Les Viandes de la Petite-Nation Inc. slaughter house in Quebec has been temporarily closed, with inspections and audits being conducted at the plant by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).  La Petite-Nation (LPN) was the subject of the December 2011 investigative report by the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (CHDC) entitled “Pasture to Plate: The True Cost of Canada’s Horsemeat Industry”:

The report cites numerous violations underCanada’s Meat Inspection Act, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) animal welfare standards, cruelty violations, as well as reveals a flawed Equine Identification Documents system.  LPN is one of two plants operating in Quebec, and one of four plants operating in Canada.

 The CFIA’s Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Brian Evans, verifies the temporary closure in this February 16th email:

 Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2012
From: Brian Evans <>
To: Sinikka Crosland <


Thank you for your email inquiry.

With respect to Les Viandes de la Petite-Nation Inc., I am informed by Quebec Operations the enhanced inspection, verification and audit activities on the part of the CFIA continue and it is my understanding that the establishment has indicated its intent to temporarily suspend its operations. With respect to Viandes Richelieu I am advised its status is not changed.

Kind regards
Dr. Brian Evans
(613) 773-5236 / (613) 773-5763

We are seeking further information from Dr. Evans on La Petite Nation’s closure.  In January 2012, the CHDC wrote to Dr. Evans to follow up on the Pasture to Plate report, since there had been no acknowledgement or communication of any kind from the CFIA on the violations that are occurring at the plant.  Dr. Evans’ reply indicated that he would involve Quebec operations regarding horse slaughter violations and tracking system deficiencies at LPN:

The CHDC finds it questionable that LPN has closed operations voluntarily, yet the CFIA is conducting inspections and audits there.  It is our opinion that findings from the Pasture to Plate report has prompted the CFIA to take measures to somehow try to improve conditions at LPN, but this fourth investigative report on Canadian slaughterhouses proves, once again, that horses cannot be humanely slaughtered in assembly line situations.  We continue to ask the CFIA, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Canadian government to close all horse slaughter plants permanently.

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  1. […] Today, 10 days before Christmas, do you remember the joy you felt with the announcement in February 2012: “IMPORTANT UPDATE: LES VIANDES DE LA PETITE-NATION SLAUGHTER PLANT TEMPORARILY CLOSED” […]

  2. Suzanne Moore · ·

    Glad you liked my post, Jagadambe, I know – the temptation was VERY strong to tell her explicitly where to go, but I didn’t want my post to be banned. I agree with you though. I am getting SO SICK of these same old lies over and over and over…

  3. Rianne · ·

    People only look at horse slaughter as a cruel, horrific crime that should be banned. What they don’t realize is that with out those horses being used for meat they would more likely be starved, abused, stranded, and obviously die a slow and painful death because they have nowhere else to go. Yes slaughter is an ugly thing but think about. America has to pass so many inspections and the horses have to be euthanizing as humanly as possibe unlike Mexico and Canada. I’m a horse lover and my own horse came out of a kill pen but I’d rather it be done here than it not happen at all. Like I said think of where those horses would be going or what would happen if they are not going to slaughter.

    Due to careless and clueless people there will always be a need for slaughter plants because there will always be too many horses to feed, give loving homes to, and to take care of. I don’t approve of slaughter but just think about what you’re doing when you say shut them down forever…

    1. Suzanne Moore · ·

      Rianne ~ YOU are the clueless one, or you’re nothing but another voice for the pro-slaughter ghouls. The horses that go to slaughter are the very best the killers can get their hands on. They are fat, healthy and have been well taken care of. Those are the only kind the killers want. Over 90% of the horses that go to slaughter are perfectly healthy and sound – the easiest ones to find new homes for. If they needed new homes that is.

      I was in Texas with my horses when both Dallas Crown and Beltex were in full operation, and so allow me to clue you in on some REAL facts of life. Many horses that went to slaughter were STOLEN, Many other were purchased by killers under false pretenses from sellers who would NEVER knowingly sell a horse for slaughter. Many of the ones the killers purchase from auctions were brought there by owners who were certain their good horses would get a good home. Well, they didn’t get a good home – even though there were people there bidding on them that would have given them a good home – but the killers out-bid them on all the good horses. That’s the way it works. The horses that
      go to slaughter are the LEAST likely to be starved and abused, you idiot.

      Not only that, statistics have proven over and over that in areas around horse slaughter plants abuse and neglect actually increase because of the throw-away atmosphere those hell-holes encourage.

      The American slaughter plants were owned and regulated by the very same people who own and regulate the commercial plants in Mexico and all the plants in Canada, and ours were no more humane than any of these. As for the USDA they didn’t do anything to help those poor horses. They took pictures – 999 of them documenting abuse, but did nothing about it. You can see these pictures at GO LOOK AT THEM!

      You’re not a horse lover. If you were, you would have learned more about this subject before trying to encourage it! The very fact that we still are seeing neglect and abuse is PROOF that slaughter doesn’t stop it. If it did, we wouldn’t still be seeing it, now would we? The horses that are being abandoned are slaughter plant rejects that the killers just
      abandon where they stand, thousands of them. Or worse, they leave them in feedlots without access to food, water or shelter.

      Now, you clueless and careless ignoramus, go educate yourself before you stuff your feet into your mouth again. Or, if you are a pro-slaughter troll, go…. No, if I REALLY told you where to go, this post would never be approved. GO AWAY!

      1. Jagadambe Dasi · ·

        That was an amazing post. I could not have said it better if I tried except I would have ended it with go f#%^k yourself.

  4. So sad that humans are so inhumane. Thanks for working to save the wild horses. I am too in America with my new book at that illustrates the plight of America’s mustangs. I see now that I need to add a chapter about Canada’s horses. Hope you order my book and pass it along to your friends. It is an important story. The world needs to know what is happening to these horses so they will not become extinct in our lifetime. Let me know how you like my book. The NHSPCA thanked me for writing it. I will add Canada’s horse story to Wind’s blog. My prayers go out to Canada’s wild horses!

  5. shoshone · ·

    If everyone who has read or posted on this site would send e-mails (polite) to those 8 or more addresses given it might help. It will be interesting to see how many replies I get back if any. I would really like to know how many of those officials eat horsemeat. Factory farms don’t eat what they produce so this will no doubt be the same.

  6. Gina Powell · ·

    The horse racing industry needs to allocate funding 4 horses after their racing career is over.This funding must be mandatory! A large number if racehorses end up in the slaughterhouse and this is unacceptable! Thanks to animal welfare groups for their efforts in getting this place closed. The plant out west is just as bad and needs to be closed! People need to take responsibility for their horses or humanely euthanize them.


    This is not about horses but instead the Govt.we are dealing with.Recently Ritz and Edward Fast signed a trade agreement to ship LIVE dairy cattle thousands of miles by sea to United Arab Emirates,Bahrain, Kuwait,Oman, Quatar and Saudi Arabia. The cruelty and killing of cattle is Unspeakable, not to mention the transport conditions.Ritz quoted as saying”economic benefits will outweigh the home grown anger of the Canadian PUBLIC. Want to be angry go to internet/four corners a bloody business/animals australia/australia live animal export. What you see,Ritz is well aware of.Take time to investigate and call/ write your M.P. DEMAND THIS INSANITY BY THE LIKES OF A PERSON SUCH AS THIS STOP. The cruelty and killing was so bad Mrs. Gillard Prime Minister of Australia STOPPED ALL EXPORTS.

    1. shoshone · ·

      My M.P. is totally useless as he has no regard for the environment or animal welfare. A few years ago I wrote Ritz regarding horse slaughter. He did answer saying he was a fellow horse breeder but I later found out he had been an unsuccessful ostrich breeder not a horse breeder. They are all corrupt.

  8. shoshone · ·

    The plant Bouvry owns has been butchering horses for some 40 years or more. PMU foals by the thousands kept a steady supply of horses available. Hundreds of PMU farms lost their market when it was found the drug produced was giving women cancer and killing them. Bouvry now kills horses 4 days a week and on the 5th day they process buffalo.

  9. Jagadambe Dasi · ·

    We may not eat them; but pretty soon we will be slaughtering them for human consumption outside the USA. Something needs to happen fast to stop the re-opening of horse slaughter houses on US soil. There is a bill on the table and it needs all the support it can get. Go to the Anti Horse Slaughter site and help out.

    1. I don’t really believe horse slaughter plants will manage to open on US soil. Too many people – who can actually DO something – are just waiting for someone to try. Every article I’ve read so far is just Sue Wallis blowing smoke. People know what it’s like to have these hell-holes around their communities.

      Time will tell. But the EU has only given us this year to get a traceability system going, and so far, Wallis is still ignoring the food safety issues completely. What an idiot!

  10. shoshone · ·

    Some of the newer slaughter houses for other livestock have video cameras 24/7. They don’t want to risk being shut down. If we could stop the American horses from crossing the border, the 4 remaining plants would only have some 40,000 horses to kill. Bouvry kills 1000 a week over 4 days. Without the American horses slaughter plants would not be viable. No profit = no slaughter.
    A shortage of cattle and rising prices should entice many horse breeders to return to cattle ranching again reducing the number of horses likely to end up butchered.
    Government officials are bought and paid for by big business.

    1. The only reason Bouvry even got into the mass slaughtering of horses was that his company initially were slaughtering cattle but the BSE scandal of a few years ago nearly drove them out of business so they got about a million dollars or so of Canadian tax payer’s money as compensation. So we can only guess that some dim light bulb in his company said “Hey, why don’t we start killing horses?”

  11. c.vancor · ·

    I’m a horse lover..but, I tell u that horses are treated as any other butchered animal ..are the people not for eating horses vegetarian?..cause you have not apparently put forth enough studies of knowing how other livestock are treated..same!! Or worse!! You think they know the smell of death? Sure they do!!

    1. Suzanne Moore · ·

      Horses are not cattle. There is no way to humanely slaughter a horse because they are prey animals with an overwhelming flight response. If they can’t run, they panic, throwing their long, vertical neck up and wildly throwing their heads around. This makes effective use of the captive-bolt impossible,

      Didn’t you watch the video on the original post about this plant? Shows horses having to be hit numerous times and still not sufficiently stunned. One Belgian was hit 11 times, with the shooter seemingly enjoying himself. This is far beyond what is permitted with ANY animal.

      Cattle and pigs are NOT prey animals and do not have the flight response of the horse.

      Besides that, I’m American and we do not eat horses. In fact, here they are considered companion animals by our Federal Drug Administration, meaning horses are not raised under the restrictions of food animals. Horse medications and other products contain ingredients that are totally banned from the human food chain.

      Not sure how horses are regulated in Canada, but the nature of the horse is certainly the same and they cannot be slaughtered humanely in an assembly-line type setting. This has been demonstrated over and over for many years.

  12. Suzanne Moore · ·

    comedyflyerann fox ~ If you are quoting someone, you need to SAY that’s what you’re doing. There was nothing on this post to indicate you were quoting anything.

    1. …This Canadian document explains everything! I do not write Canadian documents….it is not MY document… you stated. UNQUOTE .we are a small family farm & we run the local farmers market! I am so unlike Sue Wallis. There is no way in any of my posts here that I deserve to be compared to her.

      1. Suzanne Moore · ·

        I’m not calling you ANYTHING. You did not make it clear that what you posted was from some other document – I thought you were going to post a link to a “Canadian document” that would expand on what you were saying. OK?

  13. Thank you lord and thanks to all the people who have worked sooooo hard to stop this pain to our wonderful horses, may all 4 plants be shut down,

  14. I have been posting & leaving comments on the walls of Ontario Equestrian Federation & Equine Canada Export Development & never getting replies. They all know there is no humane euthanasia as their hand books suggest for many horses. How could they not know that these infractions are happening to thousands of horses every day. I have posted on many glossy magazine walls & only one-(the horse)- has ever done an article addressing this situation. Equine Canada is in bed with Big Ag & many are making big money. Those who have the biggest voices are very very SILENT! WHY?

    1. shoshone · ·


  15. What is to stop kill-buyers from buying horses from ANYWHERE & turning them out to pasture to forge for themselves? Easy way to make money by doing NOTHING…this should attract many people lacking any ethics.Some drugs stay in the horses system for years. It is all to easy to cheat the way this system is in Canada!

    1. Suzanne Moore · ·

      Bute, GastroGard, pyrantel tartrate, nitrofurazone, Adequan, clenbuterol HCl, tolazoline HCl, moxidectin, ponazuril,

      This is a partial list of commonly used drugs in the US that are absolutely banned for use in food animals. One dose of any of these and a horse is banned from the human food chain FOR LIFE. And the idiot kill buyers don’t have any idea if the horses they are selling have had any of these or not. And, they don’t care.

      1. Introduction
        Horses are a food producing animal. In the United States, the pressure to ban killing horses for
        food because it considered “inhumane and un-American” has gained strong momentum. The
        resulting horse welfare and economic impact is already significant in the US. This same pressure
        to implement such restrictive legislation may take a foothold in Canada, with the same resulting
        consequences. ……This Canadian document explains everything!

      2. Suzanne Moore · ·

        This is in reply to comedyflyerann fox ~ Horses are NOT a food producing animal in the US. Never has been, never will be. As I said, the FDA – our regulatory agency – considers horses to be Companion Animals and so does not regulate them.

        It is not “considered” inhumane – it IS inhumane. I have seen it for myself, so don’t push me. It IS un-American. Most horse owners here think of their horses as part of their extended family and do NOT want them stolen or purchased under false pretenses for slaughter. That’s how most slaughter horses got there. Most American horse owners would NEVER knowingly sell their horses for slaughter.

        The recession the US in currently in has NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH HORSE SLAUGHTER. In fact, we are exporting MORE horses to Mexico and Canada for slaughter than we did when our three domestic slaughter plants closed. All the so-called “unwanted” horses are a result of either fraud – yes, they HAVE been checked out – error, slaughter plant rejects that the kill buyers just turn loose to live of die, and some horse owners who turn their horses loose rather than sell them and have them almost certainly end up in the slaughter pipeline. As I said, Americans DO NOT want their horses slaughtered.

        In a recent poll by an extremely well respected polling firm, it was shown that 80% of Americans were STRONGLY opposed to horse slaughter. Our legislators WILL listen to the people our be out of a job in November.

        I don’t know who you are, but knowing or unknowingly you are repeating word for word the mantra of the Sue Wallis-United Horsemen bottom-feeders who would tell any lie and do anything including shipping out contaminated horse meat for people overseas to eat.

        I don’t need your document. I just explained everything!

      3. For christ sakes woman…..These quotes are from a paper in the Canadian Government. I do not support horse slaughter! Why are you attacking me………I Am just trying to let everybody see the forces at work in Canada.This is a 2 billion a yr industry in Canada according to the Conservative MP Bruce Stanton. There are Americans trying to open horse slaughter plants in the USA as I write this this…why do you think this is? MONEY…. & most do not care where the horses come from as long as it pays. Why did Obama sign those papers? I have never sold a horse & my farm is a forever home. I have 9 horses,,,4 are off-track thoroughbreds & if & when the day comes I can no longer afford to take care of them they will be humanly euthanized on my farm. NEVER sold for money! You do not read what people post properly

      4. When & if I can no longer afford to care for my 9 horses, they will be humanely euthanized on my property. Transporting horses in too small over-crowed double-decker trucks for cattle only results in stressed-out meat! Horse slaughter is not humane. Factory farming & slaughter of ANY animal is not good for you. Producers of cattle, sheep, pigs & poultry have to jump through many government hoops & still the meat is laced with steroids & antibiotics & what ever the feed producers mix in their rations. Remember BSE? Horses come from every walk of life & have many drugs used on them for many reasons. There are so many drugs involved how would it be possible or even feasible to test for every drug or test every horse? Who will pay for this? Kill-buyers forge papers & governments lie. McCains were policing themselves, how many people died? Equine Canada is in bed with Big AG & both have pages & pages of how animals should be treated & both know about all the infractions being committed EVERY day to THOUSANDS of animals & keep it quiet. The glossy horse magazines promote more horse breeding in an already saturated market & say NOTHING about the abuses going on. The conservatives support horse slaughter & I have repeatedly ask MP Bruce Stanton were these horse are bred in Canada for their meat. NO REPLY! support your local small farmers & farmers markets..we care what you eat…we are eating it too. There are no small farmers breeding horses for their meat around here…the cost of raising them is far more that we could get for the meat! Conservative government does not support small farmers & makes it difficult for us to raise anything! Someone is making BIG BIG MONEY ! ….this is my post on CBC

      5. ShelleyCHDC · ·

        Canada’s horse slaughter industry is worth $60-$70 million annually. $2 billion would be all entire equine related industries. It is not that big that it would be missed. 4 plants with low-paid, transient workers.

      6. Marie Fox 6:16pm Feb 22
        Bruce Stanton Hi Ann:

        Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns on this issue with me.

        Canadian horse meat producers raise horses for the sole purpose of human consumption. Horse meat is the third largest exported meat product in Canada, and gives approximately $2 billion to the Canadian economy every year.

        As of July 31, 2010 it was mandatory for all federally inspected facilities in Canada to have complete medical records for all animals (domestic and imported) presented for processing. These records will also satisfy the import requirements held by the European Union.

        This increased traceability, added to additional measures that the horse meat industry is implementing, ensures that Bute and other dangerous chemicals are not present in horses presented for meat processing. The CFIA works continuously to ensure that regulations are up to code, and that the Canadian food supply is safe and secure for all Canadians.

        I hope that this helps to reassure you that Canada is committed to food safety. …..UNQUOTE……these are not my words,,, This is what he said on facebook & I have emails as well….Tony Clement sent me much the same thing….NO replies from Garfield Dunlop …..This is how the Conservative Government sees this issue.

  16. shoshone · ·

    Farmers and ranchers that have large tracts of land just turn mares out with draft type stallions. As long as there is grass, the mares look after themselves not like cows that have to be fed in winter. They call it “harvesting” horses. The owner of the Fort Mcleod slaughter house owns thousands of acres and grows his own hay and grain.

    Every week from Calgary International Air Port and from SeaTec in Seattle, draft type horses are shipped out live, 3 to a crate to Japan. The meat is eaten raw and is very expensive. These are drug free horses bred for meat.

  17. Thank God someone is FINALLY listening and hearing the horses cries!! Poor Poor souls…

  18. Wonderful news. That horse is braided. His eyes are practically bugging out of his poor head. RIP, sweet chestnut horse. How we could betray your trust, I’ll never understand.

  19. ” a flawed Equine Identification Documents system”….maybe people are putting the pressure on these plants about the sub adequate measures they have applied to test the meat. If they are testing at all. Hmm, this would mean more time to take for testing, which would mean more money to run the plant……They might as well shut it down.

  20. Suzanne Moore · ·

    Great news! I just hope it leads to some permanent changes. I am American, and I will definitely spread this around the States – including Washington, DC. We have some very well funded and powerful adversaries, but the American people are becoming more and more aware of what’s going on.

    With 80% of polled VOTERS strongly against this atrocity, maybe we are making progress.

  21. Jeanne laperle · ·

    Yes, I am happy. But this happens after the 4th investigation…??!!! And what about Richelieu where 350 horses are slaughtered each week? Has the situation “improved” there? Thanks to you guys!

  22. Happy to hear it! The video & the report gave me nightmares.
    Now they have to get the people who over-breed horses to stop bringing unwanted
    horses into the world.
    I just read that there is a farm in Alberta that breeds horses specifically for human consumption.
    Why would you do this if there are already enough unwanted horses??
    The owners of unwanted/needed horses should be liable for getting their horses destroyed
    before they leave the farm, to prevent them from the stress and cruelties they have to endure.
    What kind of people work at these plants? scary….

    1. Greed is the name of the game…breeders use the slaughter system to dump the culls as they call them..These are the horses that a breeder determines won’t make it as the next contending world champ with his breeding bloodlines behind it…mostt breeders know by six monts old if they got a contender or not..They won’t sell them to the public as the breeder doesn’t want it known his stock has flaws…the flaws??? Most or all of them won’t be the right build…good reason to have them killed EH???

    2. ShelleyCHDC · ·

      Hi – I’ll post it here too – horses are purpose bred out west for slaughter. The feedlots and their operators are linked to Bouvry Exports.
      There is an AFAC report from 2008 that gives details. See page 21 about horses bred for live export to Japan.

  23. shoshone · ·

    Thanks to the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition for bringing attention to the atrocities committed at these slaughter houses. A few years ago 8 slaughter houses were in operation in Canada. Now we are down to 4 and one of those looks to be in trouble. More Canadians are aware of what goes on in slaughter houses now than ever before. If we all work together, we can shut down horse slaughter for human consumption all together. A huge thanks to all those involved especially Sinikka and Shelley.

    1. Merci à vous, CHDC. Il n’y a pas de question que les démarches de l’ACIA envers LPN sont dues à vos efforts. Certain qu’il y en a des questions qui nous restent comme : si l’abattoir est fermé quel genre de testes font-ils l’ACIA? Les chevaux ne sont pas là, n’arrivent pas dans les camions des horreurs–alors leur condition ne peut pas être vérifier. Encore, comment peut-t-on vérifier les méthodes des bâtons d’étourdissement si les chevaux ne sont pas là? Est-ce que ça veut dire que ce n’est que le chair des chevaux déjà abattu sont le seul dont la vérification y est conduite? En plus, les chevaux qui normalement iraient à cet abattoir…est-ce qu’ils sont maintenant détournés vers Viandes Richelieu à Massueville? Si oui, j’ai peur en pensant que les stresses de production de la plus rapide font créer des morts même plus horribles pour nos chevaux. Tranquillement, pas vite…le vrai agenda du gouvernement va s’éclairer sous peu.
      This has caused a lot of Quebeckers to sit up and take notice, CHDC. Thank you for all that you do. We will see where this leads (fingers crossed).

  24. Jagadambe Dasi · ·

    This is great. Everyday they are closed saves lives and makes our point.

  25. Jagadambe Dasi · ·

    Alright you guys. Great work.

  26. “It is our opinion that findings from the Pasture to Plate report has prompted the CFIA to take measures to somehow try to improve conditions at LPN, but this fourth investigative report on Canadian slaughterhouses proves, once again, that horses cannot be humanely slaughtered in assembly line situations. We continue to ask the CFIA, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Canadian government to close all horse slaughter plants permanently.”

  27. val wolf · ·

    Brilliant news. May it contiue to stay closed.

  28. Very happy to hear this!!!! Too bad it’s not forever……………..

  29. Keep the slaughter plants closed down permanently.Watching the video of those poor horses about to be killed,doesn’t anyone see the fear in their eyes wide with terror.How terrible no horse deserves to suffer like this.Horse are not food animals,they are companion animals that were someones pet at one time.What ever happened about compassion in people,and not the little money traded for an innocent life.

    1. c.vancor · ·

      All the back yard breeders need to do something not every mare or stud needs to produce.. that’s part of the horse market problem!!

      1. Francie Rose · ·

        Backyard? What about the BREEDERS who have created most of the problem? And the PMU industry?!?!? Backyard breeders, while needing to be stopped, are hardly a big part of the problem.

  30. Every day they are closed more lives are spared. I’m sure they will find something that will close them for good.

    1. Not spared ..just put on hold for a few more days in the hell hole pens…

      1. Francie Rose · ·

        I know right. Are they even being fed during this.time?

  31. Posting this on Conservative MP Bruce Stanton’s facebook wall & Conservative MP Garfield Dunlop’s. Bruce Stanton says all is well at these plants & every procedure is by the book. Do you think they will even read this? Stanton also informs me that the horses slaughtered in Canada are raised on farms here for their meat. Up to now he will not tell me where these farms are. With the price of hay & feed I find it hard to believe that anyone could raises horses from foals & then sell their meat for a profit. The spin doctors are always hard at work!

    1. shoshone · ·

      Some horses are raised strictly for meat in Canada. The farms are mostly in Alberta and Manitoba. They are the only ones that can guarantee the horses are drug free. Sixty thousand or so of the horses slaughtered last year came from the U.S. and they haven’t a clue what drugs those horses were given. Its all about money.

      1. Who is making the money on these horses raised for their meat. Grain is so expensive, & hay is pricey & in short supply. How is it feasible to raise horses from foals & make a profit? I have heard of Coultran (I think that is how you spell it) Quarter horses in Alberta. But she was quoted as saying she has to breed 100 to get a few good ones! She did not start out breeding for meat, she started shipping to get rid of surplus that she could not sell when the economy started to fail. Why are the Conservatives hush hush about this? The amount that are bred for meat must be a drop in the bucket compared to what is available from the USA. How would you compete with the price of the cheap horses the kill-buyers are sending up here from the USA? So are there 2 different prices out there for the horse meat? Seems Stanton tells only a little of the truth. Thanks for your input.

    2. There is feed lots for horses in Alberta…I happened to talk to a couple who run one in southern Alberta.while we were on holidays in Arizona. They got all the breeding stock as they called them from the shutdown PMU farmers…they only keep drafts/crosses for fast growth and easy handling…How’s that to start your day with that for a conversation at breakfast…wife had to grab me and yell at me to leave…heartless B*******ds..

      1. shoshone · ·

        One Alberta feedlot can handle up to 1500 foals at a time. The PMU farms have kept them going for years. I couldn’t imagine making a living that way. Just as sickening as the butchering of baby seals to qualify for employment insurance.

    3. ShelleyCHDC · ·

      There are horses purpose bred in Alberta – there is an AFAC report from 2008 that states this. See page 21 about horses bred for live export to Japan.

      1. Introduction
        Horses are a food producing animal. In the United States, the pressure to ban killing horses for
        food because it considered “inhumane and un-American” has gained strong momentum. The
        resulting horse welfare and economic impact is already significant in the US. This same pressure
        to implement such restrictive legislation may take a foothold in Canada, with the same resulting
        consequences. …this paper explains everything!

  32. Thank you CHDC for keeping us informed. Wow, let’s just hope and pray that all 4 plants will close permanently.

  33. Lets all hope they find something in the audit that will close them for good!
    This will put the other 3 on alert!

  34. I am still trying to believe what I read and hear! …. Yesssssss! Thank-You, Thank-You, Thank-You, Even if its for a period of time. May canada shut down all these 4 plants while theyr at it. Some sun through the rain! Haleloyaaaa!

    1. I wish it were forever.

      1. Jeannie Parisi · ·


    2. with you whole heartedly there Sammy. This year is going to be our year..we are going to stop our horses going to slaughter..

    3. Karrie Baker · ·

      Yeah they probably will be shut down, cuz our stupid President signed a bill bringing slaughter back to the States. This is just sickening to me. They all need to be shut down.

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