Mountain Grove, Missouri rejects horse slaughter plant

While we see the U.S. reject slaughter over and over again, we wonder why Canada continues to have 4 horse slaughter plants operating.

March 6, 2012



John Holland

Vicki Tobin

Mountain Grove Rejects Horse Slaughter Plant

Mountain Grove,MO(EWA) – A much publicized proposal to locate a horse slaughter plant in Mountain Grove, Missouri was soundly rejected by the Mountain Grove town council tonight.  The meeting was attended by a capacity crowd of about 300, with many people being turned away and others sitting in areas where they could not see or hear.

The plan, proposed by Sue Wallis of Unified Equine, was to use land just east of the town of Mountain Grove to build a facility to slaughter horses.  Wallis had claimed that she chose the location because people in the area were “100% behind what we are doing and 100% behind how we are going to do it.”

The first cracks in her plan happened just days earlier when Dr. Temple Grandin, who Wallis said was to design the plant, publicly stated that she knew nothing about it.

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  1. We need to stop a horse slaughter plant in sw Missouri. 200-400 good healthly horses is an outrage. Horses will be taken out of fields and barns to meet her quota every day.

  2. Patty · ·

    Stop sending horses to Canada and Mexico for Slaughter. The people in MO stood up to the evil Sue Wallis and all her croonies. Thank all of you that stood up for the innocent horses.

  3. Like I have said before if shipping US horses to Canada is stopped in the US it will shut down at least 2 or 3 slaughter plants in Canada because there are not enough horses in Canada to keep these plants running at full capacity like they are now. The US supplies at least 59,000 of the 90,000 that that are killed and that leaves only around 29,000 that Canada can supply and that won’t be on steady basis.

  4. Mary-Joe Figueira · ·

    Some politicians just don’t get it! Hurray for the ordinary folks out there in Missouri. Please pass the message along to Washington. As far as our 4 plants in Canada, I understand we had 6 at one point. We are now down to 4. Hopefully we can close all them soon.

    1. shoshone · ·

      Canada had 8 just a few years ago..

  5. shoshone · ·

    It proves that if residents are well informed and work together anything is possible. Lets hope the same happens at Florence Packing in Washington.

  6. 2fasthorses · ·

    Great News! Hopefully the beginning of the end of horse slaughter…not now … not ever!

  7. linda badham · ·


  8. KA Schaaf(kasohio) · ·

    Bless Cynthia! ONE battle won in this bloody war! ONE state at a time! ONE country at a time!
    Ms. MacPherson’s website and address if anyone would like to send a personal thank you, I sure am!
    MacPherson Law Center, LLC
    421 East 3rd Street
    Mountain Grove, MO 65711-1762

    1. Wonderful suggestion! Thank you for Cynthia’s address.


    To our U.S. counterparts, who have successfully shut down these HELL HOLES, unfortunately we are at a disadvantage, unlike yourselfs who have a DEMORACY and a Govt. who responds to PUBLIC OPINION we have a Govt. who has contempt for PUBLIC OPINION. I think it is called Govt. by dictator ship. It gets worse, Bovery a Canadian Company who slaughters HORSES in Alberta is testing the waters in the U.S., as i understand it to commence killing HORSES. Not only are they showing contempt for Canadian PUBLIC OPINION but now are showing contempt for U.S. PUBLIC OPINION.
    Sometimes i am ashamed to be Canadian and this certainly is one of those times.

    1. dennis, i know , that bouvry is trying to open in washington, we cant let this happen, i saw the films on the two plants in canada, my heart is broken, it made me ill. Im sorry for everything, i am ashamed of the united states and canada. The us is no better, still exporting and allowing it all to continue.

  10. Heather · ·

    Thank goodness these good people had the decency to stand up and fight against horse slaughter. With enough support, maybe we can change our government’s mind about equine slaughter and close down all of Canada’s slaughter houses. We need to keep the pressure on.

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