Lindsay, Ontario feedlot

The CHDC investigated the Grof feedlot in Lindsay, Ontario during the Easter weekend and has this report. 

Jeff Grof is the region’s biggest kill buyer for horses and ships regularly to Richelieu Meats in Quebec.  He’s known to source out horses from the Kawartha Lakes (Woodville) auction on Saturdays and OLEX (Waterloo) on Tuesdays. 

The CHDC report states that: “There were many draft types, but also some young ones of other breeding (Paint, Appaloosa, TB type, SB type, QH type).  Although there were some racehorse types there, they were not the majority.  (With the Ontario government decision to withdraw funding from racetracks, I wanted to see if there were a higher percentage of racehorses.)

All horses that saw me were inquisitive and several reached out to connect along the barbed wire fence line.

The drafts had docked tails, and besides seeing caked mud on many, from what I could see, most were well fed (some even overfed) and hooves were trimmed.  Hay feeders were present, but the quality of hay was poor.  The water source was not visible from my vantage point.

After seeing many draft horses at this feedlot on previous occasions, it is obvious that Grof has connections with draft breeders who either breed some horses specifically for slaughter, or breeders typically that have a certain percentage of horses that don’t meet conformation or other criteria  and use Grof to “dispose” of those unfortunate ones.

No loading activity was seen at the front of the property, however there were more horses in the front paddock seen from the road (Hwy. 36).  Manure has been piled in very high mounds in the front (rather than moving it out of the paddocks).  It would be an understatement to say the property is not maintained to a very high bio-security standard level.”




  1. Daina S · ·

    Hi everyone… There are a couple of facts I would like to point out. In regards to horse meat for consumption it is not a regulated industry meaning the animals are given medication which is toxic to humans, their food is not regulated and you have no idea on past medical history. This is the main issue I have with horse slaughter in Canada. I believe if horses were bred for meat and regulated that would be a fair industry meaning there would be no objections I could have. I love horses and yes I disagree with the slaughter of these beautiful animals but if they were bred only for meat and it was regulated there would be nothing I could say.

    I do believe the main issues is the fact that people are uneducated. People need to start gelding their horses and stop breeding their mares for a profit. I have been through a few auctions and the first horses that go for meat are the studs/stallions. People need to wake up if you are against horse slaughter stop breeding your animal! It is selfish to breed an animal only for the minimal profit you will receive.

    If you decide to sell your horse put a return clause in the contract stating that the horse cannot be sold for meat and will be returned to the original owner. If you choose to own a horse how about you plan to keep it for the rest of their life. I purchased my mare at the age of 4 and I realized I would own her until the day she dies. I will not throw her away simply because she is old and not worth the cost. People in the horse industry need to stop being selfish. If you cannot afford $200-$500/month [average] to take care of this animal then do not purchase one!

    I would like to agree and say the meat buyer is the one to blame but that is incorrect. Unfortunately they have a job to do and need to make income for their families. Some kill buyers do make a huge effort to re-home some of these horses and that is amendable. The main issue in this whole industry is the uneducated and selfish people who call themselves horse owners.

  2. Stiffman said it best DEAL WITH IT there is nothing wrong with horse meat.

      Maybe not if the horses were bred for human consumption.
      They are full of all sorts of medication etc. that are Cancer causing.
      They were not bred for eating …. but for performance…..Who knows what is pumped into racehorses to make them perform to their ultimate…..
      Yes … go ahead Dan …. gorge on the “cheap” horse meat ….Yummy I am sure .
      And then you “DEAL WITH IT” ! “CANCER ”
      But it is you choice.

  3. Marcey Gruenbeurger · ·

    People should stop sending their horses to these auctions…anyone dropping off a horse at auction expecting it to find a home needs to give their head a shake..not going to happen….people need to take responsibility for their horses…Canada needs to stop the supply chain…

    1. I agree totally. Yes, and spread the word, about 80% of Ontario’s beautiful horses, having raced at Woodbine all year are sent out now to really cheap.U.S. tracks to keep running instead of being properly rested at home here for the winter, or else they end up at these God awful auctions like Carsons, and Olex for the kill buyers to grab em up cheap.The NTRA, National Thoroughbred Race Association withdrew their support awhile back to stop horse slaughter.Guess who is a member of NTRA, yep, Woodbine.

  4. Why is it that Jeff is getting all the blame for the ontario meat market? maybe you all should start targeting the idiots who overbreed ridiculous horses and don’t bother to geld their horses. Honestly think about this what would Canada do with all the horses IDIOTS overbreed every year ? be like the states where they let their horses starve and let them go out into the wild? How would you like to see that ? The meat industry is essential to all horse businessmen without it no horses would be worth anything and the price of pasture and hay would atleast double. I do AGREE WITH YOU that the slaughter should become more humane but that is the government’s fault! Not Jeff’s not JP’s not any meat buyer. They are not the ones who are the problem and they should not be centered out and publicly exploited and harrassed. You can be charged for monitoring their homes and businesses. Shame on you! Go after the ones who make the rules not the ones who follow them! They look after the horses in their care not all in the feedlots go for slaughter, They do try and find them homes.

    1. “The meat industry is essential to all horse businessmen”? Whats wrong with you? What a shame you’ve been brainwashed or just maybe grew up around these losers! I own horses and retired mine from track to keep them.That was a long time ago now. I don’t need your buddy Jeff picking mine up for Olex or Carsons, then send off for somebody’s steak.I have never bred any animal, ever! Furthermore, of course, starved horses don’t bring much $$ by the pound obviously. Learn to think more, Shame on you.

  5. Peter Toudir · ·

    I just went to check out the videos and a little box pops up over the video for online date and chat. WTF??? Horses getting killed and a message for online date and chat? Geeziz guys work on that will ya! It’s twisted. Now on to the the sad facts. Yes the video looks bad, I’d suggest that a video of killing of anything looks bad. It’s a video of death. Sure they could use a larger rifle and then the round would have enough velocity to exit the animal and ricochet off the wall and maybe hit an employee. Horses aren’t like cows and pigs….they can leap up fast so a bolt won’t work. What’s the right answer??
    What becomes of the horses that no one wants if they aren’t killed for food?? Well, generally they get abandoned and starve to death. Maybe you could post some videos of starving emaciated horses freezing to death, or wolves attacking weakened horses and see what people think of that. Before you get all ugly with me I don’t work for a horse meat company and I don’t eat a lot of meat, I also like horses. I’m just some dude who thinks that things are never as simple as they may appear at first glance.

    1. Can you advise exactly what the url address you were looking at? I just checked and the videos appear to be ok.

  6. Rod Stiffman · ·

    Thank you Peter….it got quiet in here all of a sudden. My comments were simply to acknowledge that horse meat is a viable and profitable business. I have no opinion on the way the animal is slaughtered but I suspect its no more humane then killing any other animal. No Im not a lobbyist for any organization but I do enjoy the odd horse steak. Perhaps Barabara and Bev SHOULD QUIT YELLING AND TRY A BURGER!!! but I suspect they have also quit shopping at Food Basics, Loblaws and Metro all owned under one company that promotes horse meat recipes
    Bon Appetit

    1. Hello, Rod. Thank you for your comments. If you believe that horse slaughter is in any way humane, please rest assured that it is not. Horses in an assembly line situation that modern slaughter uses, are most unsuitable as they are a flight animals pushed into a “kill box” that is usually larger than they are so that they can move very freely and quickly.
      Add to that the methods of killing them here in Canada. Bouvry Exports in Fort MacLeod and their other plant in Quebec (Richelieu Meats – supplier to Metro) use a .22 rifle whereby the shooter stands a distance away from the horse and basically takes pot-shots at him. We have video of this on our web site here:
      Also, the Petit-Nations plant in St. Andre-Avellin, QC, uses the captive bolt method which has long been believed to be humane. Our reportand accompnying video disproved this.
      Please take the time to view both and read the reports. No matter what anyone says, assembly-line slaughter of horses can never be humane.

    2. Peter Toudir · ·

      Stiffman I had no idea!! Yikes.

  7. Is everyone here who is against using horses for meat a vegetarian or is there a double standard? Maybe there’s an unwritten rule that says you can only kill and eat what you can’t ride.
    Why all the vitriol for R. Stiffman? Does a dissenting opinion mean someone is a creep?

  8. Tracee · ·

    Hi there everyone!! My name is Tracee Knight and I am desperately trying to start up a horse rescue in the GTA area in ontario. I am looking to dedicate every minute of every day to rescueing any and all horses I can from the meat buyers at the auctions starting with the toad hall auction. If anyone would like to help in anyway please add me to facebook…… I will also will be setting up a charity for this if anyone is interested.

  9. shoshone · ·

    The kill buyer is only doing his job. Someone has to buy them and at least he does rehome a few. The people to blame are the ones breeding horses that there is no market for in the first place. The standardbred breeder is a perfect example. If he had 10 quality brood mares he wouldn’t need the 50 that he has now. He has something like 30 yearlings for sale and how many mares has he already bred for next year?? Tracks have been shutting down for years so why did he not cut down before this. Money.

    1. I agree shoshone. These people keep overbreeding year after year because they are looking for that magic horse that will make them millionairs over night. If all brood mares DNA was tested I have a good idea that all of them would be found related to each other. So it won’t make any difference how many they breed the foals are not going to get any faster which keeps the slaughter pipeline stuffed full of young horses.

  10. Melissa · ·

    I’ve bought 2 horses off Jeff at OLEX within the past year. He’s a good guy to deal with, does try to rehome some of the horses. He owns his own horses, it’s just his job. He’s just hired to buy and ship them, not to slaughter them.
    Most of the time it’s only him and the other meat guy bidding on horses at the auctions. There’s just WAY too many horses out there for the number of owners, even rescues are full. I don’t like slaughter as it’s very unhumane, BUT it is a necessary evil in this world right now because of the overpopulation of horses right now. With the Slots at Racetracks program closing down, it’s definatly not going to help horse owners and the horses ending up for slaughter as that is where all the racehorses will end up.

    1. Are you for real Melissa? Have you not ever heard of responsible horse ownership? Slaughter is just a disposal system for irresponsible horse owners and this Jeff is cashing in on it!!!! Are you trying to tell us that Jeff, the kill-buyer, likes horses? Come-on! Ya in his truck making him money. Do you think he will be telling his children that he buys horses and ships them to slaughter – not a job to be proud of!

      1. Very well said Melissa. There are a lot of people who make comments about these things with no perspective whatsoever. You hit the nail on the head and I agree with you 100%.

  11. Sandy Wisniewski · ·

    This makes me sick! Not only do we need to make people more aware of what’s happening to these beautiful animals but we need to target the places that use their meat!!!!

  12. Rod Stiffman · ·

    People eat cows…people eat horses…people eat pigs….people eat chickens…people eat dogs….people eat moose…people eat bear. What makes this any different then humanely killing any animal for food. Its all part of the life cycle folks…deal with it.



    2. The Pest · ·

      People eat people also,how about that ??? if i eat your head what do you say ??? it does not look to me you are of any use to this modern and infected society,so how about going to get educated before you open your mouth babbling aberrations ???
      If i eat a piece of your brain nicely boiled and juicy i am sure you won’t even notice,for squashed bugs like you never had a brain.

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  14. frances · ·

    itmust be hard to leave them there.this ‘person’ is a monster

  15. DENNIS DAVEY · ·

    I noted that this Jeff Grof has a very large holding area for HORSES in Leamington Ontario. Ilive in Leamington and cannot find anything on this guy. Do you have a location for this area in Leamington, I AM CURIOUS?

  16. I have saved one from a kill buyer, one of the best horses I have ever owned. He is a beautiful nine year old quarter horse. Wish I was a millionare.

  17. horselover55 · ·

    Poor souls…they are just wondering what the hell did they ever do I’m sure! :(((((

  18. Ron Cameron · ·

    SCUM kill buyers. They should be sent to jail for life.

  19. MJ Wilson · ·

    Sick, hope he rots in HELL!

    1. 2fasthorses · ·

      Ditto! How can he sleep at night?

  20. shoshone · ·

    Breeders breeding for slaughter wouldn’t bother docking tails. If nothing else, draft tails weight a fair amount and would add to the live weight. Those poor souls with docked tails must be show breeding stock or part of a show team used for exhibition purposes. They could also be from a PMU set up as some operators docked to prevent having to clean or brush tails.
    The drooping barb wire fence in the last picture looks more like a byb’s yard than a commercial feedlot.
    Very sad.

    1. artemis2011 · ·

      Yes some could be PMU mares from Manitoba since last year I saw a truck & DD trailer there with MB plates.

    2. artemis2011 · ·

      Yes, some could be PMU mares from Manitoba, since last year I filmed a truck and DD trailer with MB plates in the front truck yard.

      1. sprocket92 · ·

        Hey artemis2011! I’m interested that you may have been filming/documenting the feedlot last year… I lost track of a horse early 2011 (Mid march) and I have several reasons to believe she ended up at this feed lot… I’ve been heart broken over it and looking for closure. Is there any possibility you’d be able to forward the pictures or videos you took so I could see if she’s visible in any? Email if you can! Thank you so much!

      2. artemis2011 · ·

        Hi there – I have pictures from last April I could check, but not easy to send them all to you. Perhaps you want to send me some pics of your mare. Sorry to hear she may have ended up at the Lindsay feedlot. You can email me at Thanks

      3. sprocket92 · ·

        And for reference if there’s a lot of pictures/videos to sift through she was a solid dark bay standardbred probably around 15hh, high wither, sparse mane and tiny bum. It would be really hard to recognize her due to her lack of markings and colour but I knew her well and I’ve got loads of pictures I could cross reference to try and identify her. Thanks again if you can lend a hand! Really appreciate it! 🙂

      4. Would you be able to send us a couple of photos? You can send to

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