Bouvry to start slaughtering in the U.S.?

UPDATE:  This press release should have been included with this article.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

From: Allen Warren
Sent: Monday, March 05, 2012 8:45 AM
Subject: Fw: NEWS EDITORS: Horse Slaughter To Resume In Washington State?

 Dear Friends & Colleagues,

The following is the news release submitted to the public media in Western Washington today on the Florence Packing / Bouvry Exports story we have been pursuing for the past few months.

I want to thank each and everyone of you for your help and support in helping expose this situation here in Washington State.

 Special thanks go to my fellow horse rescue sanctuary operators in our group who are willing to step up to the plate on this issue, the staff at PSH for their diligent work in helping investigate this plan, Laura Allen and her husband Russ for their continuing efforts in support of trying to prevent this from happening, Keith Dane and his staff for being there when we needed them,  Sonja Meadows for her wise counsel on conducting the investigation, my northern neighbor Sinikka Crosland for these videos and all the excellent work she and her CHDC do on that side of the border, the unnamed photographer who took these photos (unnamed because we don’t want to risk a trespassing charge against her), my buddies Hilary Wood and Jerry Finch for their advice and encouragement from afar,  and all the horse lovers and advocates across the country who contacted me to offer support and advice.

 And of course I want to thank my anonymous source close to Bouvry Exports who was willing to risk more than we will ever know to do what was right in this case.  

 Claude Bouvry was given ample opportunity to confirm or deny his plan for Stanwood and can consider this a shot across his bow in warning that he is in for a battle if he proceeds.

 With the equine protection legislation bottled up in Congress and Obama giving no indication he will issue an executive order banning slaughter, we apparently will have to fight these battles community by community as the horse butchers try to reopen in theU.S.

 Thanks to each of you, we are ready here in Washington State, and also ready to help you in your own regions if they raise their ugly heads there.

 Sincerely,  Alllen
 Allen Warren
HorseHarbor Foundation
(360) 692-2851

 The true mission of any animal welfare organization should be to eliminate the need for itself.


Red Carpet – Calamity of slaughter hovering over Washington

March 4, 2012

Ernest Dempsey — The Red Carpet in Los Angeles entertained millions last month; but this other “red carpet” in Stanwood, Washington, will appall every American that cares about life and humanity – for this is real blood.

While the political campaign for Presidential elections is keeping an average American’s mind occupied, the blade of butchery has been raised at the horses in Washington, and it can fall any minute – against the will of the people of America. A press release from the Horse Harbor Foundation in Poulsbo informs that Stanwood, WA, soon might become the region’s “Butcher Shop for Horses”.

Information in the aforementioned press release confirms what was leaked online in 2010, i.e., the Florence Packing plant on Florence Road, Stanwood, is being reopened as a “modernized” facility for horse slaughter, 5 years after horse slaughter was banned in the country on the grounds that horses are born and bred as companion and sports animals in America and not for the food chain.

Allen Warren of the Horse Harbor Foundation leads a group of horse rescue sanctuary operators, all aiming to convince Snohomish County commissioners to pass an ordinance banning equine slaughter and preventing the return of horse slaughter here.

Readers may not be surprised to learn about the name that is behind this impending butchery in the US. Bouvry Exports is the same horse meat provider whose shocking cruelty to horses, caught on tape, made news in 2010 and led to a call for wide public protest. The Canadian company, based in Calgary, means to make big profit of American horses by cutting them into pieces and selling the meat to Russia, China, and other Asian nations where rules regarding animal cruelty are loose, or ineffective in spirit.

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  1. The solution to ending slaughter is relatively simple get the breeders to stop breeding by taking away their breeders incentives and subsidies….until we quit having more horses than there are homes for there unfortunately will always be unwanted horses. As long as meat buyers can make money off the horses they will continue buying horses anyway they can to ship to slaughter. I am against slaughtering of horses no animal should have to be skinned alive. No baby animal should be killed horses have never been a meat animal in the United States in fact they are a part of our history. Even wild horses are not immune to this, even though there is more than enough land set aside for them per the acts of congress…

  2. octavia spink · ·

    We must all stand together on this!!!! There is no need for such cruel and inhumane treatment of horses, or any animal!!! If a horse owner can not afford to feed or take care of their horses there are people that can help. And if the horse is so old, have your vet put the horse down!!!! Be humane!!!! Would u do this to your grandparents just because they get old? Or throw your children away like they were trash! These horses didn’t ask to be our pets! We must put a stop to this, they want to open one in eastern organ!!! We can not let this happen! And we certainly don’t need Obama as our president if this is what he stands for!!!!!!

  3. Lisa Griffith · ·

    I hear that argument a lot but the fact is that slaughter has never stopped people from starving their horses. And slaughter has always been available to owners even after the last slaughter plant in the US closed. And in general, slaughter plants don’t really want the starved horses as they don’t make enough money off them.

    However, your “solution” for starving horses actually entails they have the worst of both worlds. First they are starved, then transported across the country in a weakened and pathetic condition, and then they are slaughtered by people who only see them as meat on the hoof. What is so humane about that and why does the horses have to pay, with their lives, for stupid, selfish and/or irresponsible owners?

  4. Move..on! · ·

    People horse are being neglected, and tossed aside, the market is flooded with in wanted starving animals. Yet you want to save them all. It’s sad that horses go to slaughter but in the mean time people are doing worse by them. If the plants are updated and horses are humanly put down then stop your complaining. How many of you have not figured out that Florence pack has been around for decades. How many of you complained before huh. Maybe we should keep all the starving unwanted horses in your back yard and try to squeeze the public for donations or better yet find a rich bennifactor to bleed dry. Most of you bleeding heart animal hoarder ( rescue type) make the situation worse then better. I live in the community and I could care less. I buy my horses and I dont ever intend to sell them, they can die right here at home. Worry about your own and stop causing ruckus in my town. Im tired of hearing it and I’m tired of you people . There is in my mind only 1 reputable rescue out there and the rest of you are just making the matter worse because many of you are thinking your doing good when you are not. Figure it out!

  5. Janet Schultz · ·

    Is this for sure? Have permits been pulled? I am sharing this to other groups.

  6. shoshone · ·

    I sent 7 polite e-mails to the Manager of LPN, Ritz, NDP and vets at CFIA. So far, no replies except one saying he was out of the office.

    I think it is a waste of time emailing these people as they have no respect for the public and answer to know one.

    My next effort will be having copies of “You are the horses’voice- speak out for them! available on the CHDC link. They will be tacked up everywhere and passed out to local businesses to educate the public.

    Copies of the petition for Bill C322 can also be run off and signatures gathered then sent on to your Member of Parliament and copies to CHDC.


    I am Canadian and this does not surprise me a bit. Un fortunately this is a Canadian Govt who’s actions are more like PARACITES, think about it when the U.S. stopped Horse slaughter because of the opposition byU.S. citizens this PARACIDIC Govt. immediately, in opposition to the Canadian PUBLIC began killing 90000 HORSES a year, in fact an investigation in Dec. 2011, confirmed by video shows hundreds of U.S. HORSES BEING killed and slaughtered in unspeakable manner, and with no reprocusions what so ever. Our Govts. contempt of PUBLIC opinion is unprecented. Please do what you can to stop this PARACIDIC company with a track record of cruelty and inhumane slaughter, at least your Govt. listened to your opposition and halted this shameful industry, thats more that can be said of ours.
    This Canadian company is now showing out right contempt for U.S. PUBLIC opinion, do not let them get away wuth it.

  8. shoshone · ·

    If the people in that area could get together and protest the chosen sites before anything becomes official it could discourage businesses like Bouvry from setting up in that location.

    It is a dirty industry both in the low paying jobs and the removal of tons of blood , guts, heads and limbs. A similar plant that was finally shut down in Saskatchewan dumped truck loads of blood into a river that was used for drinking water and piled the dead horses and remains in an open pile in a field. The plant that was shut down in Texas was even worse.

    Protest, write letters and educate the public on what to expect before it gets a chance to open.

  9. What can be done, i just viewed bouvrys plants, god help this horses.

    1. shoshone · ·

      Take a look at the Sun Valley Chronicle, Breaking News, March 07,2012, STANWOOD POISED TO BECOME NATIONS MOST PROMINENT HORSE SLAUGHTER TOWN.


      Can also be found under Florence Packing horse slaughter.

      Seems Bouvrys markets are shrinking because of higher EU standards so he is looking to Russia and China where anything is acceptable. Also, he has had to clean up his slaughtering practices because of public opinion.

  10. 2fasthorses · ·

    Great more animal abuse in canada…canada sucks!

    1. shoshone · ·

      2fasthorses: The proposed plant is in Washington state not Canada.

  11. When is this going to end , its been all over the news, the public has protested over and over, how do we take the law into our own hands? tHIS MAN RAN A TERRIBLE HORSE KILL plant, and now in washington.


  13. shoshone · ·

    The people in Snohomish county had best get together and block Bouvray from getting this plant in operation. No doubt, he wants to be close to a port for cheaper shipping rates. It will be easier to stop it before it gets started than waiting and then trying to close it.

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