Alberta Team Defends Use of Horses for Food

Editor’s note:  This report is from 2008.  The whole thing can be read here:

Submitted by News Editor on Thu, 29 Mar 2012 – 11:14 AM
Thu, 29 Mar 2012 – 10:16 AM

An Alberta Equine Welfare Team has concluded a report on horses as food-producing animals in the Alberta area. The report looks at the humane care of horses processed in Alberta for food.

According to the report, more than 1 billion individuals, or 16% of the entire world inhabitants, eat horse meat, and consumption of horse meat has grown 27% in recent years. Many people believe that horse meat contains more vitamins and minerals than beef, and they also claim that  horse meat has more protein and double the iron of beef steaks.


  1. shoshone · ·

    They don’t seem to be posting any comments.

  2. You can leave a comment on this article, I sure did. You can’t leave your name your just referred to as a visitor. The comment will be moderated so it is up to them to allow your comment. I’m checking from time to time to see if they put mine up. I don’t know just who reads this but it sure wouldn’t hurt to have your say about horse slaughter.

  3. Susan Nelson · ·

    Who exactly is the Alberta Team. Rather vague. Certainally do not speak for most Albertans which they are cleverly trying to imply. Who are you??

    1. Susan Nelson · ·

      “A humane finale” to a horses life is absolutely one of the most ridicules things I have read yet on how to view horse slaughter. All of it is brutal, unethical, criminal, unacceptable and horrible. What is wrong with these people. Is money so important. These horses, including our wild horses are not garbage to dispose of. There is such beauty in every single life.

    2. The report is from the Alberta Farm Animal “Care” group a pro-slaughter group who represent the slaughter industry in Alberta. I’ve added the “report” to our Documents group which can be found under our header. Happy reading. 🙂

  4. Pat Marchuk · ·

    Who is the “Alberta Equine Welfare Team”? What are their qualifications/background? Who funded the report and why? Why is this being released now?
    It would seem that one would need to know the above info at the very least ..Where can one find the entire document?
    Pat Marchuk


    The spin and crap from those who believe HORSE slaughter is not cruel and humane, is based simply on that almighty $., however i am not surprised by this crap after all its from that great province that also believes in killing off every last wild Horse,that is a Canadian heritage, notice i did not say Alberta heritage BUT INSTEAD A CANADIAN HERITAGE. Do not be surprised to hear the “TEAM”also try and defend killing Dogs and Cats because there is a very large market for their meat in Asia . and that to would be based simply on that almighty $

  6. Mary Croft · ·

    What can you expect from a province that defends the tar sands nightmare…
    Half truths and immoral behaviour for the sake of the dollar.

  7. It is true and sad the workers cant read and write, its almost like they are slaves for people like BOUVRY, and he is paying them pennies, and taking advantage of their mantality. I wish i could offer them all jobs doing something worth while.

  8. shoshone · ·

    Lots of bs in that report. I’ve never heard of slaughter house work being called a “career”. Bouvry had an ad for employees and all that was necessary was to read and speak English.

    Breeding horses for slaughter is big business in Alberta. After all it is the only way one can keep on breeding, not train and still market horses. No wonder they keep it quiet. They must not have seen the videos, if they think horse slaughter is humane.

  9. Sharon Kennedy · ·

    Those that live in and do evil are building God’s wrath and He will not stay patient forever.
    The nations that build sorrow for widows, orphans, the homeless, and do horrific slaughter on
    behalf of avarice and thrills will have nowhere to run and hide once God unleashes His outrage!


  10. Paula P · ·

    Well I hope they enjoy the toxins and carcinogens in their meat along with the extra iron.
    I don’t care if the entire planet does it, I am not going to now or ever eat., it’s just wrong.
    What’s next dogs, cats??? being sold as meat in Canada?? If this team is so horse hungry, please feel free to leave this country and go and reside in one of those countries that eat horse.

  11. sosbaiji · ·


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