Please act now to further help the wild horses of Alberta!

The following link provides sample letters and an easy tool with which to e-mail the government:

Note: Minister of Sustainable Resource Development, Frank Oberle, has received a barrage of e-mails to which he has responded with a form letter full of misinformation.  A second round of e-mails will help him to understand that the public cannot be fooled.



  1. KiraOkaido · ·

    The link under Action “Send email to Ministry of Sustainable Resource Department, Frank Oberle, Carol Chawrun and Dave Ealey by
    clicking here.”

    1. I just tried it and they’ve loaded a new web page so could you try again? If it doesn’t work, these are the email addresses that come up in the link:,,
      You can copy and paste them into your email application.

  2. KiraOkaido · ·

    The link on that site to actually email government members isn’t working for me.

    1. There a number of links on that web page. Which one exactly isn’t working?

  3. Robin Bodurka · ·

    I clicked on the link, but couldn’t get in because it said something about the default line not being right. I’ll try again later.

  4. […] Please act now to further help the wild horses of Alberta! […]

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