Death and Disarry at America’s Racetracks

Mangled Horses, Maimed Jockeys

Published: March 24, 2012

A 2-year-old quarter horse named Teller All Gone broke a front leg in a race on Sept. 3 at Ruidoso Downs Race Track in New Mexico and was euthanized. His body was then dumped in a junkyard next to an old toilet at Ruidoso, a short walk from where he had been sold at auction the previous year.
Jakob Schiller for The New York Times

The new economics of horse racing are making an always-dangerous game even more so, as lax over sight puts animal and rider at risk.

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  1. Sharon Kennedy · ·

    M Clark owns the heart of a horseman….what is needed to protect horses and other animals from abusers is a Registry with the names and photos of criminals who maliciously injure animals. Penalties for people who maltreat animals should also include hefty fines and a life
    time ban on the ownership of animals.

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  3. Leslie Kuretzky · ·

    RIP to the poor horses. And Mclarkgcpm, EXCELLENT Comments

    1. mpclark · ·

      It may help to write Joe Drape (NYT). I sent an email and am posting on Twitter, asking that he open up the AQHA world in re breeding, showing, training, abuse, and the constant sales which end up at auction/slaughter. These horses are considered disposable, apparently. I am hoping that Mr Drape will consider the idea. I have not gotten any responses yet. His background appears to be racing and I may need to ask many times in order to get a response. Maybe if more horse advocates wrote and asked for a similar treatment of the AQHA, he might consider the idea. He is a busy journalist. Vickery Eckhoff noted in her blog that many have tried and likely are trying to open up the world of AQHA. There is an anti-slaughter AQHA group on Facebook now. However, I don’t think one group can save the Quarter Horse. So, if anyone would like to try to impress upon Mr Drape the need to save Quarter Horses just as the Thorobred, pls write. He is on Twitter and if anyone has a free account for the New York Times, it is possible to send an email from the location (in Sports) of one his stories. Maybe that will help the Quarter Horses, who are dying in record numbers and being used for PMU. There are more Quarter Horses available for adoption than any other breed on Petfinder, for example. Typical example of what happens to Quarter Horses raised as pets and show horses.

  4. shoshone · ·

    We need Cathy back. Fugly Horse of the Day. She named owners and trainers that should be gone.


  6. BTW, having the names of the owner and trainer would be very helpful so all of could know who is guilty. That information needs to be posted everywhere so that horses and people are safer. I hope that the reporters make sure to include this information so the public can have some advanced warning. The reason why: Kelsey Lafever, who was not held accountable for her crimes in PA. She could go anywhere and start killing horses again with no notice to anyone in any local area. These people tend to be repeat offenders. As with killer buyers, any information is helpful to those who own or frequent tracks or breeding areas. There is no way to know who these offenders are until it is too late. They need to be made public so lives can be saved and more crimes like this can be prevented. No horseman would tolerate the presence of people who would commit acts like this.

  7. That is a crime scene. I want the AQHA investigated for it breeding and sales practices as is the TB racing industry now. Trainers need to be investigated, too.

    In order to save their lives, the truth has to be told. As a former owner of a reg Quarter Horse related to Go Man Go, I am fed up with the abuses and endless slaughter of our Quarter Horses. They are bred and born here in OH/IN/MI/KY.

    I grew up in a state where Quarter Horses were respected and much loved. We sacrificed a great deal to have them for show and were very proud of taking care of them well. A registered Quarter Horse was something you worked for and achieved. They were rare and highly esteemed. Few had them. They were for show and for winning and that is why they were so highly prized. To have one was a thrill you never forgot.

    There is nothing like the sight of a well turned out Quarter Horse. They are second to none in beauty and versatility. They were kept for life or trusted to a horseman you truly respected. You owed them a lifetime of safety and really good care. You made sure of that, if you ever had to place your horse with anyone. Your horse was family and that horse’s future depended on your ability to make sure that horse was always protected and well taken care of, forever.

    If you cannot be loyal to your horse, you do not have one. a horse would not be safe with anyone who lacks the basics in character or integrity. Just as any dependent, your horse is solely reliant on you and trusts you. Anything done in violation of that trust is a violation to the rest of us, as well.

    A two year old cannot be ridden at all. A horse can’t be ridden until 4 and then lightly and for brief periods of time. At 2, these are babies and have no business being ridden by anybody. Ground work and handling can start early and that for brief periods of time by experienced horsemen only. The comparison of a two year old horse is to a child. Would you work that child in a factory all day? Common sense dictates that reality be considered with young, living creatures.

    Anyone who would ride a two year old baby is insane and needs to be kept away from horses forever. Horses can grow until they are 7 or 8. A horse can live to be 40. You never, ever rush a horse. That can kill a baby of two or three.

    Anyone who does not know the Quarter Horse and who would kill and throw a body by a Dumpster is, by nature, a criminal. It is a horrifying picture and calls for law enforcement. Anybody who would throw a body by a Dumpster is very sick. These kinds of people are dangerous and not to be taken lightly. “Life doesn’t matter” is exactly what this photo shows. Anyone around this is not safe.

    I would urge anyone who ever sees such a sight to immediately call for law enforcement and for an investigation. If this is connected to something called “racing” by some people, it is not related to any normal horse activity. Once something like this happens, the message is that anything else can happen, too. I can tell you by looking at that picture that humans are not valued there either. BTW, until we end slaughter, this will keep happening.

    Anyone who wants to see the killing for cash gone needs to contact Congress and make it clear that bills HR 2966 and S1176 are passed ASAP. Until we value horses’ lives, any abuse and death is fine and for any reason. First, slaughter ends and then we bring down law on these criminals. That is the least we can do for this abused baby who died at 2.

    1. Thank you for your comment, very heart touching, and sincere for the qt horse.

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