Last Chance – $1 (Langley, BC)

From Craigslist.

5 yr old OTTB gelding. Was dumped on me and I have tried desperately to get a rescue organization to take him but they won’t. He is a bad cribber and a hard keeper. I have been trying to find him a home for months now and am finally at my end. He will be put down March 15th if someone doesn’t take him. Email for more info but please don’t waste my time if you don’t have the experience for this guy.

Date: 2012-02-29, 7:30PM PST
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  1. shoshone · ·

    It would be nice if the owner would post and say whether or not this horse has found a home.

    1. MP Clark · ·

      I sent a reply to the poster re a solution to a cribber and got a reply that the ad had been removed. ??

  2. MP Clark · ·

    BTW, any training will help. Ground work is fine. Small amounts of time would do every time you can be there. You have to get this horse engaged in something positive.

    Training helps when placing any horse and if the ad could be written in a hopeful manner, this horse may find a home. When people read ads about a problem, they don’t want them.

    This horse may have potential for placement and for being a great companion but this ad will discourage anyone from following through to even check the horse out. Please write ads for horses which show a reason to want the horse in the first place.

  3. MP Clark · ·

    For horses who crib, I used a metal muzzle (this is inexpensive, resembles a light metal “cage” which is sized to fit relatively loosely over a horses muzzle and is available from horse supply vendors) attached to a halter with soft, cheap nylon cat collar (buckles facing outwards). The horse can’t crib with this on. He can graze and he can breathe just fine. That stops the incessant cribbing due to needing the endorphin rush from having no normal outlets for pleasure available to him as he stands in stall all day and night, often. They often learn this habit from other horses and it can be become a tough habit to overcome when you get that horse. The muzzle stops that behavior. That horse has to have some kind of training effort start after that is done in order to focus his attention on productive activity. It has to be positive and reinforce his sense of pleasure in healthy activity. Mere turn out with a muzzle on will not replace cribbing and he will resort to that to find any pleasure or relief from his suffering. This habit is common in racehorses left in a stall 23 hours a day. They develop bad habit and cribbing is one of them. This can be worked with and there is no reason to kill this horse. I have had success with this and it works with these horses. My horse lived a very productive, active, engaged life and his muzzle was not an issue for him. Of course, the muzzle/halter is removed during riding and other supervised activities. That horse needs to be focused on positive activity with reliable rewards which give him some source of pleasure in life. This is likely to work with horses who crib. Cribbing straps do not work and they are inhumane. I would recommened this to anyone who inherits or gets a horse who cribs. They can go on to have a good life and be very productive and successful. I did it with my OTTB. The horse can wear this when turned out to graze with his buddies and there was never any issue with safety or negative side effect from this simple halter arrangement. Training is essential for these horses.

  4. MP Clark · ·

    Posted to both of my Facebook pages.

  5. MP Clark · ·

    Posted to Twitter, my page and to Barbi Twins on Twitter. They have about 4000 contacts. Does anyone know if this ad if genuine or not? Has anyone contacted the poster and gotten any replies?

  6. I have let a few people in rescues out that way know. Will keep you posted if this is still up then. 🙂

  7. Leslie Kuretzky · ·

    Oh gosh, I so hope someone can rescue him

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