Assemblyman Dancer’s Bill Would Ban Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption

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Written by Jane Meggitt

Sending a strong message that New Jersey does not eat horse meat, the Assembly Agriculture and Natural Resources will consider a bill banning the sale or slaughter of horse meat for human consumption on Monday, March 12th.

Assemblyman Ronald S. Dancer, R-Ocean, Burlington , Middlesex and Mercer, sponsored the legislation,
A-2023, after President Obama signed an omnibus spending bill that removed an amendment that prohibited United States Department of Agriculture inspectors at horse-slaughtering facilities, but did not provide money for inspectors.

“New Jersey does not eat horse meat,” Dancer said.

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  1. Get real people. Banning the Slaughter Houses has all but ruined the Horse Industry. People are left with no way out of the financial burden of horse ownership once the animal has become disabled. Regulations say you cannot bury a horse on your own property . . . so, what are people suppose to do with them? Every Rescue Organization you call is FULL, every Foster Home is FULL . . . can you not see the writing on the wall? How do the horses fend in the wild when a cougar runs one down for the dinner kill; do you think that being eaten alive is a fast death? It’s a natural food chain. Horses arn’t going to the slaughter houses for our dinner-table. If the meat goes overseas, who cares; if it goes for dog food, so what . . . it’s a food chain! Our Government does not support our horse fancy interests; it is up to each individual owner. With the economy the way it is, why should I be expected to spend what money I have to support my horse, when I need to feed myself? I don’t hear the same outcry for Cattle, Chickens, Pigs, Sheep, etc.; they are used as companion pets as well as any horse; but, reality is reality. The U.S. does not have to slaughter horses for human consumption; slaughter for carnivorous animal diets! There are far too many horses and not enough individual incomes to cover them and certainly no Grants. You cannot give a horse away these days; come-on get real people!!! Ban together and offer suggestions for a better way to get rid of the unwanted horses, if there is one; but, for right now, the Slaughter Houses are all we got.

    Despite the fact that horse meat is not widely consumed in Canada, over 90,000 horses a year are slaughtered for food there. Its high-protein, low-fat meat is still consumed in many parts of the world, including Italy, Japan and Brazil. The taboo of eating horse meat persists in most of North America, however, and the Canadian horse meat industry remains controversial. If horse meat isn’t your thing, perhaps you would like camel (Egypt), whales (Norway) or monkeys (sub-Saharan Africa).

    1. Suzanne Moore · ·

      Gem ~ How can a ban on horse slaughter ruin the horse industry when there IS NO BAN? Are you honestly admitting to being SO ignorant that you don’t know that we are sending just as many horses to slaughter now as we did when the domestic plants were open?

      Are you also admitting that you are so ignorant that you don’t know that every rescue is NOT full; every foster home is NOT full and in fact, there are many alternatives to sending your horse to a brutal end in a slaughter plant?

      That reference to horses being eaten by cougars came straight from the lying lips of Sue Wallis who doesn’t know – among many other things – that death by predator, as extremely unlikely as that is – would still be much quicker and more humane than death by slaughter. I’ve seen horse slaughter for myself – in Kaufman, TX – and nothing could be worse.

      You have never owned a horse just like your Mistress, Ms. Wallis. You don’t know any more about them than she does, nor to you care that American horses – being unregulated non-food animals – are permitted to use medications and many other products that are banned from being used in food animals. Bute is only one of many that are plainly labeled “not for use in horses intended for food purposes.” That means that if this product has ever been used on a horse, that horse is no longer allowed to enter the human food chain. This of course does NOT apply to the traditional food animals you mention because they ARE food animals and are raised as such from birth.

      Another way I can tell you are a phoney, a pro-slaughter troll, is saying people make pets of cattle, chickens and pigs as much as any horse. Are you kidding me? If that’s so, why does the FDA consider those animals food animals and regulate them as such, while considering horses to be Companion Animals and regulating – or rather NOT regulating – them as such. Our horses are no longer used as dog food – haven’t been for decades – because of the same contamination that makes horses unsafe for people to eat.

      No, the govt. does not support “horses fancy” interests, yet you expect the govt. – that is we TAX PAYERS – to support the slaughter of our horses. Just inspecting the plants will cost the USDA over 5 million tax dollars, and completely overhauling their regulatory system to a passport system comparable to the used in the European Union – which will have to be done before this year is over or the EU will no longer accept our horses, and the EU IS our horse slaughter market – will cost unknown millions of tax dollars, not to mention the complicated and burdensome regulations forced upon the majority of horse owners who would never send their horses to slaughter – horse owners like me and the other 71% of horse owners who join the 80% of Americans across the board who are STRONGLY opposed to horse slaughter.
      Poll: Final:

      And about all those abandoned horses: Abandoned Horses Final:

      Cruelty: Captive bolt study:
      Double Deckers And Horses:
      Investigation Underscored USDA Documented Cruelty:
      A Look At The Horrors of Horse Slaughter:

      Alternatives: White Paper on Slaughter Alternatives:

      Now toddle on back to Slaughterhouse Sue and her other puppets and tell her you gotta have some new material if you’re gonna fool ANYONE.

  2. I believe a petition can be signed by anyone.

  3. Carla Hilgert · ·

    I can be a foster home for homeless and abused horses. I am located in Columbia, TN. I will do what I need to help. We need to band slaughter houses and put these people in jail.

  4. Mary-Joe Figueira · ·

    We are finally getting somewhere in this battle. There may be light at the end of the tunnel!



  6. i’m an american so i don’t think i can sign your petition. if i can please let me know.

    1. Suzanne Moore · ·

      This is actually a petition in New Jersey, not Canada. They are just giving it some publicity.

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