New Mexico targeted by pro-slaughter group to open plant there

New Mexico has recently been the target of the pro-slaughter side’s efforts to open a horse slaughterhouse in that state, however, both the Governor of the state as well as the Attorney General for New Mexico have come out against this.–nm-governor-asks-feds-to-stop-horse-slaughterhouse



  1. Heather · ·

    Would anyone consider starting a petition on the petition site to stop this horrible practice in New Mexico? I only wish, as a Canadian, that my own government would have sensible leaders instead of ones who only think of money.

    1. mpclark · ·

      NM already said it does not want any horse killing. Udall also made a media announcement re his horror at the abuses in racing there, per the NYT expose from Joe Drape. NM has stepped out and told the Sue Wallis contingent not to bother showing up to try to force a kill plant into that state. TN has booted this out, too. So has OR & MO. TX is not happy either.

      The best way to stop this traveling sideshow of corrupt kill plant reps is to contact Congress directly. An easy site to use is Demand they pass bill HR2966 and S1176, the anti-transport to slaughter bills.

      Congress needs to hear from each one of us and all the time. We need large numbers of people to make direct contact with their elect ed reps and senators. Every day emails or phone calls are a great idea.

      Pls tell friends to do the same. We can end transport to slaughter if we all act directly as often as we can. An email or call to Congress through takes about two to three minutes. Just Google and click to get elected officials names and contact information.

  2. mpclark · ·

    Udall also spoke out about the abuses in racing in NM recently featured in the New York Times reports by Joe Drape and other reporters.

    This common sense response from NM official speaks well of that state and leads you to ask why all others can’t repeat this example. NM, OR, MO,TN have provided good examples of resisting the attempted bullying from foreign owned kill plants.

    Just like Canadians, Americans are also concerned that the products may get into our food chain. We are concerned about food safety anyway. With mislabeling, we may face an issue with inadvertant consumption here in the US.

    I hope the rest of the states uses these as precedents and does not waste tax dollars considering the idea in court or any related idea from these well known sources for horse killing companies. All of them rip off the host countries and provide nothing but costs and crime.

  3. GAsafehorses · ·

    If only the rest of US would follow this example ….

  4. shoshone · ·

    Nice to see that New Mexico has intelligent and caring government officials.

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