Captured and gone!

Captured and gone

The government of Alberta’s Sustainable (?) Resource department (SRD) is continuing an all-out assault to capture and remove as many wild horses as they can. This year whole family herds have been totally removed!!!! In the past an individual had to apply for a capture license paying $280. It appears this year that this fee, like so many other parts of the Horse Capture Regulations, have been thrown out the window. We believe that the SRD solicited as many individuals as they could find to remove the horses this year. This assault came as a result from pressures from some ranchers who are being manipulated by Rangeland Management who state that if they wish to continue their grazing leases on crown land that they must remove the horses. This goes back to the old argument that the horses are infringing on the availability of forage for the cattle and other wild animals. From our research this is a complete falicy.


  1. This program of elimination of the wild horses of Alberta is based on such lies and smug ignorance! In reality these returned North American natives restore the ecosystem here and benefit the companion life community of plants and animals. Please get and read my just published book The Wild Horse Conspiracy. It is available either through me or on or Barnes & Noble website. These wonderful animals should be restored in greater numbers not eliminated from the wild!

  2. Wrote an article on the BLM’s wild horses and burros program on last week. You can read it here:

    Also, check out the accompanying photo gallery:

  3. wildhorseperilousp · ·

    By the way, I am Canadian too! Originating from your heartland of Manitoba. Hate horse slaughter too and it does go hand in hand with our stand against the Bloody BLM Roundups and exportation of US horses to Mexico and Canada for the purpose of Slaughter. Here’s a documentary of the exportation problem done by Animals’ Angels. Horse Warriors everywhere can fight these issues in many ways. Documenting animal cruelty has been very effective at shutting down some of the worst horse transporters and in some states like California where the sale of horses for purpose of slaughter is illegal, shutting down horse meat buyer/broker operations. Look up their website for more info on how to go about this! Carry on Canadian Horse Warriors. We all fight the same war and must continue to win one battle at a time, save one horse at a time. It does make a difference.

  4. wildhorseperilousp · ·

    Meant “MISMANAGEMENT” although Mangy Management sums up the greed, corruption, deception of the BLM’s attitude towards wild horses and burros. We must stop the BLOODY BLM ROUND UPS in the states, CANADA, on Indian Reservation land, EVERYWHERE. Horse Warriors arm your self with documentation, information and perseverance. “Never under estimate the power of a group of concerned citizens to effect change, indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead Horse Warriors STAND UP, RISE UP AND TAKE THE POWER BACK, WE HAVE TO UNIFY AND WATCH THEM FLAG US END. THEY WILL NOT FORCE US, THEY WILL STOP DEPRAVING US, THEY WILL NOT CONTROL US, WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS. STAND UP FOR OUR WILD HORSES EVERYWHERE and cut thru the RED TAPE & MIND CONTROL that tries to hide the horrible truth of destroying our wild horses and burros! Horse Warrior Battle song – Watch YouTube “Mustangs in Peril” here and SHARE!

  5. wildhorseperilousp · ·

    Here’s proof of the US BLM’s MISMANGEMENT of federal lands and federal funds. If they were a private business, they would have been kicked out on their arses long ago, and BANKRUPT! No other private business gets to operate with deficit funding!

  6. wildhorseperilousp · ·

    Summary of USA BLM Round Up Atrocities in Laura Leigh, Horse Warrior on the road documenting the Bloody BLM Roundups all paid for with federal tax dollars. Video, IS IT BAD ENOUGH FOR YOU, has gone viral. Please share!

  7. wildhorseperilousp · ·

    Atrocious behavior towards wild horses and burros everywhere. Just look at what the USA BLM plans to do with 50,000 warehoused/captured mustangs>

  8. Kylie Curry · ·

    It has been shown that the wild horses actually help protect the land for other species (as has been demonstrated with the reintroduction of wild horses to land in UK because when they were stripped out the food that they ate overgrew the area and all the other bird life disappeared and the horses had to be brought back in to regenerate the area) also due to the way a horses stomach works it doesn’t digest the new seeds for plants and grasses and the seeds are actually protected for germination in the manure. Whereas cows destroy the land they inhabit and their stomachs digest the seeds of the grasses and plants so it stops the regeneration of the grasses and plant life needed to sustain the native species in the area.

    1. wildhorseperilousp · ·

      See Craig Downer’s book all about the BLM’s false accusations that the wild horses are destroying their centuries old rangeland.


    does anyone have any more news about a billboard to be put up in Canada?
    Maybe put up on the front lawn of the Canadian Parliament, for Min Ritz and P.M. Harper, after all these are the two responsible for importing this cruel and inhumane industry to Canada, and worse they were well aware a majority of Canadians were opposed to HORSE slaughter and a larger majority in the U.S. were opposed

  10. LINDA BADHAM · ·


  11. shoshone · ·

    The Alberta government most likely want the horses gone for the same reason as the BLM.The large leases are held by huge corporate ranchers like the Hiltons. The public range is leased for a pittance something like $1.37 per cow calf pair per month. When a ranch is sold, it becomes much more valueable if a grazing lease comes with it. Most likely, under the table money is involved as well.

  12. Sharon Kennedy · ·

    You want to know the full truth about Canada….look at what we do to seals, polar bears are slaughtered for their pelts so that European buyers can come to auction and purchase these skins
    for people who want bearskin rugs in their homes and hunting lodges.
    But, even worse in Ontario foster children are deliberately placed in homes with convicted preverts because social workers are desperate to find homes for them. This is one sick nation spiritually , morally, and intellectually.

  13. 2fasthorses · ·

    Disgusting! Shame on canada! sounds like following in blm’s footsteps to end wild horse herds forever in favor of cattlemen and ranchers. best way to end is to BOYCOTT beef!

  14. MP Clark · ·

    That is interesting to know. In our (US) public grazing lands ripoff, this administration has started raising fees so that the “eviction” of the abusers of US public grazing lands have to keep paying more and more or move off. We have been losing 121 to 123 million a year in taxpayer dollars due to this historical arrangement between ranchers and their connections as taxpayers footed the bills.

    Does Canada have a system of public dollars going to these rangelands? If so, could that loss of dollars be a way to protest this behavior from Rangeland Management? That would get more Canadians involved in an action against this behavior with the wild Canadian horses.

    1. Pauline Brooks · ·

      You are right on about the US federal subsidized domestic cattle grazing rights BLM program losing money! $13.50 a year for a cow/calf pair or 5 sheep gets grazing rights on our wild horse and burro land set aside for wild life NOT domestic cattle which only produce 5% of the US beef. Wish I could pay $13.50 for thousands of acres of rangeland for my horses/cattle/sheep. Here’s a link to prove the BLM’s mismanagement of our public lands.

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