Words of wisdom

What does it matter?
From Jerry Finch at Habitat for Horses

17 Apr

It wasn’t that long ago that I joined a number of other members of various equine organizations in a conference at Black Beauty Ranch. Being around them, listening to them and feeling their energy provided mountains of inspiration that I carried back here to the ranch. I love being around people that do things instead of talk about it, that give of themselves without reservation, that build instead of tear down. They love life, they wrap it around themselves like a flowing robe, caressing each sweet emotion, knowing that each moment is precious.

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  1. Denise · ·

    Beautiful…Jerry Finch is definitely on the side of the angels.

  2. These are definitely words of wisdom and from the article I quote “I doubt that these words will ever touch those who see horses as nothing more than meat, but I wish they would. I truly wish I could reach into the heart of each horse killer, of each politician who votes for supporting horse slaughter, of each truck driver that hauls horses to the border. I would ask them to listen, for just a moment and reflect on the true value of their life.” For you my friend, I will send these words to all that need to reflect.

  3. 2fasthorses · ·

    Beautiful words to live your life by…

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