Atamanenko Hopes Ottawa Billboard Will Shine Light on Horse Slaughter

NDP – Atamanenko Hopes Ottawa Billboard will shine light on horse slaughter

March 14th, 2012

Predatory horse meat business must be shut down

March 14, 2012 – Alex Atamanenko, MP for BC Southern Interior, is applauding the new anti-horse slaughter billboard that has been erected in Ottawa by the US based Angel Acres and supported by the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition.

“I am hoping that the billboard’s powerful message will bring much needed public attention to an industry that, for a long list of reasons, should not exist.”

Atamanenko has championed this cause with his private members bill C-322 (Slaughter of Horses for Human Consumption).  Thousands of people have petitioned the government in support of this bill in the hopes of ending what is regarded as a predatory and inhumane industry.  

“If other companion animals, such as dogs and cats, were to suffer the inhumane deaths endured by horses in Canadian slaughterhouses, the country would call for an immediate end to the practice,” said Sinikka Crosland, Executive Director of the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition. 

According to Atamanenko all kinds of horses, raised for every other purpose other than the food supply, are being bought up by kill-buyers at auctions across Canada and the United States.  They are then transported to Canadian slaughterhouses so their meat can be sold to European and domestic markets for human consumption.  

  “Besides the cruel and inhumane way in which they are transported and slaughtered, as has repeatedly been revealed in undercover investigations, drugs such as phenylbutazone are commonly administered to horses that are prohibited as highly toxic in food animals,” noted Atamanenko.  “Canadians need to be made aware that horsemeat is completely unsuitable as a food source.”

Atamanenko believes that if people take the time to look into the underbelly of this industry, and the inadequate regulations surrounding it they will be moved to express their outrage.

“If the powerful message on this billboard helps spark that movement it would be the best thing in the world for horses,” concluded the BC MP.  


For more information contact:

Alex Atamanenko, MP – (613) 996 8036

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Le 14 mars 2012


Le député du NPD Alex Atamanenko espère que le panneau d’affichage installé à Ottawa permettra de lever le voile sur l’abattage des chevaux

Mettons un terme au commerce sordide de la viande de cheval

Alex Atamanenko, député de Colombie‑Britannique-Southern Interior, se réjouit de la présence du nouveau panneau d’affichage à Ottawa. Installé par Angel Acres (dont le siège social est aux États-Unis) avec l’appui de la Canadian Horse Defence Coalition, le panneau a pour but de dénoncer l’abattage de chevaux.

« J’espère que le puissant message ainsi communiqué attirera l’attention du public sur une industrie qui – pour maintes raisons – ne devrait pas exister. »

Atamanenko a défendu la cause en déposant le projet de loi C-322 sur l’abattage de chevaux à des fins de consommation humaine, un projet d’initiative parlementaire. Des milliers de personnes ont signé une pétition à l’intention du gouvernement pour l’appuyer, dans l’espoir de mettre fin à une pratique jugée inhumaine et sordide.

« Si d’autres animaux de compagnie, comme les chats ou les chiens, devaient subir la mort cruelle qu’on inflige aux chevaux dans les abattoirs du Canada, le pays tout entier se mobiliserait pour demander qu’on mette immédiatement fin à cette pratique », a affirmé Sinikka Crosland, directrice administrative de la Canadian Horse Defence Coalition.

Selon Atamanenko, tous les types de chevaux – élevés pour bien d’autres raisons que celle de servir de nourriture – sont achetés dans des encans au Canada et aux États-Unis puis transportés dans des abattoirs canadiens. La viande obtenue est ensuite vendue au Canada et en Europe à des fins de consommation humaine.

« Outre la cruauté avec laquelle les chevaux sont transportés et abattus, comme l’ont révélé plusieurs opérations d’infiltration, il faut savoir que des médicaments comme la phénylbutazone – interdite d’utilisation chez les animaux destinés à l’alimentation en raison de leur haute toxicité – leur sont très souvent administrés, a indiqué Atamanenko. Il faut que les Canadiens sachent que la viande de cheval est totalement impropre à la consommation. »

Atamanenko est d’avis que, si les gens prennent le temps d’examiner ce que cache cette industrie et la réglementation qui s’y applique, ils voudront exprimer leur indignation.

« Si le puissant message du panneau d’affichage permet d’amorcer une mobilisation populaire, ce serait la meilleure des nouvelles pour le monde équin », a dit pour conclure le député de la Colombie‑Britannique.


Pour obtenir plus de renseignements :

Alex Atamanenko, député, 613-996-8036

Please read Alex’s release here:


  1. Ann Tomlinson-Kroeker · ·

    This gentle creature, the Horse, has served Man over the centuries – in war, farming for our food, working where machines canno; they thrill us at equine entertainments, and are beloved companion animals to all ages of riders. This is not the way to treat one’s friend and an animal to whom we owe so much. Currently, there is a Canada-wide Petition effort in support of the anti-horse slaughter Bill C-322 – Google it please, via “CHDC” – but the Press is doing nothing to advertise it, nor show the Public what is going on in this carnage. The treatment of these sweet animals is a crime, the transportation is barbaric with many horses maimed and dying as they are skidded off into the plants. In the plants there is screaming 24/7/365 music to hide the screams of panic and agony of these flee-from-danger animals. Many horses are not properly stunned before the final processing stage and there is pure brutality from the workers there. Government inspectors are too intimmidated to check the kill bin floor. It is pure hell. And after the deaths, the meat is shipped abroad – the business is owned by off-shore owners, by the way. The meat is carcinogenic to humans since horses are not raised for human food. The EU has demanded that Canada provide a ‘passport’ for every slaughtered horse – impossible to oversee. Kill buyers lie and the poisoned meat continues to leave the country. Everyone I talk to is completely horrified about all this, and they immediately sign the petition.. This is an unnecessary, contrived business, as verified by the action of the USA in abolishing it. There they are putting into place education regardng over-breeding, financial assistance to aid in humane euthanasia. Canada can do this too, and this Bill of MP Alex Atamanenko just HAS to pass this time.

  2. Doug. Parker · ·

    I think it would be great to put these horse slaughter billboards all across Canada,so the message gets out that horses are not raised for meat .Let the public know about the inhumane treatment these poor horses have to indure at the slaughter house,by untrained personal .

  3. […] Atamanenko Hopes Ottawa Billboard Will Shine Light on Horse Slaughter […]


    Since our objective is to reach and inform as many members of the PUBLIC as possible, i wonder did this billboard receive any coverage in the print or telivision media in Canada as it sure as hell was worthy of coverage, considering the controversary and anger over Min. Ritz bringing this shameful , inhumane and preditory industry to Canada. The worse part of this is that he was WELL AWARE that a majority of Canadians were OPPOSD , and our U.S. neighbours managed to ban this industry through much PUBLIC pressure on theit Govt.. THIS IS CLEARLY CONTEMPT OF PUBLIC OPINION IN BOTH COUNTRIES BY Min. Ritz.



  6. TKS (andalvin1962) Will check this out with hubby. 🙂


    It sure helps to educate a ” PUBLIC WHO IS UNAWARE Perhaps if it is as controversial as we hope, we can fund raise amongst members and put up another. This billboard is fantastic

  8. I,m sure someone can say where in Ottawa.

    1. Hi, Sammy. It’s at Trim Road and Regional Road 174.

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