Rescued horses up for adoption in Hanover

Hanover Shoe Farms built an eight-stallion paddock in one day to accommodate some of the horses from Md.

The Evening Sun

Posted:   03/10/2012 05:50:27 PM EST 

Jewell's Ingot is one of 16 Standardbred horses the U.S. Trotting Association and Hanover Shoe Farms will be showing to those looking to adopt on April 1 at the Hanover Fairgrounds. (BARBARA LIVINGSTON FOR THE EVENING SUN)

The ad could read something like this: “Free to a good home. Jewell’s Ingot, 6 years old, white and bay in color. Eats like a horse.” 

Jewell’s Ingot is one of 16 Standardbred horses the Hanover Shoe Farms and the U.S. Trotting Association will be adopting out to qualified horse lovers in a few weeks.

The Shoe Farms has spent the past five months caring for Jewell’s Ingot and some 20 other horses that had been in poor condition when they were seized by the Humane Society of Carroll County from a farm in Mount Airy, Md., last fall.  Hanover Shoe Farms, the world’s leading breeder of Standardbred horses, has provided shelter, food, veterinary care, grooming and personal contact for the horses since accepting them in October.

 “I don’t know what we would have done without Hanover Shoe,” said Nicky Ratliff, Humane Society director. “We would have been hard-pressed to care for them.

 “Our major problem was there were 10 stallions, because they can’t be stabled together,” Ratliff said.

 And because the horses were Standardbreds, meant for harness racing, who would know better how to care for them thanNorth America’s leading Standardbred breeding farm?

 “They brought them here because they didn’t have any other place to go,” said Russell Williams, vice president of Hanover Shoe Farms.

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  1. may i suggest contacting people that have missing horses in case they want to adopt? just a thought. i have room in red bluff,california for one or two.i just don’t have transport.

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