really don’t think it would cost you that much of your income to euthanize the ones you can’t sell to GOOD homes who really want them. You are a bunch of Greedy bastards posing as horse lovers. Karma is a bitch….just wait and see.

    1. arabianbreeder · ·

      The ad says he found HOMES for all of them. How do you know they weren’t GOOD homes?
      $500.00 is more than twice that which a meat buyer will pay for a yearling, and they don’t look on kijiji to buy horses.
      How do you know this fellow has not suffered a financial, personal or family crisis and has no choice but to sell his babies?
      And how do you know that he didn’t carefully screen the homes he sold them to?
      Not all breeders are evil and not all breeders are “Greedy Bastards” and if you own and ride a horse, I’m pretty darn sure a Breeder was involved!

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  5. shoshone · ·

    So why are they priced at $500.00 each.?? Meat buyers don’t buy horses for soup bones. Just another sorry breeder trying to dump his crop.

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