March 2012 Alert sent to our supporters

Our March 2012 alert was sent out earlier today to our supporters.  You can view it here:


  1. Diane Symons · ·

    Thank you for your informative post. I hope this gets out. The horror that is going on must be stopped. No more slaughter of horses. Horses are not for humans to eat. Maybe back in the days were people were starving they had no choice. Are the people in Europe so hungry they will kill domestic and wild horses to eat and disregard the conditions. The toxic chemicals. Why do they post on the back of the dewormer box in bold letters not to use if horses are going to slaughter? They have to it is a dangerous drug that can kill humans. They turned a poor man’s meal that would only be if they were going to die of starvation into a cool thing to eat. Disregarding the conditions the horses are killed under, the toxic drugs, the people in EU still think it is cool. Do you see the Rich people in America even the poor eating horse meat NO why we know the chemicals will slowly kill you. Horses are not for humans to eat. There not live stock so they are not cared for like live stock and if you raise horses just for slaughter you still must worm them or the bots will eat there stomachs away before you get them to slaughter.


    Shortly after the investigation, at this plant in Quebec where video CLEARLY confirmed inhumane killing of HORSES, that was substainted by a Veterinary Dr. from the PRIVATE sector, and after Dr. Brians appearance on a radio program where his political master was sitting beside him, i wrote Dr. Brians as to what was said and NOT SAID by him on the program. I believe i refered to it as shameful. I also wrote him over his position on the Quebec video and when the PUBLIC would be made aware of the FORMAL results of his investigation? I also wrote Mr. George Dupont of the C.F.I.A. also seeking a response as to when the PUBLIC could expect the FORMAL results of their investigation into this Quebec plant. To date no reply, why am i not surprised. I encourage everyone to write this agency that has demonstrated they have NO CREDIBILITY WHAT SO EVER AROUND THIS SHAMEFUL INDUSTRY OF HORSE SLAUGHTER THAT WAS BROUGHT TO CANADIANS BY MR. RITZ IN OPPOSITION TO THE CANADIAN PUBLIC ” Talk about CONTEMPT of the Canadian PUBLIC”

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