NM Horse Slaughter Dealer Dodged Bullet in Past

By Colleen Heild / Journal Investigative Reporter of the ABQJournal

Dennis Chavez May Not Be That Lucky This Time Around

The 35 to 40 horses were destined for slaughter, but many already appeared half-dead

photo by Animal’s Angels

Crammed into a small pen, they were so emaciated their hip and rib bones were showing. Some were crippled, and others listless with swollen jaws consistent with equine distemper, according to interviews and sheriff’s reports. Witnesses reported no food or water in the pen, located in Albuquerque’s South Valley.

A Bernalillo County deputy, with help from the District Attorney’s Office, filed 16 counts of animal cruelty and neglect against the owner of the horses, Dennis V. Chavez.

That was more than 20 years ago.

Now that same Dennis V. Chavez faces new allegations of animal cruelty and neglect involving horses at his Los Lunas livestock auction business in a case that has made international news.



  1. It’s to bad that the ones calling in death threats against Chavez would go ahead and finish the job.

  2. Lets hope this A$$H_ _E pays big time for what he has done. I clicked on the link and read the write up and saw the pictures that Animal Angels had taken. It is beyond me how anyone could do such a thing. How can someone go about their daily business, knowing that there is suffering and dying going on that they caused. I hate to think that I am breathing the same air as that poor excuse for a human being.

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