La Palette protest March 9, 2012

The CHDC’s Marie Dean updated us on the March 9th, 2012 protest outside of Toronto restaurant La Palette, that serves horsemeat to unsuspecting customers:

Update on Protest: La Palette March 9th:

Our manpower numbers were low and the strong winds and the cold were affecting our feet, hands and noses BUT we stood strong for our horses.  Sharing here some discovery and highlights:

Anita from Toronto Pig Save/TPS went to the restaurant the night before undercover and had a coffee and a chat with the chef.  She expressed her concern about the wide variety of exotic tastes that the restaurant will cater too and the chef said their limit most likely would be “no monkey” – well, nice to know they have some limits.  That makes our challenge all the more difficult.

The restaurant owner has a different demeanor these days – his face showed signs of distress – well, welcome to our world.  His store neighbours to the left and the right of him were acknowledging our presence with please stay in front of his store and leave us alone – which can only tell the story of the pressure now on La Palette – his neighbours are not pleased.

There was a handsome young man that after signing our petition was very angry that the restaurant served our beloved horse and he marched in there and voiced his concern.   Young teenage men were saddened by the world and its ignorance and they gratefully signed our petition.  We now have another petition to send in to Alex to help our cause.

I approached the owner with soft eyes and handed him a new information package that he refused at first.   I informed him that we did some research in respect to the chef’s comments on Feb 20th and Dr. Ann Marini has addressed his concerns in this package – he at least took my cover letter and attachments inside and I pray that his curiosity will entice him to read it. 

Horse welfare made new friends in the Toronto Pig Save and hearts expressed their pain.  Protesting can release some pain.   We had SUCCESS again!

Our devoted Anita & Bob will be back to defend our horses tonight at 6-8pm.   These two soldiers are on the front lines of this war and we are so proud of them.  The city brings challenge to horse lovers because most are in the country near barns and pasture and the foreign grounds of the city are not comforting.  But, we will be back!  

Menu in window showing horsemeat in lower right corner

Menu in window showing horsemeat in lower right corner


  1. Trevor · ·

    But horsemeat is delicious! I don’t understand!

  2. Heather · ·

    Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication.


    I so wish I lived close to you to help. Keep plugging along. It must be terrible for the businesses next door so hopefully they will also put the pressure on. Keep at it and they just have to stop eventually, horse eating customers will stay away because they wont want the negativity every time they go out to dine . Good job!!!!

  4. it’s a good sign that the restaurant is beginning to feel some pressure. thanks so much for your continued fight for our horses lives!

  5. SHAME ON YOU!!!!




  6. Mary-Joe Figueira · ·

    You guys are awesome. Sometimes you get more flies with sugar than salt. It was nice of Anita to to provide the owner with information in a nice way. Hopefully he will see the error of ways and mend them real soon!!!! – It would be nice to get some of the patrons involved and try to persuade the owner to change his menu.

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