Movie to tell story of town’s heroic horse deeds

March 9, 2012

The Canadian community of McBride, whose residents rallied to dig a mile-long trench through deep snow to rescue two abandoned horses, is to be immortalised in a two-hour feature film.

The citizens of McBride, a small town in Robson Valley, British Columbia with fewer than 1000 people, banded together to dig for 12 straight days to free the horses, Belle, then a three-year-old mare, and Sundance, a 14-year-old gelding.

The volunteers braved temperatures as low as -30 deg Celsius, forming a trench that linked up with a groomed snowmobile track, which completed the horses’ path to freedom on December 23, 2008.

Now, production is under way for the movie, called “Horses of McBride”, starring Aidan Quinn, Kari Matchett and Mackenzie Porter. It is joint collaboration between Canada’s CTV and Whizbang Films.



  1. Rhonda · ·

    Good story it’s nice to know how a town rallied together. I recently finished the book. Some of the rescuers never even got to meet Sundance and Belle, which shows just how much people can rally together for a worthy course.



  3. shoshone · ·

    The book “The Rescue of Belle and Sundance by Birgit Stutz and Laawrence Scanlan” is very good. Well worth reading and much more real than a movie will be.

  4. You can read the entire story by purchasing Birgit Stutz’s book Belle and Sundance a Miracle on Mount Renshaw! This movie obviously is not going to follow the true story but is using it as inspiration for a fictional story. To bad as the true story should be told!

  5. Rock on Mcbride, love hearing these wonderful stories of wonderful people doing wonderful things, so much pain going on now with our horses, this gives me hope.

  6. MP Clark · ·

    What a story! This just goes to show the courage and heart of Canadians when they are called on to do the impossible.

    Congratulations on having such an achievement as part of your history. It is incredible.

  7. I wonder how the person(s) who abandoned the horses in the first place will be portrayed.
    The guy did walk away, didn’t he..
    They probably won’t mention THAT part of the story. “Abandoner always gets away!” doesn’t sell very well..

    1. Leslie Kuretzky · ·

      If I remember correctly, the former owner was a Lawyer and he got hurt in a car accident. Karma bites

  8. Leslie Kuretzky · ·

    I read the book not too long ago. I am really looking forward to the movie. I wonder how Belle and Sundance are doing now? I hope they are fine and happy.

  9. Mary-Joe Figueira · ·

    If anyone watches Heartland, two years ago Christmas they did a similar eposide saving horses from an area that had an avalanche. They had the whole town digging a trench to save the horses. Although in the scene they had more than two horses. I am dying to see the movie.

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