A sad anniversary

April 5th is the 4th month anniversary of the Pasture to Plate: The True Cost of Canada’s Horsemeat Industry report from the CHDC.

LPN - Horse 27 Day 1 - 12 Year Old Belgian stallion

During the last 4 months, the CHDC attempted to engage the CFIA with two Open Letters, the first on January 4, 2012 and the second on March 13, 2012 in order to get answers regarding the slaughterhouse at La Petite-Nations and the discrepancies from the investigation as well as information being released by the CFIA in the media and in emails.

To date, the CFIA has not addressed any of the CHDC’s concerns.

Once again, here is the link for the Pasture to Plate investigation.  Also, please take the time to read the written report.  Only then will you get a true understanding of the issues horses face at slaughter in Canada.  And for our U.S. friends, please remember that if slaughterhouses re-open in your country, this is what awaits your horses no matter how hard the pro-slaughter side tries to pull the wool over an unsuspecting public.

It is imperative that we keep the pressure on the CFIA to obtain answers and to stop the atrocity of horse slaughter in Canada. 

Please download a petition from either our web site or here on the blog to support Bill C-322. All the info you require has been provided in both places and in both English and French.


This issue will not go away unless you, the taxpayer, demand that this inhumane industry is shut down forever. Thank you



https://canadianhorsedefencecoalition.wordpress.com/pasture-to-plate/ – Link to written report



    April 6 2012/ I have written the Toronto Star EDITORIAL and M.P. Alex Atamanenko Agriculture Critic for the N.D.P. I have explained the HORRIFIC killing of HORSES in Quebec in 2011 and indicated Dr. B. Evans of the C.F.I.A. has shown utter CONTEMPT towards Sinikka Crosland of the C.H.D.C. and worse has done the same with regards to Alanna Devine of the C.S.P.C.A. This is a Govt. AGENCY who believes it is ACCOUNTABLE to no one. They want this whole issue to go away, for obvious reasons. Do not let this happen, START WRITING LETTERS. This arrogant, contemptious agency IS ACCOUNTABLE TO THE CANADIAN PUBLIC. Demand that Dr. Evans show some accountability and courtesy by replying to Alanna Devine of the C.S.P.C.A.

  2. shoshone · ·

    The two local papers here will not print anything on horse slaughter. I did have 100 copies of the CHDC poster printed up by UPS for some six cents per copy. They have been stapled to mail boxes and left in the malls for everyday people to read. The majority of people reading the posters can not believe that horse slaughter goes on in this country.
    The people that know of horse slaughter are the breeders and trainers and show people that want a place to dispose of their injured, crippled or no longer suitable horses. They don’t want a back pasture full of injured horses that were started and shown as babies, so it is handy for them just to have them sent to auction and then on to slaughter. They get a couple of hundred dollars back and have no more feeelings for what they have done then if they had traded in a used car.

  3. Sammy · ·

    With the recent direct questions sent out again to CFIA by CHDC, I bet theyr probably spinning their plates now! They have all videos and (without) the added words/explanations on film. Just the real eye to eye undercover video of the 2 days… I think “they” CFIA need new pairs of eye-glasses or better yet, may we all go to the office & sit in the same room with them & roll the tapes. Explaining & pointing out the wrongs, just like teaching a child? geesh. Sick of this all Ah! SHAME! SHAME! No consideration for anyone but themselves. Sounds alot like HARPER control…..
    TKS CHDC, ect for all the wonderful, heartful work you are doing. I know sometimes it seems all down-hill 😦 with a steep end. But what falls to the bottom, may only come right back up as a surprise, when folks put their hands togeather, fight and save the truth.

    ~Bless the Horses~

  4. Im in the us colorado, can i still send the petion? i have lots od signatures. like Dennis has stated, GOD HELP THESES HORSES. The govt has to listen to the public, are they communist?


    I wrote G. Dupont, President C.F.I.A.,on Feb. 29 2012 inquiring as to when the Canadian” PUBLIC” can expect the results of their investigation over the barbaric slaughter of hundreds of Horses at this Quebec plant. I also indicated that this is not going to go away,and as a” PUBLIC” Dept. it is ultimately responsible to the Canadian” PUBLIC” I strongly encourage” ALL”to write this agency, and SWAMP them with” DEMANDS” that they respond to the C.S.P.CA., and further write to the Editorial Dept. of your community news parer asking them to print the circumstances around this issue, as i have. Remember, that as a Govt. institution they are ACCOUNTABLE TO THE PUBLIC. Also keep this in mind, the C.F.I.A. will experience budget cuts soon, we should fear for any oversight that this orginazition will provide to these HORRIFIC slaughter plants,
    C.F.I.A. INSPECTORS ARE BEING LAID OFF, GOD HELP THESE HORSES at the hands of these same people in this Quebec Horse SLAUGHTER PLANT.

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  7. CFIA is as crooked as the USDA in the US. As we all know the USDA did nothing to stop any of the cruelty that went on in the slaughter plants in the US just as CFIA is doing now.

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