Please help if you’ve seen Suzy or Echo





Suzy and Echo





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    In the absence of more information, I posted a link to this page on Twitter which sends to my account on LinkedIn. Contacts on Twitter & LinkedIn are domestic (US) and international. It is posted under my name. I suggest that anyone with accounts on social media might post this notice, too. That might help.

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    I checked area code 847 and it comes up as parts of Illinois. Is this correct?

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    I will post on social media for you.

    I need the following information: please list date they were found missing, their location at that time, ages, hands high, medical conditions, if you have already checked nearby auctions, notified local law enforcement, used Netposse, etc.

    Were there any witnesses to this theft? If so, did they see a trailer or any transport vehicle? Pls note color and any ID marks any vehicle may have had.

    Anything helps. The faster you can post this information, the faster I can put it up.

    1. Vicky Johnson · ·

      My girls left Harvard Illinois April 15th, 2012 heading toward Darwin Minnesota. I have been told through attorneys they were sold to Keith Tongen. Keith Tongen sells to Viande Richelieu
      Suzy is a light bay, 15h, 1400lbs, star, and a whiteish muzzle, cresty neck
      Echo is a red roan (gray) 14.3h, 1200lbs, mottled skin, scars on both rear legs and one front buld, has a depression in her forehead. She will come if you call her and clap. Suzy will come along – they are mother and daughter.
      I hope the following writing helps. I am doing everything I can possible think of.

      I am desperately trying to find my two mares, Suzy and Echo that were stolen from me by deception on April 15th, 2012 in Harvard Illinois, by Marvin and Misti Olson from Darwin Minnesota. I have been told through attorneys that my two mares were sold to Keith Tongen. Keith Tongen, will not tell me where the horses are that he bought from Marvin Olson.
      Meanwhile, Keith Tongen has lied to me repeatedly and has had ample time to dispose of my horses as he sells horses into Canada to be slaughtered for human consumption. If he did so, he did so knowing that there was reason to believe that my horses were stolen and any paperwork received namely the EID (or Equine Identification document) for my horses would have been falsified as no one knows their medical history but me. I told him my horses were stolen by deception and any paperwork received would have been falsified.
      Since the vast majority of slaughtered horses are shipped overseas for human consumption, the European Union and others want traceability in the event of a serious human health issue and rightly so, however they are relying on these falsified EID’s for traceability. Our own government doesn’t even retain a copy, but why would they, when everyone knows the EID’s aren’t even worth the paper they are printed on.
      Anyone can create an EID at any time, designating the horse for slaughter and make declarations concerning their medical history – the form says “to the best of my knowledge” so they have an easy out and can make any claim they so desire. Most EID’s are created or fabricated by the “livestock dealer” that purchases them to ship to slaughter who may have owned them for an hour until the end of an auction. If the dealer should happen to receive an EID that has something on it they don’t like, it gets ‘lost’ and they create a new one, no big deal. They just want to ship them. They don’t want to know the horse’s medical history and don’t care, they just want the money.
      Why even consider a bureaucracy to implement and trace our horses when we don’t eat them and there is no guarantee that any foreign country will buy even one tomorrow. It certainly doesn’t prevent theft, you can’t even file a horse theft report and if you could actually get one, there is no national database or central reporting system. By the time a horse owner can get a response from a government agency, the horse is meat, composted and the damage to humans is already done.
      A traceability system for U.S. horses is all about the money, big money. Horse owners aren’t going to slap an ear tag on their horses. It will involve a vet call for most, at $35 to $50 each, multiplied my 9 million. Then there has to be a tracking system or an “agency” to create documents and keep records. I highly doubt it will be free, or at least not for long. With over 9 million U.S. horses, some are looking to glean off the registration and tracking – big money.
      WHY? We don’t eat them and the foreign countries that do could stop buying any tomorrow. Slaughtering them has not prevented neglect and abuse because they are STILL being slaughtered! There is an elephant in the room! Plus, the majority of U.S. horse owners will designate their horses NOT for slaughter if given the opportunity. We don’t eat them. And
      Adulterated Food Animals
      Horses here are not regulated food animals and a high percentage of the normal and ordinary things we give our horses, is labeled “not intended for use on food animals”. A vast majority of horse owners have no clue what is or isn’t allowed for food animals and don’t keep records of what the vets give their horses. “Bute” is used on horses much like humans take aspirins and can never be administered to horses entering the European Union food chain. Many other medications require 180 day withdrawal period. The fabricated EID’s allow the very last “owner” to declare they are free of prohibited drugs and withheld for withdrawal on the remainder when they have no knowledge.
      Where are the records? How many horses from the major ‘feedlots’ are held in the U.S. 180 days and if you can find them, are they real or fabricated? Shouldn’t be too hard to determine, based on how many a “feed lot” holds and how many are shipped. Where do the horses go that have had “bute” that a dealer bought without reading the EID’s? Is any such record maintained?
      I would hope that if the situation were reversed, our government would do something to protect our general public from importing highly probable adulterated food animals into our own food chain. Some people will say “they test them”. In order to maintain any confidence level for testing residues or for adulteration, it would require testing each and every single one. There can be no “lot” or “batch” testing because they are not regulated food animals in the U.S.. They are not raised, kept or medicated the “same”. In order to lot or batch test, you need to establish “same” and the only thing the same about U.S. horses is the species. It is my belief that cattle are tested based on the total number slaughtered in a given year, but they are governed by food animal regulations and a much higher probability of a producer knowing what is and isn’t allowed. It is not the same for U.S. horses.
      How can our government allow and permit unregulated “livestock” into a human food chain that has a high probability of being adulterated? Who is the responsible authority? Who are horse owners suppose to report to that cares that adulterated meat may be entering a human food chain? By the time our bureaucracy gets around to maybe informing someone, if they can’t cover it up, the horses have been slaughtered and are probably digested and composting.
      Besides the fact that my horses were stolen by deception, my horses are not safe to eat. They both have had “bute”, were recently de-wormed with Invermectin, and one was very recently treated with antibiotics. I called the Meeker County Sherriff in Minnesota and after several days were told I had to file in Illinois. I called McHenry County Sherriff and filed a report, waited a week to get it, was then told I had to FOIA to get it, waited another week to get a response, and it was marked civil and closed. I received a request for an interview on 5/15/12, from Harry G. Dawson, who identified himself to me as an investigator employed with United States Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Investigative and Enforcement Services (USDA, APHIS, IES). Based on my belief from what he sent me as a draft Affidavit, he intends to dismiss my claim on my horses and get back to business as usual, but then again, he is employed by the USDA. In the weeks that have passed, I attempted to try to locate my horses, and keep them from being exported, that would also prevent some unknowing human to dine on their toxic meat.
      So what agency are horse owners suppose to notify that their horse was stolen and not safe to eat?
      Where are my stolen horses? I have requested my horse’s medical history from both of my primary vets. I have one affidavit from one of my vets and am still waiting on the medical history from my other vet. What tainted and toxic meat? Can they trace them now after a month? Perhaps.
      After contacting almost every agency, authority, and individual I thought might come into contact with my horses, one, the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) issued an alert based on the information that I have which is through attorneys, Marvin Olson said he sold my horses to Keith Tongen. Keith Tongen sells to Viande Richelieu in Canada. Was the alert enough to prevent my horses from being exported and slaughtered and already on someones table? Not likely but I’m holding on to straws. What about those that are eating them? Who is responsible? The Olson’s, Tongen and Viande Richelieu all knew that if they received my horses, the documents would be fabricated. Perhaps the Enforcement Agencies for lack of response?
      I don’t know – I still don’t know where my horses are.
      PLEASE STOP THIS! I can’t believe that the U.S. is allowing the existence of such a poor system whereby unregulated, adulterated toxic meat can enter into a human food chain and even more amazed that the countries importing it, continue to do so.

      Suzy and Echo
      Please look at the sites for the links provided. They will provide specific data on the lack of traceability of U.S. horses slaughtered for human consumption, scientific reports on toxic residues found in U.S. horsemeat and how our own government knows that there is no traceability.
      Even within our own government reports a knowing lack of traceability.

      Most of all, I just want my horses back. Please help me!
      Vicky Johnson

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