Foals being euthanized

Foals being euthanized


Thursday, April 26, 2012 10:28:24 EDT AM

Mare with foal

The decision to end provincial funding for Ontario’s harness racing may kill more than the industry – it’s resulting in the death of an unknown number of this year’s crop of new foals.

QMI Agency spoke to a number of sources who say breeders are now are euthanizing their foals moments after birth because they fear financial ruin if they have to raise the horses with no chance of recouping their investment.

The practice is happening because of the cost of raising horses, which can approach $10,000 — not including stud fees which range between $2,500 and $20,000.

Standardbred Canada Registrar Pat Kennedy said her organization’s figures show 130 stallions bred nearly 4,000 mares in Ontario. The number of foals resulting is estimated to be in the 70% range, meaning 3,000 births this year.

She said the crisis means owners may not breed mares, nor register them.

A local horse owner who asked not to be identified, said euthanizing healthy foals began at the start of the birthing season — about a month ago.


  1. Marilyn Wilson · ·

    Too bad they chose such a barbaric way of handling these foals. Sorry for the mothers. Hope they never breed horses again!

  2. Stop breeding and this problem gets solved. As far as the foals are concerned, euthanize them as humanely and quickly as possible. Slaughter for meat – no way! Furthermore, stop promoting horsemeat by not buying $1.99 hamburgers. For you racetrackers, I use to gallop and love the sport but now realize it is based on cruelty and disregard for horses. If you love horses, don’t support racing.

  3. These poor foals had NO chance….at least try to re-home & advertise for a few days …a week…anything to TRY to find homes…what a cop out! If this is the type of people who make their money from horses at the track ….then I am staying away!

  4. candice · ·

    There are those who say abortion is wrong, but it’s better than killing a newborn animal. Abortion is safe in cows and horses, but it’s more expensive because you need a Vet, etc. If you know for certain that you can’t find homes and the mares are already pregnant, then you should terminate the pregnancies. But it costs more money to do this.

    1. LINDABADHAM · ·


  5. Jennifer · ·

    I hope they all go out of business. And I hope their hands never touch another equine again.

  6. Evelyn Ball · ·

    I truly hope anyone involved in this atrocity finds themselves on the receiving end of tragedy. The human animal is the most pathetic species on this planet. All it is concerned about is money.

    1. Debbie Richmond · ·

      …and ego.

  7. Kristine Kobernic · ·

    helen I can pretty much guarentee all the rescues have tried, and then filled to capacity right afterwords……. the issue is more there is absolutely no way rescues can absorb that much! Funding and space for horses is even harder for dogs. Horse rescues that decide to euthanize humanely like dog and cat shelters also come under major attack. This leaves a lot of rescues stuck with “pet horses” I end up adopting out zero “pet horses” per year…… I can adopt out trained horses, and workable horses. So as I said above rescues are trying but they cannot keep up. Euthanizing becomes the same with cats and dogs a clear humane option. As I said above the other options are often horrible!

    1. And who gave humans the right to kill and act as God in deciding who lives or dies. I have ten rescue dogs and 6 rescue horses and I know there are foster homes. rescues and other places for them to go to. If these breeders had been charged a nice big fat tax for breeding each mare maybe they wouldn’t be stuck like this. They are living off the abuse of animals and it is time they got a real job and stop depending on animals and abusing them and throwing them away like a disposable lighter! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, this makes me sooooooooooooooo mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Helen Love · ·

    Have any of the Rescues in the area spoken to the Breeders and offered to take, and care for, these babies?

    1. shoshone · ·

      I donate to RRRefuge for Horses in Alexandria. They have over 400 rescues and are now short of water and hauling at $300 a tank. Rescues are over flowing with every breed of horse not just race horses.

      1. I do too. 🙂

  9. abby house · ·

    We cannot keep funding industries that abuse animals or any living creature.
    I suggest the euthing of the foals is a campaign to get all the animal lovers onside to help reinstate funding – despicable.
    These people are despicable – horse racing is not good for humans or animals.

    I call on all of you animal lovers to write emails to Ontario’s MPPs and let them know how you support the funding cuts. We have to tell politicians we support their actions just as much as when we don’t support it. Stop the insanity once and for all.

  10. Greed and irresponsible breeding are the culprits here!The value of horses of all types/breeds has been falling/crashing for several not expect someone else to bolster your bottom line hoping this expensive sport will turn around.These are living creatures at our mercy.As part of a horse rescue group_non-for profit-no government helping us out< I am sick of the excuses.And harsh as it may seem these poor little foals are better HUMANELY euthanized than being sold for slaughter,starved to death or sold to someone irresponsible for a profit however too small.They should Not have been created to start with.There has been massive overpopulation of many purebred horses for several years in nearly every country.Unfortunately most are sold for slaughter to make some profit off their suffering.tired of excusses want to see solutions.We-the rescue communtiy can only do so much unless we have massive support from somebody out there who cares as much as we do!

    1. This is a story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody. There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody’s job. Everybody thought Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn’t do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done.

      1. Kristine Kobernic · ·

        I work in a non-profit horse rescue and I will be honest I believe the foals being overbred was the first mistake I have to agree with Sonora Winds…. humane Euthanzia is better then the long trip to the slaughter house, slow starvation and idiot owners who can buy then breed another 100 pure bred horse. At current I can buy 5 Egyptian arabians for 100 and just pay their paperwork…. meaning you no longer need to undertsand horses just grab one cheap….. Welcome to what I see in the rescue feild, I had one rescued because a lady baught her daughter a mini for 10.00, the daughter lived in an appartment!!!!!! I wish I was joking! We also do not get government funds but work on as many rescues as we can a year….. due to numbers by the way I have assisted in helpign remove and close three other “horse rescue” who ended up neglecting horse they “saved” due to lack of funds and no limit on numbers. I will be honest those horses were sick and starvign at those rescue and no more rescues had room for those horses…… they were all euthanized as well. So much grumble about putting horses down but on average rescues spend 1700 to rehab and 125 comes back in adoptions….. EVERY rescue I have spoken to “valid ones” is full and cannot take more till some adopt out…. and they often don’t get adopted unless a rescue has a ten year old dead broke horse…… for kids….. So explain how euthanzia is wrong I have seen the results of horses just handed out to any idiot, I have seen them hit rescues that shouldn’t be rescues….. I have a never ending waiting list (and I only rescue mini equines), I have seen starved, let go, abondoned….. Euthanized humanel if the foal already exist really really does look like the better optio…..

      2. The work of rescue on any level so often feels like Sisyphus and the endless rolling of the heavy stone, only to have it fall back again, yet the alternative to do nothing, is not an option.

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  12. Debbie Richmond · ·

    If in fact foals are being euthanized (there is no verification of this taking place, and without facts I would write it off as a manipulative and sensationalistic media ploy), it is more humane than sending them off to slaughter for a TAX WRITEOFF if they don’t make any $$! I’m euphorious about the province’s decision to stop funding a crime syndicate which has done nothing but lived off the blood, sweat and tears of countless innocent horses, and I hope other government agencies fall in line and do the same (although we can safely presume this trash industry and its ever-present slaughter industry which rides right alongside it, is being heavily promoted and pushed overseas. We aren’t stupid).

  13. rescue centres for horses cats dogs are over- flowing- they cant save all those on death row ( animal control centres where they gas and get rid of in kill boxes where hundreds are being dumped by owners daily and horses that always have suffered the fate of being hacked to death alive because they are so darn big and strong to be killed ‘gently’ and wont keep still or stay calm when terrified. Dept of Agriculture USA are passing more and more bills to help the horse ‘industry’ pay their way and keep a hold on their blood money, denying cameras into slaughter plants and puting working dogs ( hunting as well as show) in same section as farm animals – Ranchers i.e , cattle & horse breeders including the harsh world of racing then can get rid or harvest ( as they call it) of their over-breds and those that dont make the grade however they darn well like ! Are we going to stand by and accept all this ?

  14. Marianne · ·

    shocking!!!!! what can be done to stop it???

  15. fatima · ·

    Sickening and cruel!people can kill their own babies.for them ,the poor horses pain is insignificant .

  16. NCmustangrider · ·

    Many of the posters on here, like me, love our animals and want only the best for the welfare of other animals. But the posters putting up nasty comments, please, please keep in mind that the breeders are actually doing the thing we always hope that other organizations will do when faced with a similar situation. It is terrible that these beautiful babies must be euthanized, but they are never going to be placed on a truck, terrified, and destined for slaughter. They will never be passed through sale after sale, beaten, or starved. 3,000 foals do not have places in rescue homes, there are not nearly enough rescues. While it is truly sickening that it must happen, it truly is best for these foals that they are euthanized and not creating a 3,000 surplus of more unhomed horses. We need to instead learn from this and figure out how to keep it from ever happening again! Be proactive about that and put this tragedy to some kind of purpose!!!

    1. B Morley · ·

      Well said.

    2. shoshone · ·

      We live in a very cruel world. Draft horses by the thousands became unwanted and were without jobs when tractors took over. They all ended up as dog food.
      Maybe the government that created this disaster in the first place could do the same for these horses and owners as they did for the baby seals that were slaughtered by the thousands. They gave a friendly company 3.5 million to buy the seal pelts and ware house them in hopes of someday finding a market for the unwanted pelts. An amount like that would feed and train quite a few horses giving owners time to find another alternative other than euthanizing or slaughter.

      1. Am i reading this correctly? The government gave “a friendly company 3.5 million to buy the seal pelts and warehouse them in hopes of someday finding a market?”

  17. The ignorance of some of these comments is astounding. I guarentee the people euthing foals are not breeding their mares back. About a month ago the Ontario government made a more that will completely destroy horse racing in the province and the whole industry will be extinct in the province within 2 years at the most. You can’t “un breed” a mare that’s two to three months away from foaling. Would you rather see these babies starve and/or go to slaughter? No one could have predicted what the Ontario government did, but taking all that revenue away from racing means that starvation and slaughter are exactly what these foals are destined for if something isn’t done. People aren’t doing it just for their own sake, it’s for the sake of the horses themselves as well. Is it very sad? Yes. The blame for this is 100% on the shoulders of the Ontario government. Sadly, the people euthing their foals ARE the responsible ones.

    1. Heather · ·

      Thank goodness the racing industry will be extinct. It is a horrible, cruel abusive industry and shouldn’t be funded by the government at all.

    2. TAMA ELLER · ·


  18. I don’t like or agree with this at all…but I’m not really sure what to suggest. Obviously you can’t turn back time. The mares have already been bred and the foals are already being born. I’d love to believe that we can live in such a lollipop fantasy world where all the babies can be sent to loving rescues who will provide them with all the feed, hoof trimmings and vaccinations necessary until the perfect person comes along to love and spoil them until they die at a ripe old age, but the reality is that most of the rescues are full and struggling to care for what they have. I’m curious…all these people that scream “send them to the rescue farms”, do they make donations on a regular basis to help support these groups so that they can afford to take in more horses? Don’t bitch if you’re not going to be part of the solution.

    1. B Morley · ·

      Finally! A voice of reason.

    2. Debbie Richmond · ·

      Well said!

    3. Heather · ·

      First of all Jenni, killing newborn foals is not the answer. Have you ever heard a mare scream when a foal has been taken away? And what about her milk? Do you know how much pain she would be in not being able to nurse? Maybe euthanasia is the right answer but they should at least wait until the foals are weanling age, usually around 4 months so at least the mare can nurse and by the time the foals are this old they are usually ready to “let them go.” And for your information, I do donate to rescue centres so I think your comment about people “bitching” was uncalled for. We all have a right to voice our opinion….we live in Canada after all.

      1. A mare will scream Jenni and lay down her life for her baby to live. Like people!!! But you may not have children. Horses are intelligent and family oriented in case you didn’t know that either. As for ‘bitching’ I donate to rescues plus have ten rescue dogs and 6 rescue horses so who is the problem? Not Heather and not me and not a lot of people. People who think they are God and can do what they want and kill another are the guilty ones as well as those who think they can ‘ride’ their way to money money money on the backs and broken legs and bursting hearts of these horses. Yes, their hearts burst as do their brains and legs break from starting them too early so Jenni, until you know about horses, don’t say it is okay to kill them. There are too many kids in the world, want to kill them too??? I keep my animals FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention their care should something happen to me is paid for in my life insurance so they will have their long life. And I am a mom and a grandmother and funny how 25 TB yearlings alone went to one rescue today. You know nothing of horses or dogs or cats or anything when you speak there is no room. I know from over 20 years of rescue there is always room! Stop playing God and killing things. It only shows who has a heart and who doesn’t. I’m with Heather and the majority of people on here willing to save and protect these horses one way or another.

    4. TAMA ELLER · ·


      1. Mine are all pets. 6 rescues and all pets. But in Canada they are considered livestock. Ugh

  19. These people who kill babies should not have horses in the first place! Your industry being dependent on someone else is the FIRST big mistake……especially if you are depending on your government to do something before it is too late!

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  21. Now that everyone has expressed their opinions, why not rally the horse soldiers and see what can be done to get the word out to try and save as many foals as possible?

    1. I agree. Something has to be done and quick.

  22. Not all rescues are full. There are rescues all over Canada and the US they could go to. This is just plain murder. They should have never been permitted at all to breed their horses like that as it is cruelty if you ask me. Even foster homes will take them in. You don’t kill them because they decided to keep breeding which is so irresponsible! They should be charged for each horse/foal being killed.

  23. shoshone · ·

    The rescues are full. Very few adopters that are qualified to handle young horses are available. I think the breeders are doing the right thing euthanizing new borns. It is far kinder than waiting until they are a year old and sending them to slaughter like the PMU farms do. It would have been better if the mares had never been bred but it is too late for that. .

  24. Please stop breeding horses.

  25. LINDA BADHAM · ·


    1. B Morley · ·

      We are!!!!!! Many people have cancelled the contracts for this year, but that is too late for mares due to foal this spring. You people just don’t get it! We in the horse business are in it because we can make a living doing what we love- raising and racing horse. That is, until Mr. Duncan decided that 60,000 rural onatrio jobs weren’t important- we didn’t get any notice tha they were going to renege on a profit sharing agreement with the racetracks that brought in over 1 billion per year. It was okay for the minister of health to waste billions on e-health, and get nothing back, and waste over a billion on ORNGE, and pay an alarming amount of money, perks and bonuses to LHIN employees who didn’t give a dime back. Horsemen on the other hand SPLIT 345 million with the track owners, in some cases that were owned by community groups. We have not ever been subsidized., In fact, it seems that horse racing has subsidized the government.
      Breeding and raising horses is expensive, so it’s not like we are raising two or three litters of puppies every year, we know we are responsible for them and their well being, but when we get the rug jerked out from under us with no warning, what do you suggest we do?

      Please, please, please, don’t sit there smugly chastizing us, give us some sensible, now, usuable ideas. Puking doesn’t help, we’ve tried it.

      Please go to, a group representing all 3 breeds of race horses in Ontario and get the other side of the story.

      1. LINDA BADHAM · ·


      2. And that is a great opinion. I have rescue dogs (ten) and 6 rescue horses as well. I agree with you Linda and these breeders should be held accountable for the death of each and every horse!

      3. Can these foals with or without their mothers not be sold or handed over to rescues who can find them a home. It isn’t right to be brought into the world to be put down and I agree the government has done this to people but the horses and those innocent babies shouldn’t suffer because of jackasses. Those babies have never seen a track so would be great riding horses just like their moms. Something has to be done. I know it costs for studs and such but it isn’t worth their lives. No amount of money can match a life.

      4. Murdering babies. Breeders keep breeding these race horses and I agree with Heather. Look at Seabiscuit, was he the perfect horse. The perfect horse is not out there it is trial and error and if you happen to see something in a horse. You don’t keep breeding to maybe get one horse that takes second or third then discard them or start running them at the age of two when their bones are not even fully developed yet. Racing is a cruel industry. The breeders chose to breed so much and now the horses again pay with their blood and their lives!!!! Ever seen a mare without her foal or a dead foal? These animals LOVE and feel. Sure, go ahead and kill their babies. It’s just like a mother giving birth to a still born or one that cries out after birth but kill it because now you don’t have the money or the room. Racers and breeders caused this and they should pay not the horses. But of course to them they horses are just money money money anyhow. Wonder what this years going rate is per pound? Jerks!!!

      5. We have to help you, that is the right thing to do. I will lease some land and grow hay and give it to you if that helps. I can’t do much right away but I will help you however I can.
        I have 3 horses that I rescued from auction and slaughter, one of whom was a racehorse who earned over $120,000.00
        I am looking at 10 acres – I know that may only help 10 horses, but if enough of us did that – we could save hundreds.

      6. Bless you for stepping up to help!!

      7. Bob, go breed some more horses that you can kill. Stop living off the lives of animals and get a real job. How many did you send to slaughter last year because they didn’t “have what it takes”??? Young 2 and 3 year olds that had over 25 years left of life in them and you murder them? Stop depending on others or pointing a finger at others when you people are the ones that choose to breed every mare you own. Most horses in slaughter houses are race horses you twit. You just add to their suffering by making more and more babies so more and more go to slaughter. Time to stop depending on others and get a real job and not off the backs of innocent animals. It’s as bad as slavery was!!!

      8. There are those who love their horses and those who ride or drive their ego’s at the expense of the horse.

      9. How about trying this…..

        National group will raise money, accredit care programs
        When a thoroughbred thunders past cheering racetrack crowds, it does so with the help of an off-track entourage of trainers, handlers and owners providing constant, doting care.

        But for the horses no longer making money on the racetrack or in the breeding barn — when they become too old, injured or too slow to race — that attention quickly evaporates. And their future becomes anything but certain.

        Only a minority of former racehorses get cushy retirements in bucolic pastures. While some are retrained as show horses or adopted for personal use, others are sold at auction, leaving them subject to neglect or being bought for slaughter in Canada and Mexico.

        “There aren’t enough homes for the horses that need them,” said Kathy Guillermo, an equine specialist with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. “And there has historically been a lack of collective responsibility for what happens to thoroughbreds once they finish racing.”

        Now, a broad coalition of thoroughbred industry stakeholders has kicked off racing’s most comprehensive initiative to date, establishing the Lexington-based Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance to act as a national fundraising and accrediting body to oversee, and help fund, the horses’ retirement care.

        Supporters hope it will bolster a patchwork of smaller, private rescue and retirement programs that have struggled with funding and, in some cases, inconsistent oversight.

        Funded by seed money from the Breeders’ Cup, The Jockey Club and Keeneland Association, the organization will inspect and accredit after-care facilities using standards covering operations, education, horse management, facility services, insurance and adoption policies. It will also begin raising millions of dollars to award programs that pass muster.

        “People are starting to acknowledge that it’s a major issue for the sport,” said Mike Ziegler, interim executive director for the group, who said he’s optimistic it will bring substantial improvements to a side of the “sport of kings” that few spectators ever see.

        Please Click (HERE) to read the additional 3 pages of this story
        Related articles
        WFLF Study Reveals Disturbing Number of U.S. Thoroughbreds Slaughtered Each Year (

      10. Heather · ·

        You still haven’t answered the question “why did you breed over 4,000 mares last year?” This was such bad management on your part. Especially, when you felt the government should help you pay for the abuse that goes on in the racing industry. Personally, I am glad that the government pulled it’s funding out of this industry. Hopefully this will end the horrific abuse these animals go through at the hands of trainers/drivers/jockeys. Let’s face it, you aren’t in the racing business because you love horses, you are in it for the money.

      11. TAMA ELLER · ·


  26. We adopted 2 ex-racehorses saved from killer buyers by rescues in US 10 years ago…did it without any regrets. Both were wonderful additions. Shame on overbreeding, shame on you for not making allowances in your profits from breeding your stallions to deal with this.

  27. The stupid owners are the ones that should be PTS!!! It is their fault there will be so many unwanted horses because of the greed and insatiable hunger for money not the health and well being of the horses. Can not someone stop this? This is like killing a human baby because the time isn’t right when it is born. I think I am going to puke!

    1. B Morley · ·

      This activity, if in fact it is actually happening, would be very rare, What you are forgetting is that there was no warning or consultion by the government with the horsemen of the three breeds of racehorses in Ontario. Suddenly, we are all faced with horses which were planned for, cared for through gestation, and now have NO WHERE to go. Many people are being put out of business- and it is a business as well as a lifestyle choice, the only income for a great many good people in the province.
      Calling us stupid is like telling people they shouldn’t have had any children in case the economy goes down the drain and they lose their job at Ford, or Cat, or Wal-Mart. We had no idea this was going to happen, and since we are three years from breeding to sale time for each foal, we have had not had time to even figure out what to do. Would you rather those foals be allowed to starve to death? Personally, I won’t do it, nor will anyone I know, but don’t judge people until you are in their shoes.
      We are not breeding our own mares this year, and will give away those that we can find good homes for, however, there are very few homes for horses available. We will try and sell our yearlings, but will not even recover the stud fees- we are looking at getting 80%less for our horses this year. The cost of raising a foal til yearling age is roughly 20,000, before stud fees. That is money that has been invested, in Ontario, and no chance to get it back. I reallly want to know what all of you would do in our situation? Please, tell us how to handle this?
      Rather than throwing nasty comments at us, call Mr. Duncan, let him know that this is unacceptable, that he is sentencing horses to death. Go to and get the facts on what the racing industry contributes annually to Ontario. ( over 1 billion dollars per year).

      1. Heather · ·

        I worked on a breeding farm for Egyptian Arabians and I can tell you that all the breedable mares were bred every year from the time they were 3 until death, even the ones in their 20’s and were ill were being bred and given all kids of hormones and other medications to, not only get pregnant but also to keep the fetus in the mares that were having problems….and you know why????money!!! The owners didn’t care about these animals. I was told by the farm manger that the business could be pencils, it didn’t matter; as long as he made money. We had over 200 horses on the farm and the colts were sold for nothing just to get them off the farm or when possible they were left to die rather than have vet bills because only 1 in 500 would make it as a stud horse. The sad thing is that many of these colts were sold to people who didn’t have a clue on a) how to raise a horse and b) what the personality is of Arabians, which can be much different from a quarter horse. A lot of these horses ended up being abused and I would imagine being sold at auctions.

        So please, don’t cry the big tears and say “what were we to do”!! What you should have done and what every racing/breeding stable should do is use common sense and stop breeding indiscriminately looking for the perfect horse!!! News flash….there is no perfect horse. The racing industry is one of the worst animal abusing industry that there is….almost as bad as puppy mills.Why did you need to breed 4,000 mares?? This is the biggest problem we have right now….horse owners not breeding responsibly and thinking of the future and where will all the unwanted horses go? I believe that the racing industry should be made to have a percentage of your revenue put into a fund that will help rescue centres take in unwanted horses. Every time a foal is registered payment should have to be made to this fund and failure to do so would result in losing your licence. Any horses that end up at the slaughter house that can be traced back to the racing stables should result in the owner spaying heavy fines or jail time. That is what I think you should do. It isn’t Mr. Duncan that is sending horses to their death it is irresponsible horse owners.

      2. Did these bastards even try to fnd these babies a home? I bet not. Calling these little babies’ ‘a crop’ is revealing in it’s self. They are not a crop. Their living, breathing newborn babies. Anyone caught doing this needs to be charged with a felony for extreme animal abuse. Murdering a healthy animal is not an option,
        it’s murder.

      3. Can someone tell what the other breeds are?

        Thanks, Marge

      4. I don’t buy the ‘no where to go’. You are ONE province, not the entire country. Are you the only province with racing? Are you the only country with racing? No??? Then I’m pretty sure these horses could be sold as viable potential money winners in somewhere other than Ontario. That seems like a much more logical idea than panicking and killing every foal as they drop.

      5. Warning or not, the horses are WAY overbred which leads to an overpopulation of horses and even the ones raced end up in slaughter once they are ‘done’ or not making the money the owner expected. They should be adopted out, fostered or put in a rescue but lets run the crap out of them when they are only 2 and 3 years old on not fully developed legs and bones and then when they don’t do well kill them. It is caused from overbreeding. As you said, you guys pay so much for stud fees? STOP OVERBREEDING!!!! Simple. Now find your horses a proper home and get the stallions fixed. Do you realize how many TB’s and such go to slaughter each year? They are the majority that hit the slaughter houses because they are no good for you people anymore. People that breed disgust me cuz they have caused this and now are stuck because you have too many in foal. I have 6 rescues from people that decided to breed for the fun of it or to try to make money at the animals expense. So sick of the government and so sick of people that make their living off the backs of animals and that includes dogs and puppy mills. Horse breeding is as bad as puppy mills. Dogs die because of breeding and horses die because of breeding and the human is responsible. The BREEDER is responsible for putting the females through this now kill them and their babies etc. If one single breeder kills one of his baby’s, he should be charged with animal cruelty! YOU idiots decided to make money off the animals. You USED them and betrayed them. Now you’ll kill them. Who the heck made you God to say what you can do to these animals? They are here for us to look after and respect not use and abuse. Sorry if you people might lose your so called livelihood but get a job and not off the abuse from others!!! Join a rodeo while you’re at it and kill your horses there too and maybe get some cows and calves and strangle them and break their legs too. Horses feel you idiots. Ever watched a horse that lost a foal??? They mourn. Ever watched a horse that lost its best friend? They mourn and stop eating and cry out just as the mare does for her baby. Animal abusers make me sick and the government is now one of them. I am happy to say I hate Canada and it’s government!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      6. Thank you Shari my sentiments exactly!!

      7. TAMA ELLER · ·


  28. Leslie Kuretzky · ·

    I posted a not too nice comment on FB telling exactly how I feel about this,. VERY upsetting. We have great stallions and such and now it will all come to an end

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