Report from the La Palette “Join Up” this past weekend in Toronto

Report from Marie Dean, CHDC:

The conflict continued this weekend outside of La Palette restaurant inToronto.   The respect for the horse was presented on both Friday and Saturday.

For a few short moments in time I felt the world was lost.  I felt the presence of darkness.  Supporters of La Palette expressed their hatred of animal welfare and their dark souls enlightened us with their joy of cruelty towards other living creatures.   The kindness that gleams from horse welfare helped to make the experience bearable.  Again, I am engulfed with sadness from these encounters.  Can it really be possible that individuals care only about their own existence?

Toronto citizens again showed their support and signed our petition to end horse slaughter, and walked away with such disbelief that a country as wonderful as Canada could take part in such a despicable act.   Making it even worse was that a restaurant was taking part as well in the injustice – has the world gone mad?      The owner of La Palette was in conversation on the Friday with a radio station that wanted to air both views, so hopefully La Palette is weighing the opinion of the Humane Society International/Canada. 

Why does La Palette require an item that causes such an outrage to Canadians?     

The discussion this weekend with Torontonians was multiculturalism.  It is an area that horse welfare is uncomfortable discussing because our intention is not to offend.  Statements were heard from Torontonians like “When in Europe do as the Europeans do – the same should apply in Canada”, “If you want horsemeat go back to Europe”.  The fear was expressed from the citizens of Toronto, that if horsemeat is allowed, then what will be next dogs and cats?  They feel burdened by the exposure of animal cruelty, an example being they have just dealt with the cruelty issues of shark fins, which are now banned in the city of Toronto?  Which leads us to the question, why is Canada offending its citizens by killing the horse?    

The owner of La Palette is known for his good deeds towards his community.  Maybe he should embrace the majority instead of opposing?       

Why does the government not protect the large companion animal?  The horse is a big animal and is not found in many backyards.  Yet, most Canadians respect the horse for his contribution to mankind and the growth and well-being to Canadians and Canada.   Horses contribute greatly to the Canadian economy.  Horse slaughter is Canada’s shame.

Horse 46 - Day 1 - LPN

The lack of compassion and the desire for more and the pursuit of money at any cost are the roots of evil and the main source of unhappiness in the human being.

And so it is today: the irresponsible horse owner does not care because of money; the auction house does not care; the kill buyer does not care; the slaughter plant does not care; the Canadian government does not care and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency does not care because of money.  And so it is today, La Palette restaurant does not care because of money.   Our equine friends have been greatly betrayed.   The injustice continues.

And so it is today, the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition and their supporters CARE because the equine deserves so much more, and for us the horse means much more than money.  We promise to continue to campaign to end the mass slaughter of horses in Canada.  We welcome the support of organizations and individuals throughout the world who believe that horses, having shared our walk from “barbarism to civilization”, deserve a special place in modern culture.

This conflict encompasses much more than a street fight.  This battle is a reflection of the unfair conditions played out in all 4 equine slaughter plants in Canada.  This battle is a reflection of how poorly the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has dealt with horse welfare and food safety in this country.   The same conflicts were played out in the United States and are still the cause of extreme distress and concerns.  In a “fair” government the majority rules, YET the majority of Canadians and Americans are opposed to horse slaughter.  The only way this conflict will really be won, is when the government debates this issue in Parliament.  We need to take the battle off the streets and into the Parliament building.    I/WE challenge the government to debate this issue immediately!


  1. Another huge problem is that as long as any horse in Canada is classified as ‘livestock’ they will continue to suffer. To get it changed to pet would be such a wonderful thing because then pets cannot be slaughtered for the food industry. In certain States in the States horses are considered pets yet in others, livestock. Livestock means it is edible and a working farm animal. There are very few on this side of the globe that are used on farms unless the owners are Amish or Mennonite which is really a drop in the bucket considering the total amount of horses in Canada and the US. My therapy mare because she is in Canada is classified livestock and therefore was not permitted to stay with me even though we have huge property. IF she had been considered a pet, they could not have made me board her. Plus, she was literally prescribed by two doctors and this town gave no care. If it had been aspirin I was prescribed, makes me wonder if this stupid town would have refused me or someone else that as well? We have got to get them classified as pets asap. That would so much aide in our cause. Marie is doing an awesome job and deserves so much credit for so many things. I look up to her so much and not because I am shorter either. 😉


    Marie Dean I followed up 1500$ for one month and 175 $ to print image. The group in Pennsilvania is OK with us using their image. CBS Outdoor will assist with finding the best location in Toronto to reach the largest numbers of the PUBLIC. I sent this info to Lonita, and awaiting her reply Thankyou Marie i could not have got this far, this fast without your help. STAY TUNED


    Marie thankyou so much, i will call wednesday april 18 for more info STAY TUNED


    Heather Bang right on, the issue is exactly that, the Canadian PUBLIC at large has no idea what this Govt. has entered into and the sad part about this is they have been killing HORSES for several years in Canada. The only way this will stop is when the PUBLIC at large is informed, and that is not happening. I have written the people in the U. S. who put up the STOP SLAUGHTERING US billboard, asking if they could provide the name of the company who owns the board, and their cost to put up in Ottawa. If reasonable, followers of CHDC may want to support a second board .WE MUST GET PUBLIC EXPOSURE.
    Second location, maybe on the Don Valley Parkway as is the biggest parking lot in North America? Stay Tuned, hopefully the cost is within our reach.

    1. Dennis, thank you for your comment. You have mentioned the “Stop Slaughtering Us” billboard before – it must have made an impact on you. The name of the company in Ottawa is CBS Outdoor. If you want a billboard for Toronto, call CBS Toronto 416-255-1392. Thank you for caring. Good Luck!

  5. Heather · ·

    Thank you so much Marie for your endless fight against insurmountable odds. PM Harper, now that he has the majority, will never listen to his constituents whether it concerns animal welfare or the environment; all he cares about is providing means to his fellow cronies to make the almighty $$. All we can do is keep fighting and hopefully when his term ends we can elect someone who shows compassion and caring. I too, believe that if he could get away with it, and there was money to be made, he would send our dogs and cats to China for human consumption. We need to get the truth out there. I recently took a copy of the petition in to a privately owned pet food store and the owner was shocked that horses are killed for their meat and especially the way they are slaughtered. It just goes to show that the average person out there does not know the ugly truth and with angels like Marie, hopefully we can change that.

  6. Diane Symons · ·

    We can’t over look the point that the meat is not fit for humans to eat. Somewhere down the line people are forgetting this. They are not letting gov. officials know about the dewormers, Bute, other drugs that horses are given. These drugs cause problems in humans may not happen right away but it happens and no one puts two and two together. It is what you are eating. Bute is a killer. Many vets have put out warnings and why you should not eat the horse meat. People are ignoring it. This resturant is risking lives. They are serving meat that has drugs in it that is toxic. Horses must be dewormed if not they will die an early death…the bots eat there stomachs. This is why Wild Horses and Burro’s do not live long. They colic, they have the bots , other worms and they live a short life so thinking there to many horses is a myth. Most of the horses rounded up are young with young foals. The warnings on the back of the Dewormer states do not sent horse to slaughter if you are going to worm. These horses come in without any history. I had a person worm there horse and two days later it went to slaughter. Educate what you eat. This resturant is taking a big risk all for money they do not care what is in the meat. People can eat horse meat for years say nothing is wrong…slowly there insides get cancer, liver problems, other problems from the drugs…just like smoking a slow death.

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  9. Tears, tears and more tears. Please never give up keep spreading the news to make change this is indeed your job as a human angel here on planet earth. Thank you for all you do!

  10. DENNIS DAVEY · ·

    This mass killing of horses was in the works long before the U..S.ban.The harper govt. was keenly aware that they could cash in on this BARBARIC industry very” QUIETLY”by rolling it in to Canadas Action Plan, which they did. Ritz is no more than a yes person, who marches to the tune of the real culprit in this issue,” harper.”Understand, this is a person willing to do anything for that almighty dollar. Simply put his motto is THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS” AT ANY COST”, WHETHER IT BE ENVIRONMENT ,THOSE WHO DO NOT AGREE WITH HIM AND YES THE ANIMAL WORLD. Do not be surprised, when there comes a time when harper sees the market in Asia where instead of putting down Canadas unfortunate dogs and cats he will see that almighty dollar in selling them by the pound in the same manner he has with horses. This person has no values or ethics when it comes to the animal world, He has already demonstrated that. Remember, THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS AT ANY AND ALL COSTS TO THIS PERSON.

  11. Words of wisdom and enlightenment, Marie. We must continue to spread the truth of horse slaughter, and the power to change things will grow Keep the faith, for the horses. I pray for all the innocent ones that will befall a grizzly end before the light bathes their souls with freedom.

  12. Words of wisdom and enlightenment, Marie. We must continue to expose the truth of horse slaughter, and the power to change things will grow. Keep the faith, for the horses. It is a slow uphill battle, and I pray for all the innocent lives that will befall a grizzly end before the light bathes their souls in freedom.

  13. Janet Martin · ·

    Supporters of La Palette expressed their hatred of animal welfare and their dark souls enlightened us with their joy of cruelty towards other living creatures

    When I mention to people about horsemeat sometimes I get the shocked response. Then, some give me the “oh well – it’s a delicacy in some places.”

    Please keep up all the great work. I can’t imagine what it felt like to be there.

  14. linda badham · ·


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