UPDATE: Man arrested for carrying out “bizarre and senseless” horse killing

Published: yesterday at 01:52 PM

Author: @ukhorsetrader

A 28-year-old man has been arrested for carrying out what police have described as a “bizarre and senseless” killing of a horse.

Darrell Mowat, ofNiagara Falls,Canada, dismembered a horse and left the animal’s head in the rear of an associate’s pickup truck. Police said that the incident was likely to be “a gruesome and ill-conceived prank” rather than a threat.




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  2. There is an online petition asking for the maximum sentence for this man at:


    Please sign away if you think this man should get the maximum sentence. Remember, this is how quite a few serial murderers started too.

    1. Do you think the proximity of slaughter houses would have had an effect on this behavior? Is it possible that knowing that horses are “disposable” somehow influence how some people act? I am no doctor but I wonder if some are influenced by the idea of having an effect on life and death of a large creature translate into an act of hostility like this? You see macho attitudes towards horses here in the US and I often wonder if that is because horses can be large and intimidating and people are often afraid of them. You wonder what these pseudo-cowboy types here in the US are trying to prove by abusing horses and being proud of that. These types take pride in showing dominance with no skills and no expertise. People who love horses never show that behavior.
      This is just an observation on my part.

  3. This certainly is a crime. The police don’t see this incident as a prank. The imitation of a death threat using a dead animal leads to the obvious conclusion about intent. What can we expect after this? A “sleep with the fishes” moment? That is why violent crime is never a “prank”. Again, the HSUS and other humane organizations are very clear about the threat to human beings, especially children and women, from people who enjoy abuse, torture and killing of any living thing. Usually, these people see themselves as victims and this is retaliation. This is completely irrational behavior unless the perpetrator is taking revenge and knows the target.

    The HSUS link is well respected “Animal Cruelty and Human Violence” http://www.humanesociety.org/issues/abuse_neglect/qa/cruelty_violence_connection_faq.html#.T25OEWvqme0.email

  4. 2fasthorses · ·

    Place in mental prison and throw away the key!

    1. I agree, the next time it might be a human head found in a truck. It happens all the time in Mexico.

  5. The man looks very troubled as his father has suggested, and needs help, and also need not do any type of animal care volunteer or anything closely related to animals. And he still needs to fill his duty for whatever the courts decide in the way of punishment.

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