Protest La Palette Restaurant March 3 and March 9

PROTEST La Palette Restaurant
492 Queen Street West, Toronto

Anita & Bob “Horse Welfare” – SATURDAY,  MARCH  3rd 6-8pm

“Toronto Pig Save”  ( joins up with “Horse Welfare” – FRIDAY, MARCH 9th 3-8pm

Respectful Protest – stay on city property the sidewalk – do not go in the restaurant – do not harass the customers or owner or chef – the police may be there – they can ask us to leave at any time if we misbehave – stay polite – we are allowed to defend our animal friends!

The more voices we have, the more likely we will be heard.

The more likely we are heard, the more likely we will see change.

The more likely we see change, the more likely fewer animals will suffer.

We cannot all do GREAT THINGS but we can do SMALL THINGS WITH GREAT LOVE – Mother Teresa


  1. shoshone · ·

    If you go to the CHDC’s blog page you can copy the Petition C – 322 form plus Supporter Instructions in both English and French. Each copy will handle 25 signatures. When you have a full sheet send the original to your MP and a copy to CHDC. It is very easy to take the petition into stores etc and get signatures from those that wish they had a horse. Take ithe same petition to a horsey event and you soon find breeders and those showing horses will not sign.

    1. For the Bill C-322 petitions, please send completed petitions to MP Alex Atamanenko in Ottawa. His Ottawa address is on the bottom of the petition page.
      Thank you to everyone who takes time from their busy lives to get these petitions done. Each one that’s read out in Parliament, and each one must be read as its Parliamentary rules, lets the politicians know that this issue is of great importance to Canadian VOTERS and that we’re not going away!

  2. Because of my previous comment about each protester representing whatever number of other Canadians who oppose horse slaughter, I tracked down this 2004 petition. It’s still active, and has almost 4250 signatures, but I don’t know how many are from Canadians. I wonder if that matters, since so many are shipped from the States with questionable or non-existant “passports”. Even if only 3,000 Canadians signed, if 20 people protest they would each represent 150 others. Just a suggestion.

  3. KA Schaaf(kasohio) · ·

    Please! Folks that are able to attend this demonstration- let diners or potential diners know the horses being served, if they are from the USA are NOT livestock! They were NOT bred for food, period! These animals are raised on family farms, kept as backyard pets, “retired” show and performance horses. And last but not least pampered Thoroughbreds, right off the track, some within days of their last race and they are loaded with cancer causing drugs. This is just a point I didn’t see made in newspaper article comments. Thank you fellow horse-lovers! Go kick some as*

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