Save Windfields Farm – birthplace of Northern Dancer

From the “Save Windfields Farm” web site:

Windfields Farm in Ontario is the birthplace of racing great and champion sire Northern Dancer, winner of the 1964 Kentucky Derby, in stakes record time, the Preakness Stakes, and the Queen’s Plate. Retired from racing after the 1964 racing season, he went on to an even more brilliant career at stud. The National Thoroughbred Racing Association states that Northern Dancer is “one of the most influential sires in Thoroughbred history,” and he is also regarded as the 20th century’s best sire of sires.

Windfields is under threat from development.  If you would like to help save Windfields please check this web site out:


  1. vicky duncan · ·

    Mark Morissette, i am behind you 100% there is so much history in Windfield farms, it put Oshawa on the map. i went to the Auction, i had no idea such a beautiful arena was there. That farm should be saved. i thought the college would have opened an equine course and could have utilized that farm. Instead of Oshawa buying those stupid Cullin garden minitures, that we took a bath on, we should have used that money to save this farm.

  2. Thank you for the link. Please visit the site and read up on exactly what is happening.

    In short, the local University owns the property now. There was supposed to be an agreement for the university to protect and maintain the graves, and supposedly the core historical buildings.

    Up until last summer they weren’t living up to ANY of those commitments and only decided to start cutting the grass after being shamed into it by a scathing story in the Toronto Star newspaper. Now, they promise to continue cutting the grass, but are making “no promises” on maintaining the historical buildings.

    Come sign the mailing list at and join the official Facebook group for Windfields at for regular news updates.

  3. Sharon Kennedy · ·

    Windfields Farm should be turned into a retirement facility for hard-used horses and for backstetch personnel who love and value thoroughbreds. The entertainment industry has retirement homes for people of limited income which was established by Mary Pickford and others from the film colony. For generations horses and racetrackers have supplied tax dollars to this province which built the roads, hospitals, schools, and other improvements to this Province. It is time for the government and the casinos that profit so greatly from the sweat and labor of horses to spent the money on a righteous cause. St. Francis advocated that animals used by humans for profit should be treated to a kind retirement. Here in this province though money is spent on egregious projects like 6 metal palm trees for 6 intersections in Toronto. Each palm tree cost $100,000 each.

  4. shoshone · ·

    I think it would be a great idea for the government to buy Winfield Farms and use it as a home for ex race horses and for a tourist attraction. It might even be self supporting as long as it wasn’t run by anyone from the government.
    The government just paid a company 3 1/2 million dollars to buy and stockpile the baby seal pelts that they are bludgeoning to death and that there is no market for. Buying Winfield Farms would make a lot mores sense and might even gain them some respect for a change.

  5. 2fasthorses · ·

    This is another reason I am not in favor of horse racing (adopted 2 saved from New Holland killer buyers 10 yrs ago)….these horses race for their lives, make millions for their owners…then are disregarded like yesterday’s trash. Lack of respect for these great horses. Where did all the money go? Why don’t the owners make an effort to create a retirement farm for racers? Is that too much to ask for their offspring?

  6. Its O.K to keep NEW jet-planes in the sky for PM HARPER, but its to much to ask that animals be as protected and cherished for what they have and give back to us. Horses made this world first.
    Whats hard about keeping such a nice place alive and respect the past & present?
    Took some time & Sent the letter to; City Of Oshawa Councillors’ Office

    50 Centre Street South

    Oshawa, ON

    L1H 3Z7

    Tks for sharing CHDC, ect.

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