Oregon Horse Processing Plant Planned

by: Pat Raia
March 16 2012, Article # 19746

Oregon could be the site of the latest proposed horse processing plant since Congress lifted its ban on USDA funding for horsemeat inspections, according to the project’s organizer Dave Duquette. In February a Wyoming-based group announced its intention to develop a horse slaughter plant in Missouri. Feasibility and site selection studies for that plant are currently under way, despite the fact the initial proposed plant site was abandoned earlier this week.

Duquette said the Oregon plant would be located on a 250-acre parcel in Hermiston. When operational, the plant would process more than 100 animals per day and employ between 50 and 100 workers, he said. The $3 million project would be developed by private investors with possible participation by Native American tribes in the region.

Katherine Minthorn Good Luck, the Intertribal Agriculture Council’s representative for the Northwest Tribes, was not available to comment on tribal participation the project.

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  2. shoshone · ·

    Three million dollars isn’t going to build much of a facility when it includes a slaughter house, algae processing facility and a rehab program.

    Sounds like a conflict of interest to start with. A slaughter house and a rehab run by the same outfit. No Way. Short a few horses to butcher just pull a few from the rehab program.

    The idea will most likely gain some public support because it makes it sound like they are actually helping horses.

  3. Theresa Nolet · ·

    Why is this rescue saying they will support a humane slaughter plant? No such thing!

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