Don’t Take My Word For It: Numbers Don’t Lie

Very good article from staunch horse supporter Cynthia D’Errico:

As I’ve said again and again:  don’t take my word for it.  Do the research yourself.  So many Quebeckers are vehemently against horse slaughter but they haven’t got the time to do the research.  So here are a few facts (and, all of these have already been listed under my Primers on Horse Slaughter right here on my blog.  If the link doesn’t work, go to My Categories under Primers for Horse Slaughter).

To those who worry what will happen to all those horses who would normally go to slaughter–in short, be discarded for one reason or another–if  horse slaughter is stopped inQuebec, here are the answers:

Please go to Cynthia’s site for the full article:

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