Third horse dies on HBO show ‘Luck,’ filming of horses suspended

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Published March 14, 2012

| Associated Press

HBO says it will suspend filming with horses on its racing drama “Luck” after a third horse died in connection with the series.

A humane group that oversees Hollywood production had called for a halt in using horses on the TV show starring Dustin Hoffman after a horse fell and suffered a head injury Tuesday morning.

The horse was euthanized at the Santa Anita Park racetrack near Los Angeles, where “Luck” is filming its second season.

During filming for season one of “Luck” in 2010 and 2011, two other horses were hurt during racing scenes and were euthanized.



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  2. stop the horse racing .

  3. Lana Marie · ·

    Unf___g believable!!!!!!! With all the ‘watchdogs’ for filming with animals, should NOT have happened the FIRST time & what a blackeye for the racing industry. They alone should be VERY upset with this show/fox network ect.

  4. AnneMarie · ·

    Rather than stop the filming, they should put more focus on it to show people what horse racing is all about! It is not the filming that should get stopped, but the horse racing as such!

  5. Stop all horse abuse. No filming, no racing and other use of entertainment.

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  7. 2fasthorses · ·

    this is a true example of horse racing and the deaths either during the race or when the horses are used up and sent to slaughter. 70% of all thoroughbred foals are sent to slaughter. the horse racing industry as a group should be ashamed and sent up retirement for its horses. They sure have the money to do so!!! I adopted 2 OTTB’s saved from killer buyers 10 years ago they have added so much to our lives. OTTB’s have so much to offer when their racing career ends. In memory of Eight Belles….

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