CHDC Issues Open Letter to CFIA

The CHDC has sent an open letter to Dr. Martin Appelt of the CFIA in response to the CFIA’s continual denials and obfuscation of facts.

Please click on this link to read the full letter.   CFIA Appelt letter 13-Mar-12


  1. Ariana M. · ·

    I am praying this comes to an end very soon.

  2. Most of these politicians are taking “donations” under the table like the ones here in the US. The ones here call it “donations to their reelection campaigns but it’s nothing more than legal bribery.

  3. If the politicians don,t understand and the CFIA don,t understand, theres a BIG problem. We are dealing with what kind of people here? Even the walls listen better. 🙂
    YES, after Richilieu and (LPN) the CFIA has definately become the fox that gaurds the henhouse.
    Thank-You Sinikka and CHDC.
    We all want unnecessary, Inhumun, slaughter to end for these beautiful, noble creatures.!

  4. Heather · ·

    WOW Sinikka!! awesome letter and I really like the fact that you are sending it to top politicians as well. I am anxious to hear the responses. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this.

  5. Read it, wrote to my senator due to the fact that they are considering opening an equine slaughter house in Washington state. Not if I have anything to say about it!

  6. MJ Wilson · ·

    Wish I could open this file 😦

    1. Hi, MJ. What’s the problem you’re having?

  7. Shelley · ·

    Awesome letter. It’s time for the politicians to stand up and take notice. Thank you Sinikka!

  8. shoshone · ·

    Way to go Sinikka. If that letter doesn’t wake them up nothing will. So nice to see some 75 or more individuals in high places will also read it.

  9. Leslie Marchant · ·

    Superb. I am looking forward to the response.

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