Canadians: Act Now to Ban Horse Slaughter!

As a follow-up to the 36 Hours to Hell posting (

PETA is asking Canadians to act to get horse slaughter banned.–Act-Now-to-Ban-Horse-Slaughter-.aspx

Also, Jillian Michaels adopted a Thoroughbred who appeared in the video.  This Thoroughbred was on his way to slaughter.


  1. […] Canadians: Act Now to Ban Horse Slaughter! […]

  2. mpclark · ·

    This is very important. Does anyone have names, farm names, photos and other reliable verifications for this story? Breeder names would be great to have along with other details. Does anyone know if Animal Angels has done any reports so far? Sonja Meadows is very good with accurate and detailed reports. If I have detailed and graphic reports with photos, I can use that on social media to gain support from anti-slaughter advocates, animal welfare advocates and activists.

    These breeders and others will use emotional blackmail to get cash or funds. We recently had an incident of a breeder (or someone else) using emotional blackmail to sell horses. He or someone else was using threats of death to get them sold and this was a pattern of behavior for this breeder. He was not getting the prices he wanted so he sent or someone else sent a letter which threatened to have all his horses killed. Whether this was scam or not was left undetermined. These threats of death against horses can be scams. Claims can be made and not verified. If I use this information online, it has to be accurate and correct.

    With reports of foal killings, posts have to be detailed and very accurate. Activists will be interested in this issue and likely to act directly when these reports are posted onine. Inaccurate information may discredit an argument which they can use to end abuses, slaughter or even unethical activities around any for profit use of horses.

    Those who support slaughter or other activities designed to use horses in an unethical way can make use of inaccurate reports to discredit anti-slaughter arguments. Sue Wallis, a proponent of horse killing here in the U S, uses any inaccuracy as an argument to try to discredit those who are trying to save horses.

    If this information is to be used, it has to be accurate down to every last detail. If it is, it is useful to gain support for ending abuses and even ending slaughter. However, if any of the report is unverifiable or inaccurate, it may end up serving the purposes of the pro-killing lobby. They will use any argument to discredit those trying to save the horses. This is a greed business and a lot of money is at stake. Please post if anyone knows if these reports show verification or photos. If so, this information can be useful in saving the horses in the U S and in Canada.

  3. Mary-Joe Figueira · ·

    Can somebody check the Simcoe Reformer Apparently there are foals being euthanized. I got the link on FB, but cannot get into it.

    1. andalvin1962 · ·

      Thanks Mary-Joe. Got it.

  4. Heather · ·

    Please everyone, lets get the petition filled in and sent to our government and if possible write hand-written letters and mail to your local MP. Let’s really turn up the heat and get this slaughter stopped.

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