Radio Canada: upcoming programs regarding horse slaughter

Today at 7pm, Claude Brunet will be covering La Petite Nation on Radio Canada.  Also, on Saturday, March 3rd, the President of the FEQ, Renee Levesque, and Refuge Galahad are featured at 7-11am, host Joel LeBigot, “Samedi et rien d’autre”, subject “the mistreatment of horses.”

Please check your local listings.


  1. This, the second Radio-Canada broadcast on the subject of horse slaughter, was another piece of ignorance and propaganda. I encourage everyone to “like” Evelyne Villers’ comment on Radio-Canada’s website and, if you have friends or family in Quebec, ask them to please visit the site of the Federation Equestre du Quebec (whose spokesperson’s idea of an argument was “horse slaughter is a necessary evil and preferable to people selling or giving away their horse to people untutored in equine care”) and tell the FEQ that their position is wrong; that they have not undertaken any independent research into what really happens in these abattoirs (Madame Levesque had never watched any of the CHDC videos and said they were “orchestrated” anyway); and, that the FEQ does not speak for all its members, many of whom are vehemently against horse slaughter. We have a long way to go in Quebec, but the CHDC and others are making more of an impact here than ever (hence the French Canada media attention). Another show on this subject will air on Saturday, May 1st, 7am, featuring Quebec’s Refuge Galahad.

  2. If this Claude .B. is going to cover the (LPN) (which is an unsociable place) we hope he covers the real facts this time. Saying one side of the story was not a very wise thing to do, but spew out crap to the public.
    09th of feb, 2012 – (Radio-Talk) D,ou viennent les chevaux q,on mange? “Bien dans son assiette/ Radio-Canada, also a FB page.-
    Lets hope he speaks the real truth behide closed doors this time. We,ll see, I guess.
    Regards to the Horses

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