Great grandson of Secretariat rescued from neglect by Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue

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Pet Rescue Examiner

Loxahatchee, Florida – One would scarcely recognize the severely matted chestnut colt as a six-month old Thoroughbred, much less a horse who shares the royal bloodlines of his famous lineage with Secretariat, War Secretary and War Admiral. Hardly the size of a two-month old, the malnourished youngster and another one-year-old Thoroughbred peacefully chomped on some hay in a comfortable and clean stall at Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue yesterday.

Jennifer Swanson and Brad Gaver, co-founders of the all-breed horse rescue picked up the horses near Okeechobee and Indiantown from a pasture. For the past few weeks, a neighbor had been helping to feed the starving horses until the rescue had room.
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  1. 2fasthorses · ·

    I love Pure Thoughts horse rescue! One year they went to Sugar Creek auction and saved every horse there from killer buyers! Wonderful group of hardworking people. They need funds to continue their rescues. Count me in!

  2. Leslie Kuretzky · ·

    I hope both babies will be okay

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