Hunter Jumper Association Joins Pro Abattoir Group

WASHINGTON, (AHC) – March 15, 2012. The United States Hunter Jumper Association (USHJA) has joined the Unwanted Horse Coalition (UHC).

“Supporting the mission of UHC is totally in line with the USHJA’s mission of which a major component is protecting the well being of our participants both human and equine and offering broad based education for our members.  We want to do all we can to help ensure that these generous animals have the responsible care that they deserve from all of us,” said Shelby French, CEO of the USHJA.

The USHJA, which is the nationally recognized affiliate for the hunter and jumper riding disciplines, promotes the equestrian sport and the well being of its participants. The USHJA offers broad based education for its members and provides the framework for the conduct of the hunter/jumper sport.




  1. Robin Bodurka · ·

    This makes me want to puke. Their ‘mission’! What a bunch of bull shit! Of course they’re in favor of murdering and butchering horses. Horses they abused, and who can’t perform their stupid tricks anymore. So what do they do? Kill, and and then throw them in the nearest ditch. Anyone who uses a horse for racing, breeding, jumping, whatever, needs to keep their greedy, mouths shut. And I suppose horses who have to jump aren’t filled with drugs either? So lets make them jump until they’re crippled. Abuse them, slaughter them, and sell their contaminated meat to unsuspecting children in other countries. Lets give children cancer because we want a fresh victim who can jump higher. Pathetic!

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  3. Teresa Heaney · ·

    Does anyone know what is going to happen to the horses from the show “Luck” that was just cancelled?. They said that all the horses were out of a job and usually that only means slaughter.

  4. No surprise to me….there are only some many jumps in a pair of legs!

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