Injured horse in Peterborough, Ontario

A Peterborough woman is desperate to get some help for a horse that appears to be injured . As Melody Belfry tells us the humane society has been called in, but as of Wednesday the animal was still outside and alone.



  1. Dear God! WHY?
    She is lonely, neglected obviously and needs attention 911. This is not a dangerous Lion on the loose, folks, this is a horse, a Pet, that needs TLC.
    O, as long as theres food & water!? Where?
    Prayers and we,ll be watching as time goes by. OSPCA, where are you? Remember Chief and Co-co, ect? (Bless your heart, you beautiful Palomino) Someone will answer to god, one day.
    The world is watching!

  2. Shelley · ·

    Not the first time the OSPCA has done nothing. Check out this website

  3. Brenda Robinson · ·

    So much for “National Horse Protection Day”, March 1st, 2012, as I see on my Toronto Humane Society calendar.

    Could the THS help this horse in obvious need of rescuing and medical care?

  4. Leslie Kuretzky · ·

    I really hope someone comes and helps this poor horse 😦

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