New anti-slaughter billboard

Angel Acres is very excited to announce that we have an opportunity to put another Anti Horse Slaughter Billboard in Canada.  This location gets 20,000 plus in traffic each day. We have only 72 hours to raise enough to put up this board, so lets get busy! Click on the Chip In link below:



    Words are not enough people. If you want a billboard in Canada, it is possible. Its called fund raising not words. To put up a board costs 1500$ month and 175$ to do an image, whats wrong with the one in Ottawa just add to the bottom SPONSERED BY CHDC SUPPORT BILL C322. Quite simply all the comments between each other are just that, between each other YOU HAVE TO REACH OUT TO AN UNKNOWING PUBLIC, as this is the group who can stop this scourage of HORSE slaughter. NOT US ALONE. I AM IN WITH A CONTRIBUTION, ARE YOU?

  2. mpclark · ·

    My comment did not post last time I added it. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  3. Deborah · ·

    let get another one at the Canadian/US border. and then another and another………

    1. mpclark · ·

      Deb, could not agree more. We need more in the US and on every major highway. Cost is real factor.



    1. mpclark · ·

      That would not accomplish anything but one outside any US Congressional building might help a lot. If we could get one by a major highway close to DC or in Georgetown, I would be delighted.

      It might also be a very good idea to track votes of Congress so we all know who does not support an end to transport to slaughter. Those elected officials can be voted out. Mega vote reports help with that. Those are found at

      In order to end transport to slaughter, the US Congress has to pass the bills it has: HR2966 and S1176. The best way to get transport to slaughter ended is to contact Congress daily. An easy website to use is and email or call daily. If you tell friends, they may also help.

      Congress has the bills and controls funding for legislation. Therefore, if we want US transport to slaughter ended, we have to pressure Congress to act. This battle has gone on for fifty years. We got rid of the slaughterhouses. Transport remains to be defeated and we are going to do so.

      The Ag Committee decided to change the rules and force everyone to accept a secret change in defunding language and behind closed doors. This happened a few months ago. To my knowledge our last US slaughterhouse in TX closed in 2007. All these slaughterhouses are owned by foreign corporations who rip off the host countries constantly.

      Canada is fighting to end slaughter and we are doing the same thing. The best way to end the horse killing is to contact your elected officials on a daily basis. Canada has its own contact information and for the US, use It is fast and easy. Anyone can contact Congress. You do not have to be a citizen of the US to pressure Congress. As I understand it, Canadian officials also accept input from US citizens. All of the contacts, done politely, can pressure elected officials to move against slaughter. Slaughter is merely a scam. It takes numbers to fight and win this battle.

  5. Teresa Heaney · ·

    Calgary should be a good site for the billboard as there are a lot of horse lovers here. Living in the area though I also see the lack of concern by rodeo attendees. While the Calgary Stampede tries to do a good job of enforcing humane animal use there are still a lot of redneck wannabe cowboys who just don’t care. Surely there must be a way to get through to these self-centered inhumane people. Graphic photos is my suggestion.

  6. Fort MacLeod where Bouvry Exports operates is just down the road from Calgary. Prime Minister Harper’s riding is in Calgary. Excellent choice!

  7. shoshone · ·

    What a great choice of cities to put up an anti slaughter billboard. Big stampede anniversary this suimmer.

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  9. mpclark · ·

    Congratulations on your great work! I wish we had more in OH.

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